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  1. Van Nguyen
    Van Nguyen / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite holiday decorations is a pair of white ceremic doves that I makde with my mother. My mom was always very busy when I was young so I was shocked that when I was 7 she decided to take me to a pottery class!

  2. jessica anger
    jessica anger / 11-1-2010 / ·

    my most treasured holiday decorations are my kids first christmas ornaments

  3. Krystal Nelson
    Krystal Nelson / 11-1-2010 / ·

    The angel on top of the tree! She’s really old, and not as pretty as she once was, but she always goes up there.

  4. Jill Carroll
    Jill Carroll / 11-1-2010 / ·

    little ceramic statues and a funky felt elf that my grandparent gave to me

  5. Nicole Jeeninga
    Nicole Jeeninga / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My angel on top of the tree. It belonged to my god-mother (who has passed away). It brings back such beautiful memories of her.

  6. Ember
    Ember / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Mr & Mrs Claus skaters! Whey you set them down on the mirror and wind it up they skate!! I’ve had it for 30 years!!

  7. Michelle Reeve
    Michelle Reeve / 11-1-2010 / ·

    When my oldest daughter was about 9, she bought me a fabric gingerbread ornament from the Hallmark store with her own money. That ornament means more to me than anything I could buy. I treasure more than anything.

  8. alicia gray
    alicia gray / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decoration is a Christmas ornament of 3 boys on a ship. It has broken repeatedly, but my mom always glued it back together because it was my favorite.

  9. cynthia deadmon
    cynthia deadmon / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite ornament(s) are handmade snowflakes made by my Great Aunt who gave them to my Mother, and my Mother gave them to me and I will give them to my daughter when its her turn for Christmas to be held in her home.

  10. angie
    angie / 11-1-2010 / ·

    The oranaments that my husband made for out tree when our kids were little and the garland that we made as a family all out of tiny beads. We still put them on our tree!

  11. Tanya Bronstad
    Tanya Bronstad / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite christmas decorations are the family and friends that show up for the holiday, the ones who stay overnight, with the sleepy look in the morning to the ones who actually should stay, (LOL) all the faces young and old.

  12. Meredith Miller
    Meredith Miller / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I cherish each of our children’s “1st Christmas” ornaments the most.

  13. Starla
    Starla / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Everything that one of my 3 boys have made while they are growing up all 3 are teens now…

  14. Karen Knight
    Karen Knight / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I have some ornaments my sons made while in school that always go on the tree. My oldest is 25, so some of the ornaments are a little worse for wear but they still go up no matter what.

  15. Gayle
    Gayle / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decorations is a ceramic punch bowl and punch cups that my mother made when I was a child. They are in the shape of Santa’s head an shoulders. My mother would put the set out every year, until a move she made. She was ready to throw the set away, and I had a hissy-fit! How could she throw away that set that was part of every childhood Christmas I could remember. I rescued the set and brought it home. I have put it out every Christmas, and it is now a part of my children and grandchildren’s Christmas memories.

  16. Diane
    Diane / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decorations are the holiday ornaments my grandmother passed down to me. I love putting them on the tree every year, they remind me of her!

  17. Crystal Platas
    Crystal Platas / 11-1-2010 / ·

    A tree ornament that has a fireplace with stockings hanging over it with the names of my parents, brothers, and myself. We had it made at a craft fair years ago.

  18. Jenny
    Jenny / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decoration is a lighted ceramic christmas tree that was my mothers. I always remembered her letting me take it out of our xmas decoration box and plugging it in. I still have it and now I let my daughter light it up. =) good memories!

  19. Nancy Stymacks
    Nancy Stymacks / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My wedding ornament-I love the ornament & looking at it reminds me of the most wonderful day my husband & I shared, the day we became one.

  20. Jennifer Lutz
    Jennifer Lutz / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decorations the Christmas ornaments my parents made for me when I was born and the one I have now made for my children when they were born!

