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  1. Maureen
    Maureen / 9-24-2010 / ·

    I start usually the first week of October. I want to have the feeling of Fall first and then I get the Halloween decor out. I have some decor but not as much as I have for Christmas.

  2. Carol
    Carol / 9-24-2010 / ·

    As soon as the first leaves fall from the trees

  3. Noel
    Noel / 9-24-2010 / ·

    I decorate the first week of October, that way the kids are into a school routine and I have some free time!

  4. Marcie
    Marcie / 9-24-2010 / ·

    Just after back to school to season

  5. Beth
    Beth / 9-24-2010 / ·

    I really like to decorate early, probably this weekend!

  6. Jamie M
    Jamie M / 9-24-2010 / ·

    We decorate usually half way through October but I think this year we are going to decorate on the 2nd. My kids are begging to start decorating now.

  7. Jen
    Jen / 9-24-2010 / ·

    I decorate the weekend after all of the birthdays in our house (the 14th and 18th). I love Halloween so I can’t wait to get the decorations out as soon as possible!

  8. Jane Turvey
    Jane Turvey / 9-24-2010 / ·

    I generally decorate for all holidays on the first weekend of that month. For Halloween, I decorate only outside, but I go all out, with bats, spiders, webs, etc. On Halloween night, I play creepy music to go along with it. I try to add something new each year.

  9. Angela
    Angela / 9-24-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate at the begining of October. I put up a few halloween decorations, but I mostly like the fall decorations; the pumpkins, colored leaves, scarecrows things like that.

  10. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 9-25-2010 / ·

    I would love to win this cookie jar because Halloween is my favorite. As soon as it is October 1st, I hang up my first decorations and start thinking of costume ideas. I always put out a bowl of candy as soon as October comes around to get everyone who comes over into the spirit of Halloween and I love baking spooky treats for my friends. I love kicking off things October 1st because I can celebrate all month long and this cookie jar would be the perfect decoration!

  11. Lucy
    Lucy / 9-25-2010 / ·

    First weekend after labor day–I would love to add this jar to my collection of decorations!

  12. Will
    Will / 9-25-2010 / ·

    We like to decorate on Columbus Day weekend, we invite our family and friends over for food and a few laughs as we set up the Halloween items and displays!

  13. Erin
    Erin / 9-25-2010 / ·

    We start decorating the first week of October, but not all at once. We do a bit at a time and by the time Halloween comes around it looks great.

  14. Carolyn
    Carolyn / 9-25-2010 / ·

    I decorate once I feel the weather change and the foliage appear…it just feels right!

  15. Don
    Don / 9-25-2010 / ·

    Our decorations start right after the kids are back at school. We invite neighbors and family over for a fall party and serve cider and apple doughnuts while we decorate…really fun times! This cookie mansion would be a wonderful addition to our growing and spooky Halloween and fall decor! Thanks!

  16. karen
    karen / 9-25-2010 / ·

    I start fall right away with Halloween in the first part of October. I really decorate outside and all my windows. I have alot of ghost and bats and rats and a really cool skeleton for my front door. The sad part is that the day after it goes mostly away. I keep some of the rats and bats, and cobwebs because I can decorate fall again, but Halloween is much too short. Of course, I did make some scary cupcakes for this weekend, I will try to post the picture later today.

  17. Fawnice Davis
    Fawnice Davis / 9-25-2010 / ·

    I decorate our house on the first day of October! I go all out with spider webs and ghoulish foods everyday till Halloween. We start assembling our haunted house for the neighbor kids on the first day of October too usually have it done within a few days. We usually don’t carve our pumpkins till October 25th though so they’re not bad. Thank you!

  18. Andy Turner
    Andy Turner / 9-25-2010 / ·

    My fiancee loves holidays so as soon as I give her the okay she turns our apartment into a haunted mansion! She gets most her inspiration from martha stewart and she’s really crafty so it doesn’t cost alot and it really brings Halloween to life. We carve pumpkins usually a week before halloween though. November 1st though we take everything down.

  19. Amanda
    Amanda / 9-25-2010 / ·

    I love halloween!
    I cannot wait to have a house to decorate in instead of a tiny apartment!
    I like to start decorating at the very beginning of October!

  20. nan lara
    nan lara / 9-25-2010 / ·

    it just started getting chilly here…so i have been getting stuff up for the holiday
    nannypanpan at

  21. Tauni
    Tauni / 9-25-2010 / ·

    I usually wait until the beginning of October to decorate for Halloween, but this year I am sitting on my hands!

    Can’t wait to get everything up and ready…this darling cookie jar would be a fantastic addition.

  22. Katie
    Katie / 9-26-2010 / ·

    Usually I buy pumpkins about a week or two before Halloween. They sit on our porch, looking all Fall-ish, until Halloween eve, when we make a big deal out of carving them up (lol, that sounds a little gruesome). Then Halloween night they’re all lit up and spooky for our trick-or-treaters. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Jennie
    Jennie / 9-26-2010 / ·

    I carve what I think is a beautiful and big pumpkin on Halloween. My four boys each get to carve their own. We set them out on Halloween to be sure they make it without someone smashing them!

  24. Stephanie
    Stephanie / 9-26-2010 / ·

    We decorate any time after October 1.:)

  25. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually start the last week of Sept.!

  26. Kim
    Kim / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate the first week of October. I do every single room of the house! It’s my favorite holiday!

  27. kim culbertson
    kim culbertson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    omg that is awesome!! would love it!

  28. marie
    marie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate the first day in October for Halloween. I leave it up until the 1st day of November, which is when I decorate for Thanksgiving. I am a very big holiday person and I decorate for most holidays. It just so happens that I have the most decorations for Halloween and Christmas. Among the many Halloween decorations that I have, my favorite is the light up window silhouettes.

  29. ashley mills
    ashley mills / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the last week of september! Once the cool weather starts ini get holiday crazy! I love halloween and my kids are old enough to really start enjoying it, ages 3 and 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ We have window stickers on our windows, skull lights hanging outside, changed out our tablecloth to our halloween one, and changed out our kitchen cloths and things. i still have a few things to pull out and finish placing around the house so i am not done yet but we love to decorate and get the feel of halloween for about a month! It builds up the anticipation for the day itself. This cookie jar would look awesome on my mantel and become one more decoration that we bring out every year at this time to get us pumped for the holidays!!!

  30. kim culbertson
    kim culbertson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    omg that is awesome i love it!
    we decorate ALOT for halloween, as the day before it is our wedding anniversary

  31. Jackie
    Jackie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We enjoy craving the pumpkins and telling scary stories.

  32. Jennifer Holder
    Jennifer Holder / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We usually start decorating around the middle of October. We love Halloween around here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Ember
    Ember / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I always start in mid September with the fall leaves leading into cutsie Halloween Decor! Is it bad if I still decorate when the kids are too old?? hee hee

  34. Selena
    Selena / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We just carve pumpkins sometime close to Halloween and stick candles in them. We live in an apartment so we don’t decorate for the holidays much.

  35. Christy G.
    Christy G. / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I love Halloween! We start our decorating early in October with a few decorations in the house, gourds and pumpkins here and there with beautiful foliage scattered in between. As it gets closer to the holiday we start making monstrous spider webs on the porch rails, big spiders, even a ghoul here and there! We then add colorful fall mums next to a bale of hay and finish it off with a fun family of carved pumpkins going up the stair steps. It’s always so much fun to decorate and best thing is there are even a few things we can leave out that roll on through for Thanksgiving!

  36. Jeanie
    Jeanie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We start decorating at the end of September after we have our Birthday Party’s for the month out of the way. Seeing everyone else’s decorations and the stores selling fall and halloween items gets us in the spirit!

    ALLAN MCKEE / 9-27-2010 / ·


  38. Donna
    Donna / 9-27-2010 / ·

    My family and I start decorating on Oct 1st. We put a large blow-up Scooby in the front yard with a spotlight on it. We light him up every nigth, the kids love him. Then we put up two bales of hay and put Witchy Poo sitting ontop of the hay. We add several pumpkins of various sizes next to the witch. Also put up metal pumpkins & ghosts all along the garden bed. Inside I have a witches broom that cackles and glides along the wood floor. On Halloween I dress up like a jucie pouch and place a blown up witches cauldron next to me and pass out candy to the kids in the neighborhood. Its very festive at out house in Milford CT.

  39. Becky Briggs
    Becky Briggs / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate around the middle of Oct. (Right after my birthday) We decorate with spider webs, ghost pumpkins, and anything else we get. It’s a great month to have fun.

  40. Amanda Kaltenbaugh
    Amanda Kaltenbaugh / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate the first of October, but are having a party this weekend. So we got out the fall and Halloween decorations and have the house all decorated. Outside is hay-bales, scarecrows, mums, pumpkins and corn stalks!

  41. jeff orren
    jeff orren / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Anytime after the 15th. We have a plum tree in our front yard…which is usually bare by then…that we turn into a haunted tree (kinda like the Disneyland Haunted Mansion). Strobe lights in the grave yard and lighted pumpkins along the front walk. Giant spider and this year we are adding a fog machine, matched with a killer Halloween soundtrack on the ipod. Of course candycandycandy!! (not the yucky cheap stuff either…hersheys and reeses and blood skull pops and wonka : p ) Best yard on the block…maybe one of the best in Utah…but I am biased. lol

  42. janine
    janine / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start to decorate right after my husband birthday in Sept 26. I start off wth pumkins and mums on the front porch. As it gets close to halloween I but on the scary decorations. Would love to have some mrs fields cookies to taste as I am doing this. Then have the house on my table to pass out trick or treats

  43. Randi Jo Neal
    Randi Jo Neal / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start usually the first week of October. I want to have the feeling of Fall first and then I get the Halloween decor out. Halloween is my favorite time of the yr…

  44. Jackie
    Jackie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I like to carve pumpkins the day before and decorate cookies and cupcakes. The day of Halloween make all kinds of Holloween themed goodies and have a bond fire!

  45. Wendy Schoggins
    Wendy Schoggins / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We decorate the weekend before Halloween, all the way up until the day of! We Love Halloween!!!

  46. Lori Archambault
    Lori Archambault / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Usually on October 1st. I have tons of stuff this year b/c I hit Target hard on their 90 percent off day. Really looking forward to it.

  47. April Nemeth
    April Nemeth / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We don’t decorate a lot, but we carve pumpkins about a week before Halloween!

  48. Erica Hardin
    Erica Hardin / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start the middle of october decorating. i love putting up spider webs, carving a pumpkin, hang things from the ceilings. its one of my favorite holidays

  49. Cierra Riker
    Cierra Riker / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I started decorating about the third week in september because my son is a year old so this year liek his first real halloween and i want to go all out for him and i love to decorate =) I love the Mrs. Fields cookie jar because i could put cookies in it for my son and he would take them all out =)

  50. monica isbell
    monica isbell / 9-27-2010 / ·


  51. Heather
    Heather / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the first Saturday in October. Usually I start with candles and cobwebs and candy corn around the house. Then as the leaves fall we make our way outside and decorate as a family.

  52. Shannon C
    Shannon C / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I try and decorate around the first weekend of October. Its usually getting cooler then and it feels like the holidays are coming. I don’t go too crazy but do like to put up decals in the windows, put gravestones on the lawn and carve up the pumpkins a week or so before Halloween.

