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  2. What Are Your Top 10 Summer Activities?

    […] Road trip. All I need is a new magazine, my favorite chicken salad, my feet on the dashboard, and the open road ahead. Not to mention stops at roadside stands and […]

  3. Take Your Tea Party Up a Notch
    Take Your Tea Party Up a Notch at

    […] Tea sandwiches filled with rich chicken salad, ham and jalapeno, and egg salad. I like to use tiny button rolls instead of traditional bread […]

  4. March Munching Madness Winner!
    March Munching Madness Winner! at

    […] From the Savory Snacks Division: Mini Pizza Appetizers Roast Beef Super Sliders Pigs in Pretzel Blankets Chicken Salad on Crackers […]

  5. Erin’s Summer Bucket List « « TodaysMama TodaysMama

    […] Delicious Chicken Salad  […]

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