  21. Leah Walker
    Leah Walker / 11-1-2010 / ·

    This isn’t just one item but they are all a set, of sorts. I love and still have all the decorations my daughter has made over the years. She is 15 now and every year they get more precious as it gets closer to the time when she won’t be waking up here on Christmas morning with mom and dad. Waking here or not, those decorations will still be here, and maybe some from the grandkids to go with them (way down the road), lol.

  22. Katrina Jefferson
    Katrina Jefferson / 11-1-2010 / ·

    This is a tough question. Ninety nine percent of my decorations have been passed down to me, or made by family members. And they all hold a special place in my heart. If I had to choose one favorite though it would be my Christmas tree topper. It used to belong to my Grandmother. Its a beautiful angel holding the Star of Bethlehem. It always brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. All of us Grandkids at Grandmas house decorating the tree, baking cookies, and singing Christmas carols.

  23. Bonnie Sue
    Bonnie Sue / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Stocking that I made for all 5 of my children many years ago when we didn’t have much money. The children asked me to make more for their children a few years ago. So now there are 15 of them hanging at Christmas.

  24. mary russell
    mary russell / 11-1-2010 / ·

    When I was 12 years old..I made a picture of me on a ornaments at school.I gave it to my mom…..My mother passed year later on mother’s day…I still have the ornaments every christmas goes on my christmas tree…

  25. April Lane
    April Lane / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decorations are all of my trees. I have one in each room in my home decorated in a different theme.

  26. Christy
    Christy / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured decorations are the ones that my kids have made me through the years.

  27. Jean F
    Jean F / 11-1-2010 / ·

    We love our Snow Buddies village, which we put up on the mantel each Christmas

  28. machell smith
    machell smith / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured decorations are the ornaments my 3 boys made me when they were younger. Each ornament has their name and year on it. I hang them on my tree every year. When the boys see them they still say I remember when I made that.

  29. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite decoration is our Disney Christmas Tree skirt with our last name embroidered onto it! Love it!

  30. Rosemaria Barnard
    Rosemaria Barnard / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decoration is a picture of me inside a plastic christmas tree when I was in Kindergarden and I am 25 years old now I love it so much because I made it for my grandpa and when i was 13 our house burnt and he lost everything in his room except that and I when I met my husband and moved out of my parents house my mom gave it to me and I still have it I look forward to seeing it every year I thought about keeping it out all year long just like my grandpa did.

  31. Christa
    Christa / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured Christmas decoration is the star that I let the kids put on top of the tree! It has been in my family since I was little. This year our 2 year old will get to sit on daddy’s shoulders and put it up there. It’s been a tradition to let the smallest one put the star on the tree!

  32. Robert Noll
    Robert Noll / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Ornaments my children hand made in grade school!

  33. Hannah B.
    Hannah B. / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured decorations are the ones that were handmade by friends and family over the years, because they took the time & effort to show they cared.

  34. Laura D
    Laura D / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured decorations are my collection of snow people. It doesn’t snow where I live so the only illusion of snow I get is my “village” of snow people that line my stairs each year. At least I can pretend that I live in the cold as I walk in wearing my flip flops and shorts.

  35. Valarie
    Valarie / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decoration is an ornament I made in kindergarten with my kindergarten picture on it! My mom always let us decorate the tree with our personalized ornaments, and for some reason this one was always very special to me. Although it’s ripped and ridiculed, it always has a place on our tree. I look forward to sharing it with my own children some day and helping them make their own.

  36. karen ferguson
    karen ferguson / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured decoration is the modest white ceramic tree that lights up with the old Light Bright pegs. It was always displayed in my granmothers house and now still shines in mine. She lived to be 99 years young and has been gone from us for almost 20 years.

  37. Laura Robison
    Laura Robison / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured CHRISTMAS DECORATION is my Christmas Village,that my mother bought me just 4 months before she passed away.It goes up on a special mantel that my husband built just for it.