  53. Melanie Jolley
    Melanie Jolley / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate more inside than outside for Halloween. But it is a family tradition to carve out a pumpkin or 2 a few days before Halloween to set outside. As the kids get older I would love to start having a haunted house for them and their friends.

  54. Beth
    Beth / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate on Oct 1st. I can’t possibly wait any longer than that. I live in an apartment so I mostly decorate outside with a few pieces inside! I love the Cookie Jar!!!

  55. Machell Smith
    Machell Smith / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I always decorate on the 1st of October. I put a grave yard in the front yard. I have motion bats hanging from everywere as well as motion sounds. In the house I have spider webs, candle holders and all sorts of other scary stuff. My kids are now grown and think I’m crazy…

  56. Julie Hokanson
    Julie Hokanson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Halloween is my favorite holiday. I always start decorating the middle of September and don’t take them down until the second week of November.
    It’s the perfect holiday to immerse yourself in and forget the daily hum-drum of life. You become anyone or anything you want to be, even if it’s only for a little while.
    My kids are always very involved in the decorating process and just love to make spooky treats for the little ghouls and goblins that visit us on All Hallow’s Eve.

  57. rhonda anthoy
    rhonda anthoy / 9-27-2010 / ·

    oh how i love halloween. my house is all decored for this and 4 my sons birthday. we have a big party and this gift will be really great for all to enjoy. I hope im the winner, and lil boy said he loves the cookies..

  58. Vera Bauer
    Vera Bauer / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I started this past weekend. The porch is full of spider webs and hanging bats. The lighting is very yellow and scary. The music is haunting. The next step this week is to do the inside of the house with all the FUN decorations. The cookies come all week along with the Halloween recipes.

  59. Christy Sloan
    Christy Sloan / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I like to start decorating around the first week of October. We normally carve pumpkins a couple of weeks before Halloween.

  60. Tami foxwell
    Tami foxwell / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I love halloween! We have 4 litle ones and they love to decorate our house. Nothing says fall like halloween and falling leaves. We try to go all out but time are tough

  61. Laura
    Laura / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I pretty much just carve a few pumpkins since my kids have gotten older. I used to put up quite a few decorations about 2 weeks before halloween when they were younger.

  62. Lauren
    Lauren / 9-27-2010 / ·

    i decorate the first day of fall so all season i am ready. The Best part is that so many people like the decor in my house and family and friends love to come over to see my “””spooky “”” decorations.

  63. Linda
    Linda / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We start to decorate early in Sept. We live in S. Florida, where it is hot even on Halloween, and somehow, getting the fall things around the house makes us feel cooler! Halloween is so much fun, and the decorations are so colorful. Putting up the fall decorations helps us feel hope that cooler weather is just around the corner, with the little goblins and pumpkins. We even dress our dogs up for Halloween, much to their dismay! We have several costumes, so they get dressed up several times during the weeks before Halloween! I make lots of Halloween treats, and some special cookies for my grandchildren, and know that they would adore seeing that cookie jar on the counter!

  64. joe
    joe / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Started this weekend! My favorite time of year

  65. Amy Webb
    Amy Webb / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We decorate the week before usually-but this year maybe I can get my act together mid October! I have 3 boys who do much of the work. We like to hang lots of spider webs on the front with tons of plastic spiders weaved in! My boys each get to carve/decorate their own pumpkin. They love it! We have done luminaries down our walkway and I think will do that again. Hopefully, I can get some pretty orange and yellow mums-they look like fall when I set them on hay bales. I love the holidays and the kids excitement on Halloween is so contagious! I will try this year to be a good girl and keep out of their candy….well…maybe not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. bonnie
    bonnie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I like to start my Halloween decorating at the end of Sept. But I would to even start sooner, but I think that people would think I was a little strange.

  67. Heather Young
    Heather Young / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Well my birthday is September 30th.. and we usually decorate after that, so around October 1st.. Last year we had homemade ghosts from my mother in law and skulls and skeletons inside the house, and outside we had spider webs and scarecrows.. Our community has an annual scarecrow contest & last year, we won!!! We had a mama scarecrow, daddy scarecrow & since we were expecting our first baby, we had a baby scarecrow & one riding a bike… This year we are making a football field & having a couple of football playing scarecrows & then some cheerleaders. I love decorating for halloween!!!! & We always carve our pumpkins about a week before halloween so they are still firm and pretty for trick or treaters on halloween night. This year, our son is 5 1/2 m/o & this will be his first halloween. I’m so excited! Were going as a super mario bros theme. My husband is going to be Mario. I’m going to be the Princess.. and my son is going to be either Toadstool or Yoshi!

  68. Brandy Asleson Cockrell
    Brandy Asleson Cockrell / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We decorate as soon as labor day passes. That way we still have about a month to enjoy our decorations!

  69. Alex
    Alex / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually start on September 15th, though if it didn’t look a bit odd I’d start the beginning of September! This year though I’m finally getting to decorate tomorrow since we just got back from our family vacation after my husband’s deployment in Iraq ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Joyce
    Joyce / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I do very little Halloween decorating. I might stick a stuffed pumpkin out on the porch, but other than that, NOTHING.

  71. Josh Bauer
    Josh Bauer / 9-27-2010 / ·

    When my brothers and I were little my mom use to decorate the end of September. We alwasy each had our own pumpkins that she would help us carve. She was a single mom but she always made sure she made holloween special for us. She would do our makeup and costumes. We even won trophies for best costume. Then when we were in our teens she would do a haunted house and all our friends and neighbors couldn’t wait to see what she would do every year. It was always something to look forward to.

  72. Twins' mom
    Twins’ mom / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Our twin daughters were born the night before Halloween, so it has always been a big event at our house. The girls weren’t due until Christmas Eve, so they were very early, coming on Halloween Eve. We always have fantastic Halloween/Birthday parties for them, with lots of decorations. We start putting decorations up in early September, so that we can enjoy them for a long time. We have never had a Halloween cookie jar though, and it would be a wonderful treat to add to our celebration.

  73. crystal
    crystal / 9-27-2010 / ·

    i usally decorate at the beging of october and go pumkin picking october 25ish then carve the pumkins a few days later

  74. Christine Lewis
    Christine Lewis / 9-27-2010 / ·

    The first day of Fall, I decorate my whole house inside & out for Halloween! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! People always come to our house to take pictures of our decorations and to see what’s new!

  75. Brenna Cecil
    Brenna Cecil / 9-27-2010 / ·

    we carve a pumpkin on Halloween day and set it out Halloween night we as dress up just for fun.

  76. tracie
    tracie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I try to start the beginning of October but my daughter doesn’t like the screaming gouls I have

  77. cammie turner
    cammie turner / 9-27-2010 / ·

    when my boys were younger I started decorating the 1st of october. We use to really do alot of yard decorating and hanging things in the windows, carving punkins and roasting punkin seeds. Now my boys are much older and i will put out an arrangement that i made on my front porch and some fall flowers but that is it for the decorattions. I still love to make halloween cookies though and pass out candy and this lovely cookie jar would be great. As of now cookies go in a tupperware container and it’s just not the same as opening up a cookie jar to get your fav. cookie out.

  78. Cheryl
    Cheryl / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate the house September 1st!!! Now granted my Halloween decorations do coordinate with my general harvest theme so they pretty much stay up until thanksgiving day when I then decorate for Christmas! I do put out special things just for Halloween on October 1st, and then take them back in after Halloween. The crazy part is, I’m only decorating for the people who drive by, because sadly we don’t get any little ones…. The houses are too far apart and they can’t really walk the mountain road we live on!

  79. Tami Conner
    Tami Conner / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate the 1st week of October, I have a month of Halloween, a month of Thanksgiving, and a month of Christmas.

  80. Troy Rush
    Troy Rush / 9-27-2010 / ·

    It has already started at our house! We live in an old firehouse and we go way out for this

  81. Dawn
    Dawn / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I started setting my things out on the first day of fall. I have a few outdoor decorations and a some fall type items for inside. Outdoor, yard signs, tombstones, electric pumpkin, spider webs. Inside, leaf garland, ceramic tombstones, crafts the kids have made, cute placemats. We will wait until about a week before Halloween to carve a pumpkin so that it doesn’t start getting too smelly.

  82. Tiffany Jank
    Tiffany Jank / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Well, I am a HUGE fan of Halloween but here at the house we don’t decorate the entire house. I have my room done up in my halloween attire and it has been that way since the beginning of September. ๐Ÿ™‚ We will go get our pumpkins in the 2nd week of October and depending on the weather we will normally carve our pumpkins a week before Halloween. On Halloween we ALL dress up and take my daughter trick or treating in a safe and friendly neighborhood.

  83. Melinda Locke
    Melinda Locke / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We start decorating the middle of September. Fall is our favorite season – we love taking our Newfoundland and Shih-tzu for walks and watching the dogs play in the leaves. We absolutely LOVE Halloween too, and we dress our dogs in their costumes and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. We have all of our jack-o-lanterns lit, our Halloween flag out and also our inflatable Snoopy and Woodstock. We would love to win the adorable haunted mansion cookie jar so we could put all our homemade Halloween cookies in it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Faith
    Faith / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We pick up little decorations here and there all year long. We start decorating the first week in October and just keep adding little bits until the big night.

  85. Sheree
    Sheree / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We usually put our decorations up at on Oct. 1st that way we know that the count is on until Halloween!!!

  86. Jane Beal
    Jane Beal / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually start the first week of October. I always try to get more decorations each year.

    DAVID BUEHLER / 9-27-2010 / ·


  88. Lois Meyer
    Lois Meyer / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I think the cookie jar is adorable and Halloween is close to my youngest daughter’s birthday born Oct 26 she would love this AWESOME cookie jar. Thanks so much. I decorate usually the Oct 1 so that means I will be doing some this weekend. Yeah.

  89. Rebecca Hughes
    Rebecca Hughes / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually start the first week of Oct. We used to decorate the entire house inside and out.Now we have grandbabies that get a little scared,so we’ve scaled back a little bit until they get a little older….Then watch out!!!!! Boo!

  90. Vicki
    Vicki / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start as soon as I can without people yelling at home haha I LOVE Halloween and my days of really being able to enjoy it from the parent perspective are numbered. Before you know it I’ll be decorating for the neighbor kids while mine are in college and then for grandchildren… hmmmm sure would be a cute item for the future granny to have for her Mrs. Fields cookies… just sayin….

  91. Michelle
    Michelle / 9-27-2010 / ·

    In the past I would put out a few things, but starting last year I made a bigger effort because we have a son (almost 2) and it’s worth watching him get excited.

  92. tiffany k
    tiffany k / 9-27-2010 / ·

    we LOVE Halloween and decorate Oct. 1st

  93. Katie O
    Katie O / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I’m a little weird about Halloween—I love to celebrate it, but sometimes I can go overboard. Usually I decorate the office before the house. This year we are going to start on October 1st, maybe some spiderwebs and pumpkins on the porch.