  38. Michele
    Michele / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I love the handmade decorations my children made, when they were little. Some are falling apart, some faded, but they are the best!

  39. Angelia Gregory
    Angelia Gregory / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite ornaments are my angel collection, love angels so much.

  40. Shannon
    Shannon / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite AND most treasured christmas decoration is my tree. Every year, my son and I take out the artifical “charlie brown” christmas tree (even though now I can afford a bigger tree) and decorate it… its always and only been just he and I so this is the one thing, the weekend after Thanksgiving, that we have always done. We will always have this memory. ALWAYS. Just he and I. (He’s 13 now :))

  41. Julie
    Julie / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Cardboard cut out stars we glued and glittered with my grandma! Love you and miss you grandma!

  42. Lisa
    Lisa / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Anything my children make… them all!

  43. Isabel Sison
    Isabel Sison / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decoration is the Holy Family with three wise men, a lamb and an angel at the top of the house of the family with lights on it. We always put it beside the Christmas tree. It really represents family and the true Christmas for us.

  44. Rhonda
    Rhonda / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the homemade ones my mother has made me over the years, then the ones my nephews made for me, and now I have the ones my son makes. Every other year I do a completel tree with homemade ornaments just to remind me of the ones I love.

  45. Lawrence Rubia
    Lawrence Rubia / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My treasured holiday decoration is the Santa Claus with the 9 reindeer with lights. It is very memorable when our family installed it all together around our big Christmas tree. It is very beautiful when we turned on the lights. And took a lot of pictures with our family and friends on Christmas day.

  46. Monique
    Monique / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I would have to say it would be the items that got stolen from me 7 years ago. I didn’t mind the tree or most of the decorations that got taken, but the most important things that couldn’t be replaced got stolen with it. Those things….The ornaments and finger pictures my older kids made me in kindergarden.

  47. Jan
    Jan / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I have a really old-school Christmas star — one of those made of lace, then backed with green fabric and framed with a cross-stitch hoop (I’m sure you can picture it) that was a gift from a dear, dear friend who passed away from leukemia at age 37 (22 years ago now) — and every time I take it out and hang it, it looks a little older and more worn but I love looking at it and remembering this precious friend.

  48. Tami
    Tami / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My treasured decoration is the ceramic tabletop lighted Christmas tree that my grandmother made for me. I love it! I’ve had it for over 20 years. My grandmother passed away 15 years ago, so it means a lot to me.

  49. Carol
    Carol / 11-1-2010 / ·

    A paper angel my daughter made

  50. Hannah
    Hannah / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decorations are the ones that my children make! There is nothing like a homemade decoration hanging in the house.

  51. Noel
    Noel / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Absolutely hands down my fave decoration is a nutcracker hand crafted by my grandpa

  52. Lauren Wigginton
    Lauren Wigginton / 11-1-2010 / ·

    A snowflake ornament made of popsicle sticks and glitter glue that my son made in kindergarten!!

  53. Marcie
    Marcie / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I really like these old Christmas lights that my grandparents had, they are so old with huge bulbs but so beautiful!

  54. Beth
    Beth / 11-1-2010 / ·

    A silver metal tree passed down from generations, the kids think it’s crazy but I think it’s beautiful!

  55. Jodi
    Jodi / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I love these wooden ornaments from the 70’s that my mom painted. They are my favorites to add to the tree every year! There are lots of wonderful Christmas memories in those ornaments!

  56. Will
    Will / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Homemade Christmas Cards from past years, I made them into a wreath design that I display each year

  57. Don
    Don / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I like a picture frame made with popsicle sticks that my daughter made 22 years ago!

  58. Vageli
    Vageli / 11-1-2010 / ·


  59. Kathy Picard
    Kathy Picard / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My special christmas tree…

  60. Michelle Musser
    Michelle Musser / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite ornament is a Reindeer that daughter made me when she was in kindergarten.. It’s made with popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners..It has button eye’s ..I just love it and have made minor repairs for years in order to keep it.. She is 24yrs old now..So I guess it must be around 19yrs old.. One of my treasures from life…

  61. Nora
    Nora / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most memorable Christmas decoration is the ceramic Church my aunt bought me the first Christmas I was married and she and I went shopping in downtown Chicago. It was the beginning of my “Christmas village”. It is one of the first that was ever made 33 years ago. My aunt has since passed away and I think of her every time I put it out for Christmas and take it down. It will always bring back special memories of my aunt to me.

  62. JoAnn Hoffman
    JoAnn Hoffman / 11-1-2010 / ·

    A big ceramic santa that my cousin made for me the first year I was married. This will be his 42 year in our family and my three kids get into a heated discussion over who is going to inherit him. Think I will just let them fight it out when the time comes. LOL.

  63. Katrina
    Katrina / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Sweet! I collect cookie jars!
    Most treasured Christmas decor–every year my mom would get each of us 6 kids a new ornament. She’d put our names on them and date them. When we left home she gave us each our collection of ornaments. Love those!

  64. Cassie
    Cassie / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite holiday decoration is my crystal nativity scene. I bought it piece by piece for several years and now I proudly display it with lights. It’s so beautiful.

  65. tonya homes
    tonya homes / 11-1-2010 / ·

    i would have to say mine would be the decorations that my 2 girls have made throughout the years from school, all the paper ornaments, the reindeer made of popsicles sticks, the ornaments that display their special pictures that the teachers took of them at school, all of those handmade gifts are more special then any store bought.

  66. Julie Cutshaw
    Julie Cutshaw / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I would just truely have to say I have two most treasured christmas decorations, the first is my daughters (she now 29yr old) applesauce/cinnimon gingerbread men she made at age 8yrs and my mom passed away of bone cancer 12 years ago and after her death when we 3 sisters had to sell everything to pay her bills off we had to auction her little log house and of course we kept a few things each as keepsakes but saw no christmas decorations to keep & after the auction was over & I was walking to my car I saw a clear frosted glass reindeer tree ornament on the ground I guess that somehow was in a box we missed at auction, & I felt like that was meant for me to find it, so I place it on the tree each year since her death to be reminded of her love, and her love of deers as well, they were her favorite.
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  67. Sabrina Chen
    Sabrina Chen / 11-1-2010 / ·

    Ornaments with newborn pictures of each of my twin boys and one of our family photo!

  68. Selena
    Selena / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My favorite holiday decoration is the teddy bear with my son’s name on it. We got it for him for his first Christmas.

  69. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured Christmas decorations are all the ornaments and items my children have made for me over the years. I have 6 children ranging in age from 1 1/2-17. As you can imagine I have a lot of treasured items. 🙂

  70. cindy quisenberry
    cindy quisenberry / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I treasure the homemade and school made ornaments my daughter made as she was growing up. Some of them are looking old and tired but they each still bring a smile to my face.

  71. Sharon Ramsamooj
    Sharon Ramsamooj / 11-1-2010 / ·

    I have a silver nativity set which I treasure. I look forward to seeing it every year!

  72. lilian
    lilian / 11-1-2010 / ·

    my most treasured holiday decoration is somewhere out there… because i have been looking for a nativity set for the longest time and haven’t found one yet!!

  73. Kathleen
    Kathleen / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most favorite Christmas Decoration is my Holy Family Nativity set….I set it up every yr. It does’nt feel like Christmas without it. On Christmas morning I put Baby Jesus in his crib! It reminds me of the Manger set that my Grandmoher had when I was a child. I always looked forward to seeing it at Christmas time!

  74. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured holiday decoration is a stuffed animal reindeer I got from my grandmother when I was little. Whenever I look at it I think of her and all the good times we had during the holidays. It is comforting to hold and it is never the holidays until the reindeer comes out! I would love to win this cookie jar to add another treasure to my collection!