  94. Erin Hunt
    Erin Hunt / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We actually started already! Usually middle of September is when we start. Once the cool air hits us, I get in the mood ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. sarah jennings
    sarah jennings / 9-27-2010 / ·

    hi we usually start decorating the house in the middle of october! but we usually carve pumpkins a few days before halloween! =]

  96. Ginger Urban
    Ginger Urban / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We Usually decorate the first weekend of October. So guess what we will be doing this weekend? But only after we go to the National Apple Harvest Festival on Saturday. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love decorating for the Fall, all the way through until thanksgiving but for two years now, we have done “scary” Halloween. Halloween and Fall are my favorite time of the year. We do more outside then what we do on the inside and we have alot of fun!!!!

  97. tiffany
    tiffany / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I love Halloween! Not only is it my FAVORITE Halloween, but its also my anniversary! I decorate for Halloween on the 1st day of October or earlier, if i cant resist! And I decorate the whole house! i have my “staple” decdorations that go up every year, but then I also try and make my own decorations from all the books & magazines I can find! I also dont take down my decorations for Halloween until like a week or so after, but I only take down the Halloween ones and leave any decorations up that can double for Thanksgiving/Fall! I love this holiday!!

  98. Carol Myers
    Carol Myers / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I live way out in the country, so I don’t get any trick or treaters. I love Halloween. Kids are socute and it kind of reminds me of Mardi-Gras. Don’t ask me why.

  99. jennifer armistead
    jennifer armistead / 9-27-2010 / ·

    i start decorating first week of September! i <3 Halloween!

  100. Nancy Blewett
    Nancy Blewett / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start mid September around my birthday on the 18th. I live close to a high school and when the football season starts I really get in the mood. I love to be outside with the cool fall weather, the sound of the football game at the high school stadium with the band playing and children yelling. I enjoy taking my grand kids to find that perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Its funny watching them carry the pumpkin out of the patch. They try to pick the biggest one and it is usually found at the far end of the pumpkin patch. I love the combination of scary and funny decorations. We carve the pumpkins on trick or treat night. I enjoy sitting on the porch and looking at all the costumes. Oh, to be a child again. I love having cookies for my neighbor kids who always come early so they don’t miss out. It is the beginning of a wonderful holiday season.

  101. Heather Hall
    Heather Hall / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I love to decorate for halloween towards the end of the middle of the month, about 2 weeks before halloween. Maybe this year I’ll start a little bit early but if I win this jar, i’ll have to start decorating early ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Krystal
    Krystal / 9-27-2010 / ·

    As soon as I can get my husband to pull all the Halloween stuff out. Holloween is my 3 year olds favorite holiday.

  103. Judie
    Judie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Once I start seeing mums..pumpkins…colored corn…and CIDER~ for sale….I’m ready to decorate!!!

  104. Cheryl
    Cheryl / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I love the holidays! I start decorating atleast a month before each holiday. I know I drive my husband and kids crazy with them having to unload the attic with all the decorations. I just love how decorating for the holidays puts you in the mood and makes them seem special atleast for me it does.

  105. Beckey DeVore
    Beckey DeVore / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start decorating on October 1st of every year, I always deck all out, cobwebs, spook lights, fog machines, black candles, skeletons and pumpkins in ever nook and corner, scary music playing bubbling witch cauldrons, and I always get glamed up with the best costumes.

  106. Sarina
    Sarina / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We generally start to decorate for Halloween on the 1st of October. (We started early this year though!) Spider webs, house decorations, etc… Although, pumpkins are carved a few days before Halloween so that they are fresh.

  107. Amanda
    Amanda / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually start around the second week of October that way we can enjoy them for a bit.

  108. Wanda Rountree
    Wanda Rountree / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I try to decorate around the middle of October.

  109. kimsu kiefel
    kimsu kiefel / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start to decorate right after I go on a fall field trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin fields with my Early Intervention Preschool for special needs children. It just sets the mood of fall being in the field picking pumpkins and the children really get a kick out of it.

  110. Jay
    Jay / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate on the first of October with the kids. We like to put spider webs everywhere and a couple of monsters behind the bushes. Can’t wait.

  111. Katelin Willis
    Katelin Willis / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I like to wait & start decorating on a rainy night mid-October when it is kind of rainy & spooky out…makes it much more fun!

  112. Amanda Dixon
    Amanda Dixon / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Oh we’ve already started! We are a mixed faith family so before all the hussle and bussle of what seems like 9,000 different holidays we all celebrate Halloween equally. We love to buy a few bags of “spider web”, hand it off the kids, and let them go to town in their rooms and the living room. Come spring it’s still clogging up the vacuum cleaner!

  113. Brandy
    Brandy / 9-27-2010 / ·

    About a week into October is when we really get it going….we LOVE Halloween! <3

  114. Patti Wolff
    Patti Wolff / 9-27-2010 / ·

    This would go great with my cookie jar collection! I used to only decorate the outside of the house for Halloween and only just the porch area because I live in Alaska and it gets extremely cold and snowy that time of year. But I have started to bring the decor indoors over the past few years so it can be enjoyed a little more. My most favorite part of Halloween is the pumpkin carving!

  115. Pat
    Pat / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Hmmm….decorating for halloween…the house is a close replica of “The Adams Family” so we actually just sweep down some of the cobwebs so we can get to the front door to greet the little goblins on Halloween. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Nan
    Nan / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I actually let the weather dictate when we decorate. I want it to feel like Fall.

  117. Delene Yochum
    Delene Yochum / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I love putting the orange twinkle lights out and the motion sensor witch that cackles to the delight of the neighborhood children. I start with fall then add in Halloween then go to harvest time. This satifies the urge till Thanksgiving and then ofcourse it’s crazy time. This cookie jar would be a perfect addition

  118. Leah Walker
    Leah Walker / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start decorating at the beginning of October. It starts setting the mood for Halloween, the whole fall season, and most importantly my baby girl’s birthday which is October 28.

  119. zevah
    zevah / 9-27-2010 / ·

    we start around the first week of October we all love Halloween:)

  120. Michelle
    Michelle / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the first weekend in October. Halloween is one of my favorite holiday. I decorate every room in the house. Even the bathroom has pumpkin toilet paper and we have Halloween rugs and shower curtains. We decorate the outside with a lighted giant spider web on gables of the house and a witch attached to our basketball standard. We use bales of hay and corn stacks that stay up through Thanksgiving. We have had several Halloween parties that we’ve really gone all out for with food and decorations. I have tons of decorations that I’ve collected for the last 30 years. I have a few friends that exchange fun decorations for the holidays. I don’t have a Halloween Cookie Jar and would love to win this one. Finding a costume is also one of the highlights of Halloween. We even dress up our dogs.

  121. Kristina Wegscheider
    Kristina Wegscheider / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Usually around October 1st. The month of October gets me in the mood for fall decor and food accented with pumpkin!

  122. Angela S.
    Angela S. / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I adore All Hallows’ Eve. I start my decorating at the end of September. I do the spiderwebs, carved pumpkins, spiders, hay bales, and creepy halloween statues out on our front porch. Inside I decorate with an assortment of different Hallows’ Eve items. I completely redecorate my mantle, dining room table, kitchen, everything! Oh, and we can’t forget the assorted halloween jars full of candies, and platters full of halloween cookies and halloween rice krispy treats! I love looking online for different treats to make around Hallows’ Eve!

  123. Bonnie Sue
    Bonnie Sue / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start the last week of Sept. I start with fall decorations and then move to adding Halloween items. We Decorate the mantle and all through out the house. Even a bit out doors. But when Halloween is over we only remove the Halloween items and then add even more fall things to get us through thanksgiving. The day after thanksgiving it is down and ready to begin on Christmas.

  124. EBONEY
    EBONEY / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I like to start decorateing my home the 3rd week in september. I think that is always adequate time to have my Halloween decore out for display. ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Andrea
    Andrea / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to see all the little kids all dressed up asking for candy! It’s so much fuN! I strive to be the house on the block that gives out the “Good Candy” haha. I decorate the outside and the inside of my house. This year I’ve made silhouettes for my windows to look like there are shadows on the second floor of the house. I also made eyes (out of model magic) and put them in the bushes to make it look like the bushes are looking at you! In my eyes, the earlier the better for Halloween decorations! I already started decorating and will keep going til the day of! ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. Lori Lanum
    Lori Lanum / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Oct 1st the Uncarved pumpkins go out. Mid Oct the webs and some other decorations. Then Oct 3o the ghosts in the trees and the pumpkins get craved and go out. Oct 31st. the pumpkins and and other lights get turned on.

  127. lisa stark
    lisa stark / 9-27-2010 / ·

    i like to start decorating after oct 1 and i love to cut a pumpkin on oct 30th so its nice and fresh and i make the pumpkin seeds

  128. Kristi
    Kristi / 9-27-2010 / ·

    My daughter was born on Halloween 9 years ago, so it is a big event in our household! We like to go all out, and usually start decorating around Oct. 1st. The greatest part is we are never at a loss for a theme for her birthday parties! And all our family and friends can’t turn down a great Halloween party!

  129. Kim Malone
    Kim Malone / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Sometimes I decorate the outside, sometimes just make a few treats inside. Depends on the mood and outside temp.

  130. Crystal
    Crystal / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We decorate for Halloween the first weekend in October. Outside and end. We already have Halloween costumes purchased and ready to go all the way down to the sparkly eye lashes. We usually carve pumpkins 2 weeks before halloween. I love it, my most favorite holiday. I go all out for halloween!

  131. olivia olson
    olivia olson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I usually start decorating at the end of the first week of October…love to carve pumpkins and get festive! indoors and out!

  132. Lindsay
    Lindsay / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate whenever I have the time. Although, it’s always in early to mid October.

  133. Kristin Cahill
    Kristin Cahill / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I try to decorate by october 1st and we go all out – inside and out!! Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for – so the more the better! We carve pumpkins a lil closer to halloween so they definitely last until the holiday

  134. Tammy
    Tammy / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start around the middle of september and I decorate the inside and outside of the house my favorite are the candle holders that I have a the ghost on top of th ehouse move! I like to try new carving designs on the pumpkins every year!

  135. Jessica F
    Jessica F / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Actually we just decorated today! This is actually a little early for me, as I usually wait until right after the first of October but we were in the “spirit” today after visiting the apple orchard and pumpkin patch with my preschooler! We always put out a lighted haunted house and some cute decorations indoors and a Halloween wreath and wooden ghost outdoors along with our pumpkins. We like to do different things like paint our pumpkins instead of carving. It’s such a fun time of year!

  136. ranae johnson
    ranae johnson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    This is the greatest jar I have seen!
    this year my holidays will be not as holly, I recently broke my ankle and will be immobile for 3 months! Would be great to win!

    JOANN HOFFMAN / 9-27-2010 / ·


  138. Kelly Rosique
    Kelly Rosique / 9-27-2010 / ·

    W start decorating the first week of October. We don’t decorate with anything scary we just put our cute pumpkins and Halloween candy since our daughter is only 2. This year is going to be fun we get to take our daughter trick or treating for the first time and she is going to be the cutest Minnie mouse ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. Heather Roberts
    Heather Roberts / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We generally don’t decorate until the week before Halloween and then nothing spectacular… I’d love to have a haunted house one year and I’m impressed with other people Halloween ambition ๐Ÿ™‚ one year maybe we will be that cool but for now the week before halloween we pull out our decorations our witch smashing into a tree and skelly hanging from the porch throw out a bowl full of candy and call it done.