  75. Mia S
    Mia S / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured Christmas decoration is a tree skirt my mom made when I was a kid. It isn’t my style, but it still goes under my tree every year. After that it would be the nativity set my mother in law bought for me my first Christmas as a part of their family.

  76. Jen
    Jen / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured Holiday decoration(s) are all of the ornaments that my mom has made for me over the years. I have one for every year of my life, some years she made more!

  77. Sonia
    Sonia / 11-1-2010 / ·

    My most treasured Christmas decoration is a tree angel. She was with my parents when they celebrated their first Christmas together almost 45 years ago, and she remains a Christmas tradition.

  78. Carolyn
    Carolyn / 11-2-2010 / ·

    My daughter made snowflakes years ago from construction paper and glitter and I still have them!

  79. karen
    karen / 11-2-2010 / ·

    I use all of the handmade ornaments my children have made and hang them carefully through out the house. The older they get the more treasured they become.

  80. Rachael Velez
    Rachael Velez / 11-2-2010 / ·

    We’ve collected several keepsakes over the years. One of the top treasured decorations would be my hanging advent calendar with the ‘Clauses’ and a mouse that jumps each day to a new pocket (with a treat in it of course). Our kiddos trade days to move the mouse…or are suppose to anyway 🙂

  81. Gina Perone
    Gina Perone / 11-2-2010 / ·

    My favorite would have to be a christmas tree ornament my great grandmother made. My Gram (as we fondly called her) was a woman who went through the Great Depression. She grew up knowing how to survive and to always live life to the fullest. She endured some very hard times but never allowed them to rule over her. When I was born, being the first grandchild and great grandchild for both sides, she hand knit and embroided me a heart ornament. It reads “Gina’s First Christmas”. My Gram passed away over a year ago now but the ornament is so special to me because it reminds me of her life and her love for my family and I. This was a woman who never spoke harshly but always had a kind and loving word to say. I will forever remember this wonderful woman and her impact on my life. The ornament is just a symbol.

  82. stacie williams
    stacie williams / 11-2-2010 / ·

    i dont have one yet because i want to get village houses to put up for christmas and i would the cookie jar thanks i hope to win.

  83. Kristina
    Kristina / 11-2-2010 / ·

    My Hallmark ornaments. My mom used to let my brothers and I each pick one out every season. We’d try to keep with a particular series. I can’t wait to put them on the tree again this year.

  84. shirley
    shirley / 11-2-2010 / ·

    It is not what I have that I box away each year but a fresh live tree that I am able to get each year. It means a lot to me to have a live tree for christmas.

  85. Milcah
    Milcah / 11-2-2010 / ·

    Shamefully (?) I don’t have one. Things are constantly changing around here due to moving around I guess. We need to own a home.

  86. jodi
    jodi / 11-2-2010 / ·

    I have clear blown glass ornaments that were the first decorations I ever bought. I still love them with the colored lights they make my tree a vision.

    JAYNE CLARK / 11-3-2010 / ·

    My most treasured Holiday Decoration..Is a bell that hung in my families doorway in our living room at Christmas time…A Gold Bell and when you pulled the string played Christmas music. I am 49 and remember that playing every Christmas since I was a small child.Since then my Mother,Father and two brothers passed away.And my sister and I is all thats left in our immediate family.I married in 1982 and my husband and I proudly hang the Gold Bell in our doorway and play that long remembered music…It is the HEART of My Christmas’s

  88. Michele Fields
    Michele Fields / 11-3-2010 / ·

    My Grandparents passed away when I was 6, but 35 years later we still put their ornaments on our tree. They are homemade from old egg cartons and glitter. Definitely not fancy, but exquisite to me. They are starting to look pretty tattered, but still always brings a smile to my face.

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  90. Nicole
    Nicole / 11-4-2010 / ·

    My favorite decoration is a wooden ornament that looks like a gingerbread train. My mother has put it on the Christmas tree every year since I can remember. I am now 24 and have such good memories of decorating the tree every year.