    That cookie jar is adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Angie
    Angie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I started last week! We go the whole nine yards. Webs, lights, spiders, hay bales, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns!

  141. Betty Devine
    Betty Devine / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate the yard with the little grandchildren, hang up decorations inside and bake Halloween goodies for them! Need a Cookie Jar

  142. Melinda Rogers
    Melinda Rogers / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We usually start decorating middle to end september! We decorate our entertainment center with pumkins and scarecrows!! And decorate all the other rooms too!! Love the cookie jar!!

  143. Sheila Amendolar
    Sheila Amendolar / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I started decorating in mid September. I love Halloween. I put my spider webs in the trees about 3 weeks before Trick or Treat. I like the way the leaves, twigs and things stick to it and make it look like it has been there forever. And of course baking with my grandkids We always make gingerbread houses.

  144. Pameula Henson
    Pameula Henson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start decorating on October 1. We decorate outside first, work our way into the house. Everyday there is a treat of the day. I try to have spook dinner once a week. Creepy chicken fingers with red finger potato fries and witch’s brew is the favorite. This is our families second favorite holiday. It is my youngest daughter’s birthday too!

  145. Katie
    Katie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I decorate in the middle of september! I put a rush on things!

  146. Misty Pellew
    Misty Pellew / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We love Halloween and we usually start decorating at the end of September ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. Amanda Byczynski
    Amanda Byczynski / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We have always decorated the house on first or second weekend in Oct. )depending on the weather.) Chicago’s weather is very crazy! If the first weekend is rainy then we just decorate the inside. Nothing scary here, everything is kid friendly. Our homemade jack-o-lanterns get carved the day before halloween and get placed outside the day of halloween. I love the fall and halloween!!!

  148. Krystal Nelson
    Krystal Nelson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We start around the beginning of October ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. ohno udidnt
    ohno udidnt / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start the 1st week of October.I do it all!.Pumkins,webs,skeletons,foddershock..I love everything about Halloween.Plus it’s during my favorite season of the year=).

  150. Aimee Plesa
    Aimee Plesa / 9-27-2010 / ·

    My decorating starts mid September with just generic fall items-pumpkins, gourds. leaves, etc. Lots of reds, yellows, oranges, browns & golds. Oct 1 is when the more ghoulish comes out of hiding. This is hands down my favorite time of the year!

  151. Carolina Garcia
    Carolina Garcia / 9-27-2010 / ·

    one of our favorite celebrations so we start the last day of September so that we can wake up to a spooky house, lol

  152. michelle beare
    michelle beare / 9-27-2010 / ·

    i start decorating the first week in october. i love fall and halloween more than any other season or holiday. we decorate the house and the yard. i have twin girls who are three and they are so excited this year.

  153. Kristy Barber
    Kristy Barber / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I begin decorating the 3rd weekend in September. I am a huge craft show junkie and all of the good ones start in mid.-September. Every year I buy more crafts and decorations, which is why I decorate in Sept.!

  154. trish
    trish / 9-27-2010 / ·

    im known to actually leave up my halloween decorations all year round. people will come over and see a skeleton hanging around the tree line or a bloody arm on the porch. even a severed head on top of a gravel pile. i have spent over $300 one year on decorations alone. overall, i would say $1000 over the years. its my favorite holiday!

    PAT DELAGARZA / 9-27-2010 / ·


  156. Betty Jo Palfrey
    Betty Jo Palfrey / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the last week of September. I decorate the inside and outside of the house. With 3 daughters and Halloween being their favorite holiday we go all out! BOO!

  157. Nichole
    Nichole / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We just started decorating last year when our son was old enough to kinda realize what was going on. It was at the begining of October. We carved pumpkins. It is going to start being our tradition. This year will be even more interesting cuz we will have twin 1 yr old girls and a 2 1/2 yr old boy.

  158. Dawn
    Dawn / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate the house and yard the second week of October, but my 13 year old daughter is dying to start tonight! She LOVES Halloween, even though she stopped trick or treating last year. She thinks we should put up her black Christmas tree on October 1st…so we can make all of our neighbors “wonder” about us!

  159. denise
    denise / 9-27-2010 / ·

    My kids and I decorate the first weekend of October. We go really crazy with the music,decorationsfog, and anything else we can think of. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around here and it gets crazier every year!

  160. shelly green
    shelly green / 9-27-2010 / ·

    my kids said momma we need that cookie jar so we can make some halloween cookies to put in it and have a party we put out pumpkins the first week of oct and candy corn and always make homemade cookies a few days before halloween but this year we are going to do something special we got these little trick or treat orange boxes from unicef and will collect change from family friends neighbors while trick or treating

  161. tim martin
    tim martin / 9-27-2010 / ·

    started decorating today 9/27 with the front of the house.(pumpkins, cornstalks, and mums) the side lot comes this weekend 10/02. (gravestones, scarecrows, monsters, cornstalks, warning signs and lights)WOO HOO…I mean BOO!

  162. Savonny N
    Savonny N / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I’ve never decorated before but this year my friends and I are going to have a pumpkin carving & pumpkin seed tasting event. We’re gathering a few of our friends and family for this event, which will take place a few days before Halloween. I’m pretty excited because I’m not a huge fan of Halloween!

  163. nancy
    nancy / 9-27-2010 / ·

    i decorated today! my roommate and i got out our halloween decorations and although it feels like summer out here in la, it looks like fall in our home! halloween is the best!

  164. Kimberly Davidson
    Kimberly Davidson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I start the om the first weekend of fall. We decorate for halloween with pumpkins, fake leaves, spiders, pumpkin scented candles, spider webs, skeletons, halloween themed lights, candy, door signs, hay, scare crows, pictures colored by my daughter, and more fun and silly things all while cooking pumpkin pie, making cookies, and some type of winter food for dinner.

  165. alisa Cantu
    alisa Cantu / 9-27-2010 / ·

    Love halloween!! Last year I made a graveyard cake, my kids loved it!!

  166. Colleen Durant
    Colleen Durant / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I like to decorate for Holloween a month and a half before Holloween comes aroud!! Why? Because this is my favorite holiday!! All the other ones just does not excite me enough! I even like to decorate my pumpkins before I cut their faces out 3 days before Holloween hits!! This way they are not rotting away and continue to look beautiful!! I love to put out the spider webs in the bushes and there are alot of those, add in the spiders to the web! Stuff the old man dummy with the leaves, I even dress up my brother to sit in a chair and as someone walks past he moves or jumps up and the person gets scared half out of their wits! I have a ghost hanging in the tree, a witch in another tree flying on her broom, put out the fake grave sites, Put the dancing skeleton on the porch, I even decorate inside of my house with black curtians, black and orange light bulbs, window decals of witches, cats, birds etc. I even have my witch that lays on the gound by the door so once someone enters she crawls towards them to scare them! I even have the fog I turn on when it is Holloween night and I get myself dressed up to and every year I am something different! I also put out the hey bails to sit on, the corn stalks are out on the poels of the porch, fake black crows and cats line the walkway, orang lights on the walk way too! I have the candy dish filled with lots of candy and a fake bloody hand that moves in the bowl everytime someone reaches into it!

  167. Lindsay Yazzie
    Lindsay Yazzie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I wish I could start decorating in Sept…but my hubby told me I must wait til Oct 1st. I smuggled in a ceramic pumpkin to start early…maybe he wont notice. Anything Halloween goes, baking cookies, finding the perfect costume. I make sure every room has a touch of Halloween.

  168. Connie
    Connie / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We decorate our house for halloween about a week beforehand. We often found some interesting things for us to put outside last minute at the store.

  169. april rigsby
    april rigsby / 9-27-2010 / ·

    it depends on the kids we sometimes start in sept. but this year it will be this coming up weekend oct. 1st.we have got out all of our decorations and are looking for cool pumpkin designs to carve this year.we love halloween and they are getting ready to bake those great halloween treats and this jar would be great to put them in on the center of our table decorations

  170. Missy Keeling
    Missy Keeling / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We start to decorate the first of October and keep adding throughout the month! Every year we buy more decorations after Halloween to add to our ever growing collection.

  171. Sherry Knight
    Sherry Knight / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I don’t usually decorate for Halloween anymore since the kids have grown up and moved. I would love to win this cookie jar though! It is adorable!

  172. MONICA W
    MONICA W / 9-27-2010 / ·

    I love Halloween. I mean I have to my son was born the day before so every year we have the best Halloween/Birthday party on the block.

  173. Holly Robinson
    Holly Robinson / 9-27-2010 / ·

    It’s a good thing my husband has the final word because if it were up to me I would have decorated for Halloween 2 weeks ago,lol. I go all out with decorations! We have one of the spookiest halloween haunted houses in town. We have 3 boys who aren’t scared of anything because we don’t hold anything back, so they’ve seen all the tricks and spooks. We’re gonna have a 2 year old robin, a 4 year old batman, and our 6 year old is going to be the joker. We bake all the spooky cakes and entrees as well as a haunted mansion ginger house. That’s the kids’ favorite part ๐Ÿ˜› Can’t wait till Halloween xD

  174. Cheryl A
    Cheryl A / 9-27-2010 / ·

    We start decorating once the temperature outside drops and it starts feeling like fall or when the leaves start changing. Never really set a date for decorating but once I can feel summer is gone I’m excited for Halloween.

  175. Connie Loretta
    Connie Loretta / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We start about the 3rd week of Oct. Each day up to Halloween we add something else to the outside to spook up the place. The pumpkin doesn’t get carved until just a few days before Halloween.

    BRITTANY / 9-28-2010 / ·


  177. chrissy pate
    chrissy pate / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I usually start around the end of September. I have a home daycare and all the kids LOVE the decorations. I always decorate the inside as well as outside.

  178. tammy trotter
    tammy trotter / 9-28-2010 / ·

    Since when does anyone stop decorating for halloween? If you saw my neighborhood you would understand. We have the Spanish moss trees everywhere so it looks like Halloween all the time and it makes it even better come time for the actual date.

  179. Jenn
    Jenn / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We start October 1st decorate the whole house then go to several pumpkin patches with the kids and the grownups also go to “haunted” attractions at night. Fall is my favorite season so I LOVE halloween too!!!

  180. Kristy Freeman
    Kristy Freeman / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We start decorating for Halloween around my Birthday on September 25th!! We love the holidays and the earlier the decorations go up the better!!

  181. Cindi Asquith
    Cindi Asquith / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We start on my birthday October 12th. My daughters and I cover the steps in spiderwebs and put them outside and skeletons that dance, Inside the house I only have decorations that my girls have made me in school so they feel special.

  182. valerie
    valerie / 9-28-2010 / ·

    last minute, only a few days before. ooppps! : )

  183. Valerie
    Valerie / 9-28-2010 / ·

    sept 1…..BABY!!!!

  184. Michelle Hankins
    Michelle Hankins / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I LOVE halloween and my children are beginning to as well. I’d have to say it’s a close tie with Christmas. I’m a young mother and we just moved into our own house last year after halloween. So this year i’m determined to do a little decorating. I’m thinking that the first weekend in Oct. is a good time to start. I think i’m going to put up a door hanger (maybe make a pumpkin wreath), some candy corn lights around the window, maybe some steaks in the from lawn saying “beware” r “enter at your own risk” etc….We don’t have anything yet to decorate with, so this year it will be small but cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. Diane
    Diane / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I decorate end of Sept., when it is cool out. We love putting out pumpkins, mums and Halloween decorations!

  186. Nancy
    Nancy / 9-28-2010 / ·

    When the cool air comes, the pumkins, mums and halloween decorations comes out! Gets us in the mood for fall!

  187. Lis P
    Lis P / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I began decorating about the 15th of October and I love to theme the scary Halloween look. Lights, decorations, spiderwebs, its fun adding something new every year.

  188. Bonnie L Baker
    Bonnie L Baker / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I start to decorate for Hallowee at the beging of Oct witch is great this year because it falls on the weekend.

  189. Renee
    Renee / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I love Halloween and my daughters bday is in October, I usually decorate by the first day of fall! Love this time of year.

  190. Mary Cunningham
    Mary Cunningham / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I like to start early on. usually first of September when kids go to School that way they are very surprised and excited when they come home, and of course I save some decorating for them to do as well.

  191. Chantell
    Chantell / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I usally start decorating about the first or second week of October! I wait for a weekend where the kids and I can do it together as a family! Then we do pumpkins just a couple days before halloween so they dont go bad!

  192. Caity Pevey
    Caity Pevey / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We don’t have a specific date – but usually around the beginning of October. We put up a few decorations and carve a pumpkin!! I love to go all out – but haven’t built up my halloween collection to decorate with.

    [email protected]

  193. Heather Fitzgerald
    Heather Fitzgerald / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I typically start decorating for Halloween 2-3 weeks before Halloween. I decorate with webs, spiders, netting, lights, and what ever else I decide to buy that year. I also use lawn decor to look like the dead are coming up through the ground. I use lighted tomb stones and I fill my front windows (top and bottom) with strobe lights, keeping the rest of my house dark. A masked man sits on my front porch and no one knows if he is real or not. Out door lights are replaced with blue lights. I use dry ice for the fog effect and a cd player/speakers playing scary sounds and screams hide under the porch to finish the effects for the haunted night!!

  194. Pamela Jones
    Pamela Jones / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I love all holidays,I personally do not have kids,but I have 16 nieces and nephews they would love to see this sitting on my counter,when they trick-or-treat Aunt Pam.This is the cutest cookie jar I have ever seen,would be perfect for my Mrs.Fields Cookies.My family would really enjoy this where family is so important.

  195. Lori
    Lori / 9-28-2010 / ·

    While my son has been ready to decorate for several weeks, I am pretty insistent that we wait until October 1st.

  196. sheri spencer
    sheri spencer / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I can’t wait for Halloween this year. I have a two year old who is super excited as well. We will likely decorate the first week of October that way we can enjoy the decorations all month long!

  197. Kim Newcomb
    Kim Newcomb / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We have already started decorating our house!!!!! We do the orange lights, bats, ghost and lots of glow in the dark stuff!!! Love Halloween!!!

  198. Carly
    Carly / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate during the last week of September.Yeah , A little early but we have a nice party every year.I love Halloween.

  199. Nat Hoagland
    Nat Hoagland / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I love to decorate right about this time! I mostly do a harvest theme with lots of leaves, pumpkins and other fall themed items and colors, but I love to include a few cute holloween items like the cookie jar shown. It would be perfect for the special sugar cookies we make for us and our neighbors every year! They are cute shapes for the season with yummy home made frosting on top!

  200. Brenda
    Brenda / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I begin decorating right after Labor Day! A few spiders and ghosts here and there, deco towels and soap dispensers in the baths, a spooky-kooky table cloth and then we begin the decorating outside. Halloween is my child’s favorite holiday, so if it were up to him, everyday would be Halloween. I love this cookie jar!

  201. Lyndsie
    Lyndsie / 9-28-2010 / ·

    I LOVE Halloween! But I make myself wait until October 1st. Luckily, that’s just a few more days.

  202. Crystal
    Crystal / 9-28-2010 / ·

    Started decorating last week. Will probably add more throughout the week culminating with carving the pumpkin a few days before.

  203. Katie McElhaney
    Katie McElhaney / 9-28-2010 / ·

    The weekend before Halloween is our time to decorate! We put out the Halloween place mats and put out all the decorations. the reason why I wait so late is because my decorations are more of pumpkins and leaves and I leave them up until the Saturday after Thanksgiving! Plus I like to have the carved pumpkins as fresh as I can get them before Halloween comes.

  204. Kiran Vittal
    Kiran Vittal / 9-28-2010 / ·

    This is such an adorable cookie jar!

  205. Kiran Vittal
    Kiran Vittal / 9-28-2010 / ·

    We usually start decorating around October 1st. We go pumpkin picking and then carve them. We place candles inside the pumpkins and line them on our porch mid-October.

  206. Meredith
    Meredith / 9-28-2010 / ·

    Just this past weekend, the last weekend of September, my 6-yr-old and I went all-out! We stuffed a giant scarecrow and sat him in the cactus bed at the mouth of our driveway. We made hanging ghosts out of old white kerchiefs and bats out of egg cartons, then hung them in the tree along with a handful of dollar-store plastic pumpkins. We even began making our Halloween candy out of prickly pear cactus fruit.

  207. Tonia L.
    Tonia L. / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate a few days before….and by decorate I mean carve a pumpkin for the fun of it and that’s about it. HA! I may purchase a few things from the craft store if they are on sale. I usually perfer to back cupcakes and other goodies since 2 of my godchildren have birthdays around that time of year. Pumpkin or skeleton cupcakes are always a big hit!

  208. Amber Godown
    Amber Godown / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Usually the beginning of October.

  209. gloria robinson
    gloria robinson / 9-29-2010 / ·

    i decorate outside of house oct 1st,,,partial decor on the inside,,,carve pumpkins around the 20th,,,and scream on!!1,,ha ha,

  210. LAURA
    LAURA / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate for Halloween each year whenever I find the first good deal on something that I think is cute. I live right down the street from a street in my town where the whole street decorates and goes crazy for Halloween, so around the last week of September they all start decorating ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. marcella marie reynolds
    marcella marie reynolds / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually start decorating the first month of October and I start witha witch , punpkin cardboard cut outs and I add on as the month goes by until the 1st of November. I also try to have at least 1 skeleton, 1 witch, a few pumpkins and monsters. i even have a work uniform that is themed for halloween.

  212. Julia R. Boykin
    Julia R. Boykin / 9-29-2010 / ·

    The first of Octber we like to paint our family pumpkin for Halloween. Later, it can be turned around and used for use in a Thanksgiving decoration.

  213. Nora
    Nora / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate for Halloween on October 1st. I love decorating for Halloween. When the trick or treaters come to my door on Halloween I love seeing their faces light up when I open the door and they see the inside and all it’s spooky contents!

  214. Michelle
    Michelle / 9-29-2010 / ·

    My entire family becomes obsessed with Halloween at the beginning of the school year. We actually decorate the first week in October from head to top!

  215. Maricel
    Maricel / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate the house on October 1st and the Halloween decorations stay up all month! This jar would be a perfect addition to our Halloween decorations. Our costumes are decided a year in advance – We dress up as a family (all kids and all the adults – including adult siblings) in themes. Some of our past themes have been: superheroes, Star Wars characters, Harry Potter. This year we are dressing up in “traditional” Halloween costumes – witch, bat, pumpkin, skeleton, Frankenstein, Werewolf. We can’t wait! Thank you for the chance to win.

  216. Michelle
    Michelle / 9-29-2010 / ·

    My entire family becomes obsessed with Halloween at the beginning of the school year. We actually decorate the first week in October from top to bottom!!

  217. Cindy Collins
    Cindy Collins / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We had a tragedy this year — a suicide in the family. Halloween is his mom’s favorite holiday, but she doesn’t feel much like spooks and scary things this year (she’s had enough), so we had a family gathering on September 19 and I broke out the “not so scary” Halloween things — lots of pumpkins (all with happy faces), dishes of Halloween treats (including cookies made from Mrs Field’s own cookbook!). This is the earliest I’ve ever started decorating for halloween — I will bring out the scary things this weekend though!

  218. Maureen Doyle
    Maureen Doyle / 9-29-2010 / ·

    As soon as the candy corn comes out, so much to do!

  219. Sherry H.
    Sherry H. / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Fall is in the air. The fall leaves are on my mantle with the autumn colors setting the atmosphere of FALL! My collection of cookie jars is slowly growing. This Haunted House cookie jar is so beautiful.

  220. Jayne
    Jayne / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We usually start decorating the first weekend in October. We hang ghosts from the tree in the front yard, put cling pumpkins, witches, etc. on the window. Hang things from the porch. We set pumpkins out and then carve them the day before Halloween usually. We live in an area that doesn’t really get many little trick or treaters anymore. Usually it’s just BIG kids, no costumes with their backpack open or a pillow case. Halloween just isn’t the same anymore!

  221. Jean F
    Jean F / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I wait until the lst week of October

  222. Amber
    Amber / 9-29-2010 / ·

    First weekend of October!

  223. Helen
    Helen / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate for Halloween starting at the first of October with my door decoration. Then about a week later, I decorate the house with my halloween decorations. On Halloween night, I dress up in a witches dress and hat and have my carved pumpkin with a candle in it on the front porch. When the door bell rings I go to the door in my witches’ dress and hat and you should see how wide some of the children’s eyes get when they see me.

  224. Christina
    Christina / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate during the first weekend of October and OH YA my house gats all the bells and whistles…spiderwebs…things hanging from the ceiling, we even make a gingerbread haunted house…its great!

  225. Woody Kelleher
    Woody Kelleher / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I only have a small electronic Jack O’Lantern, but that’s good enough for me! I do like Halloween time though. I do my best to decorate on a budget.

  226. Candi Corn
    Candi Corn / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually start Sept. 1st. First by setting out my collection of Candy Corns for my Birthday (9/8) and then adding fall decor of Indian Corn and Harvest decorations of Corn throughout the month, ending with all the Halooween decorations out by October 1st.

  227. Jennifer Villane
    Jennifer Villane / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Usually we start decorating the last weekend in september/first weekend in october. We love halloween and like to celebreate the whole month. We usually decorate and then go pumpkin picking. I can’t wait for the leaves to change color and to start experiencing the crisp fall days

  228. Sharon Ram
    Sharon Ram / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We start decorating October 1st, although I admit I already have some fall decor up – just not the Halloween themed items quite yet. We love the holidays and can hardly wait!

  229. Mariam
    Mariam / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We are doing good if we get decked out by the first week of October.

  230. Zulma
    Zulma / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I live in Florida so it really doesn’t matter when I start decorating for Halloween. This year I started mid September…when I start seeing other houses starting to put the scarecrows up. We go pumpkin picking, we put spiderwebs all over our door and start shopping for lots and lots of candies. Halloween is also my Birthday so it is kind of cool in a way. Even though everyone is interested in Halloween Day and what it brings, but not interested in my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ Halloween is special in Florida because you can actually dress up and not wear anything on top of your costume. Pretty cool!!! Happy Birthday to me.

  231. Michele Howell
    Michele Howell / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Depends on how busy I get, usually a couple weeks before.