  91. bibef anderson
    bibef anderson / 11-4-2010 / ·

    i LOVE my stocking, it was made by an aunt and its red, green, and white, its hideous, but its a one of a kind and ALL MINE, it was made for my first christmas, i was only 4 months old. it also has a sticker of a bell thats been on it as long as i can remember, pretty good since im 27 now, and its still there!!!!!!!!

  92. KARA
    KARA / 11-4-2010 / ·

    My fav decoration is an ornament w/my babies newborn pic in it.

  93. Debra Schweitzer
    Debra Schweitzer / 11-4-2010 / ·

    Ooh, so hard to choose. I collect snowmen so i love those, but I guess my all time favorite is a plain red fuzzy stocking I had since I was a little girl. even though it is not fancy or decorated, it brings back such memories of childhood. i can never imagine getting rid of it.

  94. Erica Lopez
    Erica Lopez / 11-4-2010 / ·

    A Ceramic Nativity Set That my grandmother gave me.

  95. Kathy
    Kathy / 11-4-2010 / ·

    A crystal angel that my grandmother got for me when I was a baby. She brought it over from Italy. It gets wrapped and stored in a box all it’s own.

  96. Cristina Alfeiri
    Cristina Alfeiri / 11-4-2010 / ·

    All the homemade ornaments the kids make. . .they grow up so fast that it’s nice to remember a time when Christmas was the most magical and wonderful time in the world to them!

  97. Jocelyn A.
    Jocelyn A. / 11-4-2010 / ·

    I’m not sure…probably won’t know until I unpack the decorations since I can’t remember them all. I do have an ornament from my first Christmas as well as some other ornaments that were on our tree growing up.

  98. Chester Davis
    Chester Davis / 11-4-2010 / ·

    A lighted ceramic Christmas Tree my mom gave me.

  99. Crystal
    Crystal / 11-5-2010 / ·

    My favoite decoation is the natural beauty of the season! When it snows so much you look out your window and it reminds you of your favorite snow globe! The icicles glisten in the sun and the christmas lights shine through the snow. There is nothing like a good snow storm to sit back relax, have a good cup of cocoa, watch the christmas story and enjoy what you got!

  100. celine
    celine / 11-5-2010 / ·

    My most treasured decoration on Christmas are the
    Snowman whom I personally knit its scarf , gloves and boots, and a Santa which also was made by me when my eldest sons, now grown up, were still kids and love trimming the Christmas tree. I still have another kid who love hanging the same decorations every year.

  101. tracey
    tracey / 11-5-2010 / ·

    Since I was born, my grandmother gave me a Christmas tree ornament EVERY year. She, very unexpectedly, passed away 2 days before Christmas, almost 4 years ago. When we went to her home she had all of her gifts to us beautifully wrapped with tags that said “With Love Always, Grandma”. Of my 37 ornaments, that one will always be my favorite.

  102. Mary Lou
    Mary Lou / 11-6-2010 / ·

    My Favorite Christmas decoration is the beautiful large sized manager and paper mache figures we place under the tree. It was purchased on Barclay Street in NYC in 1935 and they don’t make them like this anymore. It was passed down to us and it has the Holy Family, the Wise Men, Shepherds, sheep, a cow, a mule, and straw for the floor. We had an electrician rig up a light and it is beautiful and now a memory of our families and Christmas past.

  103. Jen
    Jen / 11-8-2010 / ·

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a wind up Santa riding a metal bike and ringing a bell. They just don’t make decorations like this anymore. Every year, my mom puts that Santa under the tree. It brings back great memories of racing him across the linolium kitchen floor!

  104. Diana
    Diana / 12-1-2010 / ·

    I love love love my cookie jar collection my husband and I have. We have one for every year we have been together. But my most cherished decoration is my TinkerBell tree topper!!! We had one growing up my parents got in Florida when they were first married in 1963. It was always on our tree. When I was grown it accidentally got tossed out and I grieved over that tree topper for years. Then about 8 years ago I found one suitable for replacement (even though I still am looking for one like the original).

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