  232. Pauline Ford
    Pauline Ford / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start decorating after October 1st. Usually with the outdoor decorations, including door hangers, lighting and scary ghosts by the front door. The kids love it!

  233. Sandy
    Sandy / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually put up my decorations the last week in September. I have some Halloween Department 56 houses that I love to set up. I don’t buy my pumpkins until a couple of weeks before Halloween.

  234. Shelly Reynolds
    Shelly Reynolds / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Usually get the decorations out by first week of October. Homemade construction paper bats and jack-o-lantern cut outs (adjusted paperclips taped to the backside to give it a three dimensional effect) have been our best decorations!

  235. HedgeHogi
    HedgeHogi / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate at the begining of October. Since I’m in a house again maybe I can decorate a bit more.

  236. Tina
    Tina / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I am actually decorating today! I love Halloween! I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and my 4 year old is really starting to enjoy it, which makes it that much more fun! We decorate with alot of real and fake pumpkins, spiders, orange lights and candy jars!

  237. Lisa L
    Lisa L / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I actually don’t do it until like 10 days before! I spend that weekend decorating and baking cookies and cupcakes

  238. Daniel Shemtov
    Daniel Shemtov / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Usually start the moment the WEATHER goes BELOW 70 degrees, even if that is is the middle of August! lolol I know it sounds crazy but it’s cute and unique and get’s everyone looking at the weather reports on a daily basis starting in mid-summer because halloween is OUR MOST favorite time of the year! : ) : ) Oh, and we go all out on the decorating too! lights, webs, costumes, figures on the lawn and spooooooooooky sounds= machines everywhere! Plus movie night everyday, like Fright Night and some other thrillers…

  239. Pam
    Pam / 9-29-2010 / ·

    My Halloween decorating starts about Sept 20th. I collect dolls and redress my dolls in Halloween costumes. Next comes out all the Halloween decorations that have been collected over the years, ghosts, witches, haunted houses. I also like to decorate with pumpkins, scarcrows,fall leaves & sunflowers, items that can stay up after halloween is over. During years that I have extra money to spend I love buying new items to add to my collection.

  240. Nicole Byars
    Nicole Byars / 9-29-2010 / ·

    First weekend in October.

  241. Michelle Reeve
    Michelle Reeve / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate around the first week in September. Right around the time Pumpkin Spice Lattes come back to Starbucks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. Stephanie Jackson
    Stephanie Jackson / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the first week of October, for Halloween. I decorate the mantle piece, the front yard, my glass doors. I love this time of year!

  243. Sheila F
    Sheila F / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We start the first day of October in my family. It is a tradition now that my kids are teenagers, they like to help. We enjoy putting up spider webs with spiders and the other Halloween decorations we have.

  244. Judi
    Judi / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We usually start the first weekend of October. We hang ghosts off our big evergreen tree, hang skeletons off the branches have tombstones in the front yard and coat the other evergreens with spiderwebs.

  245. Rita Sheppard
    Rita Sheppard / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Since I don’t have small children in the house anymore, I decorate the day before Halloween by setting out the Halloween decorations I have like a TY Pumpkin, Halloween doll that says “Happy Halloween! every time you touch her, a ceramic pumpking with built in light, etc.

  246. Janice
    Janice / 9-29-2010 / ·

    End of September!! Get the holidays rolling!! Then the second Halloween is gone, start on Thanksgiving…wooohoo…then its Christmas! But I guess I’m getting ahead of myself!!

  247. konny church
    konny church / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We decorate around the 1st of October.

  248. Billie R
    Billie R / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I just bought my first house this year, so I have to buy decorations for every thing! I think I’ll start Halloween decorating on the 1st. This would be the perfect thing to start! kekagel(at)

  249. Virgie
    Virgie / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate after Oct 1.

  250. cheryl
    cheryl / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate for Halloween when the weather cools off enough so that I can bear to go up in the attic and retrieve the stored Halloween decorations. It usually fall right around the first of October. Today I am making decorated Halloween treats for my Kindergartener to take to school for her snack day on Friday. Since my children are not babies anymore and love Halloween, I plan to make a big big deal out of the season this year. I plan to add to my Halloween decorations with a creepy, scary animatronics that looks like something that came up from the grave and it crawls around. He will be added to the hairy warewolf that hangs on my door each year and is the one decoation that I ALWAYS forget about until I rush out the door, see it, and nearly totally pee my pants. My family and I would love this adorable cookie jar.

  251. reenspace
    reenspace / 9-29-2010 / ·

    October 15th to decorate the house & October 30th to carve pumpkins!!!

  252. Ruby Wishnietsky
    Ruby Wishnietsky / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, but I’ve never been a big decorator. However, I ALWAYS ALWAYS visit at least one pumpkin patch to make scarecrows and pick up a couple happy-looking gourds. Normally I do this in mid October, say October 15th. Living in Los Angeles can be a little frustrating around Halloween, because I miss the autumn weather back in Boston, as well as the changing colors and smell of forthcoming snow in the air. But all the spooky decorations and weird colored Christmas lights that others put up (LA is so theatrical and artsy!) always helps me enjoy the holiday anyway.
    Oh, and I buy LOTS of candy, even though not many kids come to visit in my building. I just can’t resist all the display at the drug store and grocery.

  253. Nancy
    Nancy / 9-29-2010 / ·

    With no children at home it’s my neighborhood Girl Scouts that get me started. At our first meeting in September they always ask Can we have a Halloween Party? Of course with Halloween being Juliet Low’s birthday we have to have a good party. It gives me a reason to decorate and give out treats every year. We start planning, buying crafts,I decorate by the 15th and we’re ready the week of Halloween for our party. Each year we also make treat bags for the homeless at our City Mission. Homeless adults cry when given their sweets for Halloween.

  254. Darlene
    Darlene / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I absolutely love to decorate for the Fall/Halloween on September 30th, that way we can enjoy everything for the entire month. I probably “overdecorate” if there is such a thing! since I live in south Texas and we do not have many trees with leaves that change colors.

  255. Kevin
    Kevin / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Usually on October 1st, though did it a couple days early this year!

  256. Linda L Benson
    Linda L Benson / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We start by hanging all the past and present handcrafted decorations in special places picked by the craftsman. We then journey to a nearby u-pick pumpkin patch and find the pumpkin of our liking; rule being: you have to be able to tote your own, we bring a wagon.:) We then journey home, stopping for hot chocolate and a latte’ :), where we carve to our hearts delight. It won’t be perfect but it will be fun.

  257. jennifer
    jennifer / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the last week of September, both my home and my businesses. My third child was born on October 2nd and my dad gave her the nickname punkin’. She was a round fat baby and wore a pumpkin outfit every Halloween until she was 5 years old.
    I have everything color coordinate so I can blend October into November easily. Browns, oranges, greens and purples.
    I put stickies on my windows, I have ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, and skeletons throughout the house.
    And every year we go on cruise over Halloween and take our youngest 2 children and they help decorate the teens area on the boat.
    The cookie jar would look spectacular on my kitchen counter filled with homemade cookies for my children and grandchildren.

  258. Tarah Miller
    Tarah Miller / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I started decorating 2 weeks ago, I add things every weekend. I’m always shopping for new halloween decorations!!

  259. Samantha
    Samantha / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start decorating October 1st. My family loves to help me carve pumpkins and put candles in them.

  260. Dianna Alfarano
    Dianna Alfarano / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start the first day of fall decorate the entire inside and outside then the saturday before halloween we have a huge Halloween party for my children my oldest is 19 and we started doing this when she was 5 now I do it for our 7 year old with tons of creepy things to eat like mummies, bones, green goop, and etc the kids look forward to it every year I have been told I am the BEST by not only my son but all the neighborhood kids!

  261. Angelia Gregory
    Angelia Gregory / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate the 2nd week of Oct., we use pumpkins,scare crows and a fall wreath on the door.

  262. Betsy Baker
    Betsy Baker / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate some starting on October 1st. But we don’t carve pumpkins until Halloween weekend! This will my little girls first time carving a pumpkin and I can’t wait!!!

  263. Ryan Merriner
    Ryan Merriner / 9-29-2010 / ·

    around Oct. 20th.. lights, pumpkins, sticky things for the windows.. this year i was given permission to go all out.

  264. Karen Knight
    Karen Knight / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We decorate the second week of October. By then the weather is getting cooler so it puts us in the mood.

  265. Hope Burns
    Hope Burns / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We decorate on September 15th! Inside the house anyways.. We have all of the inside decorations up and running every night but we are on a military base so the outside ones have to wait til October 1st. ๐Ÿ™

  266. Renee
    Renee / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate when the weather gets a bit “fall-ish”. It just started cooling off here so hubby and I are on our way tonight to find some super cute halloween decorations!! Hobby Lobby here we come! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are a military family and have moved every year for the last 3 years so each place we move to, the timing is different. It’s a little warmer in Alabama than it is in New York, and Virginia is kinda in between those two.. so of course we wait a little longer to decorate in Alabama.. depends on where we are!!

  267. alicia gray
    alicia gray / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate as early as I think I can get away with it without getting funny looks from the neighbors ha, ha! This year I decorated on the 25th of September. I do the whole inside of my house…it is ridiculous, I have about 5 storage boxes full of stuff. I also have a light up 3 foot stacking pumpkin that goes outside, as well as a blinking bat welcome sign and some other hanging outdoor ornaments. I would love to have this haunted house jar to add to my collection!

  268. Rebecca Russell
    Rebecca Russell / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We start as soon as the leaves begin to fall (most likely next week). This year will be a bit different because my son’s 1st birthday is on Oct. 16th, and we will be having a Halloween themed party. So we will be going all out this year!! We have gravestones, cobwebs, pumpkins, ghosts, skulls and so much more!! Oh and candy corn shaped Christmas lights ๐Ÿ™‚ We are going pumpkin picking soon. I can’t wait to carve my pumpkin… it’s been

  269. Cece Egeler
    Cece Egeler / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate the weekend after my birthday (which is the first week in Oct.) I like to leave my house ghoul free in case I have a party, but after that we go to town on the decorations, especially this year since we had a daughter and must decorate.

  270. Kathi
    Kathi / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Already decorated! ๐Ÿ™‚ As soon as the cool weather arrives I start…pumpkins, spiders, scarecrows, ghosts, witches…you name it. I even build a haunted house doll house to use as a decoration in my dining room. What’s not to love about Halloween? Can’t wait for all the candy, cookies, apples (treats) and, oh yeah…the tricks!

  271. Kari Follett
    Kari Follett / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the week the kids go back to school. I love the boney collection from Yankee Candle and I bought almost all the pieces!! It’s a whimsical, fun line that has an appeal for everyone in my family.

  272. Beth
    Beth / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start to decorate the first or second week of Halloween. I usually get some corn stalks and pumpkins and hang some ghosts in the trees. What a great time of year !

  273. Katrina J
    Katrina J / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I usually decorate the first weekend in October. I know its kind of early, but my husband and I do enjoy the decorations. The people in the neighborhood seem to as well. I cant wait to start carving pumpkins! Thats one mess I dont mind having to clean up ๐Ÿ™‚

  274. Isabel Acosta
    Isabel Acosta / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I am very excited to decorate this year. It is the first Halloween in our new house. We will be decorating the first weekend in Oct. it should be fun because my three year old will love seeing his big spider again.

  275. chris
    chris / 9-29-2010 / ·

    october 1st. decorate the house and frontyard, give oout candy, carve pumkpkins and eat candy corn and bake halloween cookies.yum

  276. Jennifer Miescher
    Jennifer Miescher / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I decorate sometime the last week of September through the first week of october. i alread got the storage containers down for this year and will be starting tis weekend!

  277. Gaile
    Gaile / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Years ago, I won a 7-foot scarecrow named “Scrappy.” The first Monday in October is our traditional Scrappy Day, and we bring our Scrappy and the other 8 big boxes of Halloween decorations that are placed throughout the house. This year, Scraps is making an early arrival, as I can’t wait until that first Monday in October! We put out everything from a very real skull candle holder to three kinds of window lights to an assortment of Halloween trees to hold the many ornaments I’ve collected over the years. Oh, and maybe 20 plush animals decorate my mantel and the sofa, as well. I didn’t start collecting the Mrs. Fields cookie jars, and I wish I had. This really IS a great season!

  278. Lisa Deters
    Lisa Deters / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We will be purchasing our pumpkin this weekend, and will make it a family event carving the pumpkin. Then we will get all of the inflatable Halloween decorations out and start decorating! I love the witch we have in our yard that looks like she actually crash landed in our yard, and then we have the inflatable pumpkin hearst, being โ€œdrivenโ€ by the ghouls, with all the erie sound effects! Next comes the โ€œBewareโ€ signs, and the glowing skeleton! I canโ€™t wait!

  279. Meredith Gans
    Meredith Gans / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually put up our retro halloween decorations the first cool fallish day in October. I’m hoping to get mums and pot them this weekend and usually the week before we carve some pumpkin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  280. Shannon
    Shannon / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We decorate the first weekend in October and add to it througout the month.

  281. Valerie P
    Valerie P / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate about a week before Halloween. Would love to win this cookie jar!

  282. kathy
    kathy / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start decorating October 1. I put out ceramic pumpkins and some other assorted items (witches, ghosts, etc). I put an autumn wreath on the front door, and leave it up until Thankgiving.

    JACQUE MULOCK / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Well it would be oct 1st my children always make me scary pictures an i hang them up in the windows an then it starts to feel like halloween so they are a big part of the feeling scary ghosts an goblins,baking cookies together of all scary shapes.An hanging up the cob webs,its always about them you know the kids they bring on the holiday feeling with out them who would get me ready for the season………….

  284. Terri Darst
    Terri Darst / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start decorating the first day of fall. I decorate the entire yard and adorn the inside of the house with funnt, fun, and yet sometimes sppoky decor. The kids love the decor for halloween and we have a blast setting up lights and decorations together!

  285. Kayla F.
    Kayla F. / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start putting up all my Halloween decorations on October 1st, because to me that’s officially when Autumn starts. I put up the fake spider webs with the fake spiders, and I hang fake ghosts in the trees and fill up those orange pumpkin trash bags with leaves and put them by my house, and I put up decorations in the window. Then, when around the time Halloween is going to come my family goes to a pumpkin patch and picks out pumpkins to carve. It’s really fun. Autumn is my favorite season!

  286. jennifer casner
    jennifer casner / 9-29-2010 / ·

    The week before the holiday, buy costumes and carve pumpkins!

  287. Diana
    Diana / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Second week of Oct. Not alot, some things in the window & on the deck. More at christmas time!

  288. angie
    angie / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually start decorating in the middle of oct with spiderwwbs around the fireplace, pumpkins and a autumn wreath with a flying witch on my door. we also add more decoratins the day before halloween because my sons birthday is on halloween.

  289. Cheryl C
    Cheryl C / 9-29-2010 / ·

    The first weekend of October ๐Ÿ˜‰

  290. Sue
    Sue / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually start two weeks before Halloween. One year I had a party and had stapled up huge brown trees and branches and lots of spider webs. It was really cool looking. Got the idea from my credit union who put up the trees in their lobby.

  291. Kay M
    Kay M / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate a week or two before. We have the big blowup things for the yard, and pumpkins for the top of the fence posts. We live so far out in the country, we dont get trick or treaters though!

  292. susan rinaman
    susan rinaman / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We love Halloween around my house. in california, we don’t really get seasons, so we start decorating every year on october first. Even the kids are teenagers now, they still dress up every year and we decorate the whole house. That cookie jar would be the star centerpiece on my kitchen table all the way to thanksgiving. I would love to win the cooke jar.

  293. Lenore
    Lenore / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually start decorating the first of October but started a little earlier this year. I decorate the front porch, entry, dining room and some in the family room.
    I have some new items to put out this year as well as some oldies but goodies. It looks pretty good when finished.
    Will do a pumpkin as it gets closer to Halloween.
    Would love to win this cookie jar. It would look great with our decorations. Thanks.

  294. Sunnymay
    Sunnymay / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually get the Halloween box down a week before and throw up a few fall items. My daughter who’s in a home with 3 other adults has most of my decorations. I don’t usually carve the pumpkin until the day before since they tend to disappear from a Pumpkin Roll in a nearby community. Sometimes I wear a black pointy witches hat.

  295. Ali Marsh
    Ali Marsh / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I start around a week before Haloween. I love Mrs fieds and ordern here all the time! For every occasion! I really hope to win this

  296. Katie
    Katie / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually start on October 1st. My kids and I are BIG Halloween people. I grew up with Halloween as my second favorite holiday, a close second behind Christmas! I love Halloween and all that it encompasses. The decorations, the costumes, the CANDY and goodies! Pumpkin picking and carving is another family tradition that we LOVE! It is a great time of year for our family. I still love the sound of the crispy leaves beneath my feet as I walk through the town! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  297. Nicole
    Nicole / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I don’t decorate until about a week before halloween.

  298. Susan
    Susan / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I bring things out late September but, it’s all up by October 1st! I love Halloween and look forward to it all year! I usually have to carve two sets of pumpkins because I start so early, the first ones droop. Spider webs all over and mini grave yard. Ghosts all over and lots of colored lights! I put out a fog machine to add ambiance! Plus itโ€™s scary movie month! I love to participate in the local haunted house too. It’s fun to scare people! I love all the colors and the smells of Autumn. I like to start baking all sorts of goodies too! I think it’s just the best time of year.

  299. Charity
    Charity / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We start decorating the last of September..we get our graveyard going then we add spiderwebs and skeletons..on the other side we put a ton of gourds &pumpkins …but this year we are doing a paper mache’ of the puppet from SAW “billy”…we are putting him on our kids old tricycle!!! It is going to be fun doing it with the kids …although very messy!!!Pumpkins get carved a week before Halloween..that way they still look good for the lighting!!!

  300. Judy
    Judy / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Hi everyone. My sister and I have a new house so we are all excited about decorating for Halloween. So we have collected lots of fun things. We start on the first and go from there. Hope everyone has a great time this year. We are in Florida and we don’t have all the cool and crunch of leaves but that’s o.k. for us.

  301. Tina Castellucci
    Tina Castellucci / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Being from England I was not used to celebrating Halloween in such a big way as is done here in America. But it did not take long for me to get into the spirit (no pun intended) of the holiday.
    I think this time of year is great. I start decorating the first weekend in October. Lots of decorations in the trees, orange lights around the the porch, a witch hanging from the gable, and pumpkins galore. I love shopping for candy and baking cookies for the trick or treaters to enjoy. Thank you America for having such great holidays that I now get to share in.

  302. Shirley
    Shirley / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Depending on how the weekends fall in October but either the first or second weekend of the month. I mostly decorate the outside.

  303. Kimberly
    Kimberly / 9-29-2010 / ·

    As soon as the pumpkins arrive in the grocery store. I know I was the first to buy some pumpkins at our local store last week. We live in Florida and the pumpkins help fool us into thinking its cooler than it actually is. I usually have to replace them before Halloween due to the heat!

  304. Kelli Ling
    Kelli Ling / 9-29-2010 / ·

    My family and I decorate for “All Hallows Eve” as soon as the leaves start to change, the temperatures start to dip, and the moon begins to have that harvest feel! This change of season usually happens around the last week of September in the Midwest; so by late October, most the leaves have fallen and it’s rather chilly. Searching for the right size pumpkins to later carve up and display in front of our home occupies our early autumn time before our decorations turn to a spookier nature. Boo!!!

  305. Judy
    Judy / 9-29-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate for Halloween around the first of October. We have a giant dracula that my husband has had for years. We put him on the front porch to greet guests. We also put spooky lights and decorations inside and outside. Closer to Halloween we will carve our big pumpkin that we have already bought!!

  306. cynthia smith
    cynthia smith / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I love Halloween!! i carve the pumpkin the first week of Oct., so far its been cool enough that it stays ok when I am out on the porch. I light a tea candle inside My carving and just watch the flickering beauti. of My carved pumpkin. I put those sticky reusable decorations in My windows along with those electric candles with pumpkin heads the same week as My pumpkin goes out. And about the Week before Halloween, I decorate My bushes and rails with spiderwebs and those plastic spiders and on the Nite of Halloween, I put a hackling battery operated wich in front of My door that goes off wiith motion from the Trick or Treaters. I also dress up to greet the Trick or Treaters.LOL. And then I have a get together with My Friends and Family for a halloween bash when I feel the time is too late for those Little Ones to be out at nite.Its been a Tradition of Mine for about Six Years now.

  307. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I love the smell of the air in October which smells of Halloween and Fall. I usual start decorating 2nd week of October. I decorate my living room and my front windows. I love craving pumpkins and cooking the seeds for a little snack. Also all the scary movies that are on TV as Halloween approaches. Over all Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages to dress up, decorating, having parties, and eat as much candy as you want and not feel bad in do so lol. Happy Halloween =)

  308. Sue
    Sue / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I have already started my Halloween decorations! I love Halloween! My orange lights are out on the bushes (not lit yet), the hay is in position, I have been scouring the stores for new decorations to use this year. I deck out our house for Halloween every year.

    On the night before Halloween, my entire family (including grandparents and uncles and aunties) get together and carve jack-0-lanterns. Some carve the traditional jack-o-lanterns with the triangle eyes and nose but everyone carves at least one from a pattern. We have had animal themes, Disney themes, scary themes. We have so much fun! We order pizza and enjoy each other’s company at our carving party!

  309. Katrina
    Katrina / 9-29-2010 / ·

    Probably start getting stuff out this weekend to decorate for Halloween. And I collect cookie jars, so this would be a perfect additions!

  310. Joe
    Joe / 9-29-2010 / ·

    My daughters already have their bedroom windows all ready to go…….only 33 days in advance!

  311. diane
    diane / 9-29-2010 / ·


    I DONT decorate for Halloween anymore. All my decorations are old and sad and my children are grown. I love Halloween most of all and maybe a new cookie jar will inspire me!

  312. Julie
    Julie / 9-29-2010 / ·

    You decorate now, it’s never too earlier!

  313. Hannah B.
    Hannah B. / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I usually wait until Halloween week to put up a few decorations but we don’t go all out like we did when the kids were still at home.

  314. caryn
    caryn / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I like to start decorating by the 1st of October… although my son has informed me that we should already have Halloween decor up!

  315. Karen
    Karen / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I haven’t decorated for Halloween in years, but now that my granddaughter is five, she gets all excited about it and that inspired me this year…and she LOVES cookie jars!

  316. Vanetta Harris
    Vanetta Harris / 9-29-2010 / ·

    I normally would have had my windows, front door, and whole apartment decked out with spooky decorations by now, but I have been busy packing! I’m moving into my new place tomorrow and can’t wait to get into my Halloween bin! I have been living in an apartment for the past 7 years and now I will have a yard again! I have missed having a real jack o’lantern, and now I can have one again!
    p.s. My only child is almost 20 years old but I will always decorate!

  317. michelle hinman
    michelle hinman / 9-29-2010 / ·

    First week in October and we carve our pumpkins the weekend before Halloween!

  318. Deborah The Vamp
    Deborah The Vamp / 9-30-2010 / ·

    Everyday is Halloween for the darkly inclined cookie monsters of the world. So I would say I started decorating the day after Halloween was over last year for this coming year. One can never start too early I would say…

  319. Debbie Welchert
    Debbie Welchert / 9-30-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate around the 1st of October and carve pumpkins around the 15th of October. We start looking for costumes in September.

  320. dawn
    dawn / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I decorate the very first day of Halloween Season…October 1st!!!

  321. Stephanie R
    Stephanie R / 9-30-2010 / ·

    We decorate for Halloween the week of Halloween!

  322. Patricia C.
    Patricia C. / 9-30-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate the first week of Oct. so my little girls can enjoy it all month long. Mostly table top decorations and we add a little something each year; battery powered tealights in ceramic skeletons, haunted houses, wrought iron skeleton figures, fiber optic jack-o-lantern, lava lamp witch, a Halloween tree with miniature dangling decorations, & little resin bears dressed in costumes parading under the tree. The mantle, sofa table, & entertainment cabinet all get a little something. At the end of the month we make yummy pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with butter cream frosting or cupcakes for school parties.

  323. Liz Barber
    Liz Barber / 9-30-2010 / ·

    We decorate about two weeks into October so the pumpkins don’t rot too soon !!! We hang bats outside the front door and set up a fog machine the night the trick or treaters come out !

  324. diane klansky
    diane klansky / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I usually start getting a little ansy around sept 1st. around mid month., i start putting out FALL decorations, those that will stay up till christmas decorating time. around sept 30 th, out come the halloween decorations. love them. we do the usual, scary, funny, cute. pumpkins dont get carved until the day before, to be lit on halloween.

  325. Nancy Stymacks
    Nancy Stymacks / 9-30-2010 / ·

    Usually decorating time is the first week of October-we carve pumpkins around the middle of the month. (and we eat candy all month long)!!!

  326. Jen Largo
    Jen Largo / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate mid-October. I do the decorating at my office, too, so I bring out the boxes of stuff all at one time. Having 4 little kids at home, we limit the decor to larger objects (no small stuff that they can grab and eat,lol!) We always have a pumpkin out front, of course. And lots of window stickers. At the office, we can go mcrazier and go all out, from skeletons to blood to dry ice in a cauldron.

  327. Ashley Gross
    Ashley Gross / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I decorate for fall starting in mid-late September, and pull out the Halloween decor the first part of October. Not much into spiders, but love the friendly looking ghosts (cutesy stuff all the way!) and anything to do with fall! I carve the weekend of/before Halloween; a tradition I’ve carried on each year since I was able, even when I studied in Maastricht, The Netherlands (where they don’t celebrate!).

  328. Melissa Marty
    Melissa Marty / 9-30-2010 / ·

    We usually decorate the first weekend of October. However, last weekend was really nice so we already started. We have the pumpkin driveway lights, tombstones, candy cane lights and scare crows. however, we don’t have a Halloween cookie jar!

  329. Laura Robison
    Laura Robison / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I star decorating the last 2 weeks of September every year.Try to add a new decoration every year too,this year it is a man in a body bag ,who moves and eyes light up. This cookie jar would look good in my cookie jar collection,when not in use at HALLOWEEN.

  330. gwen page
    gwen page / 9-30-2010 / ·

    we decorate early in the month, but because we live in the south and still dont have cool temperatures we have to wait till the last minute on the pumpkin carving…if not we have a a nasty mess on our hands. we do like roasting the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin, i think thats probably the kids most favorite part!

  331. Rachel King
    Rachel King / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate the middle of October and it’s very little compared to Christmas

  332. Ana Suri
    Ana Suri / 9-30-2010 / ·

    We start decorsating usually on October 1st. We love to carve pumpkins. Roast the pumpkin seeds! Love the friendly ghosts and witches! A few lights with the scarecrows…we seem to be missing cookie jars…!

  333. cher nelson
    cher nelson / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I start around the 1st of October,looking for just the right decorations for the office and my home,plus I’m also looking for just the right costume to go with my decorations.I decorate that first week,it usually takes me all week to get it just the right way,then I do my home the second week.I have to have the office done early because we give out candy to all of the local children the day before Halloween and we do get busy,so I want the decorations to look totally awesome..

  334. mike
    mike / 9-30-2010 / ·

    Once the weather changes, we get all excited and start pulling things out of the attic. We have a warewolf that the kids love. We also have the scream outfit along with several other ghouls. We start checking out our neighborhood for “scaries” as my little girl says. The children love it but it scares them too.

  335. tiffany
    tiffany / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I usually leave it up to my parents to decorate. They usually do it once it turns october something. I like to dress up and spend a lot of time looking for the perfect costume. Last year, I was a playboy bunny. I had to go to several stores to find all the right pieces. I loved it and love this time of year.

  336. Louise
    Louise / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I usually decorate at the begining of October. I put up a few halloween decorations like a skeleton on the door that when the kids knock it shakes and lights up and makes spooky noises, I like putting colored tinsel on the entire doorway so when they peek through they see the cobwebs.

  337. sue
    sue / 9-30-2010 / ·

    This year we will be decorating our house the 3rd week of October, because my youngest daughter is 2 and is already excited, and we would like to add another cookie jar to our collection as we live right by the middle school where my daughter goes to the kids love the decorations in the window

  338. chyan
    chyan / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I go to high school which we live right by the school, and my friends and I love to decorate each others house, we love to show off our house and our friends love to see our work we would love to have a cookie jar in our display

  339. Carol Hunt
    Carol Hunt / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I start the first sunny day of October. I get as many friends and family members that I can to help out. No general plan; everyone uses their imagination. Lots of different things result. Then a week before the big event, I usually get my daughter and a few girl friends to help make cookies which we donate to local Halloween parties for children (minus a few which, hmmm, goblins must have eaten!). Then I find an adult party to attend so I have an excuse to wear a costume.

  340. Cheryl Evans
    Cheryl Evans / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I love to start the first weekend in October. I would start earlier but I like to take my time and enjoy all the decorating. That’s hard to do during the week. We carve pumpkins then too. If they don’t last til the 31st then we get to do more of them. FUN!!!!!!!!

  341. Calshondra Williams
    Calshondra Williams / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I decorate in the middle of October. I hang spiderwebs and skeltons throughout the house. Decorate with tombstones and pumpkins and spiderwebs on the outside.

  342. Isolde Wilson
    Isolde Wilson / 9-30-2010 / ·

    I decorate whenever I have time and when I am home. Love to carve pumkins around the 29Th.

  343. Jamie
    Jamie / 10-1-2010 / ·

    I like to do it the 2nd weekend in Oct. to decorate and carve the pumpkins on the 30th unless with got them at the pumpkin farm sooner ..

  344. Tami
    Tami / 10-1-2010 / ·

    I decorate about a week to two weeks before Halloween. Carve pumpkins, and put decorations up all around.

  345. Alex Reisner
    Alex Reisner / 10-1-2010 / ·

    As my sister tellingly misspoke this morning, “September’s over; it’s Halloween!” We start planning the minute it turns October and get some decorations up within a week. We go pumpkin picking toward the middle of the month and usually carve the weekend before Halloween unless Halloween is on a weekend, in which case we’ll do it the day of, or a few days before.

  346. Tina
    Tina / 10-1-2010 / ·

    We carve a pumpkin for all 4 members in our family 1 weeks before Halloween. I love the ultra scary entrance to the house. The rest of the house pales in comparison to an awesome entrance. I have had kids running for their moms after they step up. All of the scary noises on the sound system, dark setting, and cob webs! I just love the look on their faces!

  347. Sharon Kloepppel
    Sharon Kloepppel / 10-2-2010 / ·

    I love Halloween!!!

  348. Sharon Kloepppel
    Sharon Kloepppel / 10-2-2010 / ·

    I love cookie jar all different ones.

  349. Jean Perez
    Jean Perez / 10-3-2010 / ·

    i start the first day of October and i go all out with the haunted house spider web,hang man outside the window,huge spider hanging down off the roof at the front door staring down at you.the scariest haunted music i can find.i even get some people to dress up and greet the children on halloween with the candy and then they get a tour of the haunted house and if they make it without sceaming they get more candy.I LOVE HALLOWEEN I EVEN HAD A SON IN OCTOBER JUST TO HAVE HALLOWEEN B-DAY BIRTHDAY.

  350. Gina Perone
    Gina Perone / 10-3-2010 / ·

    My family and I never really celebrated halloween per say. However, we would always carve pumpkins and have a tiny campfire. We would roast marshmallows and sing some songs. I have always loved the smell of fall and pumpkins. The leaves are absolutely beautiful to watch change colors. It’s the prettiest time of the year!
    Happy Fall! ๐Ÿ™‚

  351. rebekah
    rebekah / 10-5-2010 / ·

    i’m somewhere in between those that deck their place out in september to those who don’t deck their place out.

  352. Lesley Patterson
    Lesley Patterson / 10-8-2010 / ·

    I decorate every year with my Family typically 2-3 weeks before Halloween. My Family is Pagan so we also celebrate the winter solstice, known as Samhain (pronounced “Sow-An”). I am a Pagan and have been into Wicca & the Craft for over 17 years now. Everyday to me is like Halloween, lol, we seriously decorate our room and other areas of our home with Halloween style decor all year round. This is so cute, hope I can win it for my family and I, thanks and blessed be.

    Lesley P.
    [email protected]

    ***Let me know if I win & what info. you’d need to ship this awesome little item, I will send my address then…(crossing fingers for luck in hopes of winning) hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ ***

  353. Taylor
    Taylor / 10-12-2010 / ·

    I generally start decorating around the first or second week of October, but I don’t have much in the way of Halloween decorations. We always buy the pumpkins as close as we can to Halloween so they don’t start decomposing. It can get pretty warm in CA in October, so they tend to fade pretty quickly.

    For some reason, though, we never seem to end up carving them until Halloween, and it’s always a rush to get them done before the trick or treaters start arriving!

  354. Peggy
    Peggy / 10-18-2010 / ·

    I decorate for Halloween,generally mid-October when the weather begins to become brisk and feels like Fall. Definitely, a fun time of year!

  355. Lyn
    Lyn / 10-8-2011 / ·

    I start with a really big pumpkin for my front porch as soon as they are available,(not to be carved until 1 week before Halloween). I decorate my house and make homemade ghost, cat, and pumpkin frosted sugar cookies in time for my book group which meets at my house every third Wednesday of every October.

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