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  1. Maureen
    Maureen at

    I love love love ice cream sandwiches.

  2. Marcie
    Marcie at

    Ice cream sandwiches

  3. Carol
    Carol at

    Popsicles for me

  4. Coley
    Coley at

    yum… I love ice cream sandwiches, they are my fave thing to order from the ice cream truck. I just heard one in my neighborhood this past weekend, yeah!

  5. Don
    Don at

    Ice cream cups, instant portion control

  6. JL
    JL at

    Fudgsicles and Creamsicles

  7. Beth
    Beth at

    Frozen lemonade, served with a spoon/straw….such great memories

  8. Angela
    Angela at

    I love the popsicles made fruit.

  9. Bill
    Bill at

    Frozen pie on a stick…best invention yet!

  10. Donald
    Donald at

    Ice Cream sandwiches

  11. Carolyn
    Carolyn at


  12. gwen
    gwen at

    Push pop

  13. Kami
    Kami at

    Yum-O! That is like a match made in heaven!

    …the bomb pop.

  14. Erica
    Erica at

    Toasted Almond Crunch. mmm Yum-O

  15. Stephanie R
    Stephanie R at

    Actually, the very thing you are giving coupons away for is my favorite. I’ve never tried the Mrs. Fields kind (only Nestle), but I’d LOVE to give them a try because they taste SO SO good!

  16. Milcah
    Milcah at

    I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I usually turn my head the other way and tell my kids to do the same when we see the ice cream truck. They just cost too much.

  17. Kim
    Kim at

    Chipwich. The best classic treat ever!

  18. Nayma
    Nayma at

    Ummm…I used to run for the bugs bunny ice cream bars but now that I’m older I LOVE ice cream sandwiches toooo!!!

    Mrs. Fields you are truly amazing! This is very exciting! =)

  19. Emily l.
    Emily l. at

    Some sort of ice cream. Ice cream sandwich or on a cone. Anyway is good for me.

  20. Katie
    Katie at

    Definitely ice cream sandwiches. Yum!

  21. Carina
    Carina at

    I love a coronet!

  22. Stefanie
    Stefanie at

    I love the ice cream sandwiches off the ice cream truck because they are the perfect combination of cookie and ice cream, my two favorite treats. I love the sweet and creamy taste of the ice cream and the rich chocolate cookie. The perfect treat on a hot day.

  23. Cruzana
    Cruzana at

    I like it all!!!! Cant just have 1 favorite, they all taste so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. christina
    christina at

    ice cream sandwiches!

  25. Jen
    Jen at

    I love the “big pop” popsicles! Ice cream sandwiches are a close second!

  26. P.Richards
    P.Richards at

    Those Red, White and Blue Rocket Popsicles!

  27. Patti
    Patti at

    Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!

  28. Brandi
    Brandi at

    Most definitely ice cream sandwiches!

  29. Christine
    Christine at

    Neapolitan ice cream sandwich! 🙂

  30. christie
    christie at

    Anything chocolate!

  31. amanda
    amanda at

    i always get ice cream sandwiches!!!!!

  32. Emily
    Emily at

    The cookie ice cream sandwich, of course!

  33. Kristina
    Kristina at

    Push Pops!

  34. Tacy Curtis
    Tacy Curtis at

    I love to get Chaco Tacos from the ice cream truck, although you don’t see them much anymore.

  35. Joann McIntyre
    Joann McIntyre at

    I love drumsticks Ice Cream cones.

  36. Barbara
    Barbara at

    Missle pops!! They have always been my favorite.

  37. svetlana
    svetlana at

    Chocolate ice cream!

  38. Debbie VanDusen
    Debbie VanDusen at

    I always loved the orange push-up rockets! Oh but I love ice cream sandwiches as well!

  39. Shirley
    Shirley at

    I lived out in the country so an ice cream truck didn’t come by my place. If one did I would probably get the ice cream cone item..

  40. Susan
    Susan at

    Ice Cream Sandwich! 🙂

  41. Beverly Bludgen
    Beverly Bludgen at

    I love Ice Cream Sandwiches! And so does my husband!

  42. Farrell Dyan Hehn
    Farrell Dyan Hehn at

    Ice cream sandwich – the decadent kind with the chocolate chip cookies!

  43. Kim
    Kim at

    50/50 bar, baby!

  44. Melanie
    Melanie at

    It used to be the Chocolate Eclairs from the Good Humor truck. I haven’t seen an ice cream truck in many years since I moved to a rural area.
    These look really good, would like to try them.


    I love the strawberry crunch bars they are so good and the oh so yummy ice cream sandwiches I think they were called ice cream moon pies. As a kid I loved buying these from the ice cream truck I guess I was spoiled by my dad because I remember him buying me both things the strawberry crunch bar and the ice cream sandwich it was nice and yummy. Wow what great memories and that’s why now when ever I can I still go out when I hear the ice cream truck come around and I buy my two child hood favorites and I buy my kids what ever they like it’s nice even though the ice cream on the truck is a little too expensive but it’s worth every penny. When I see my kids little faces filled with big smiles of joy and jumping up and down really happy and when I finally take the first bite of my ice cream sandwich or strawberry crunch bar it’s like heaven and that is worth every penny.

  46. cindy
    cindy at

    Wow, my best memory of ice trucks was over 40 years ago. Our dog ran away and we found him waiting in line with the other kids for ice cream. My favorite ice cream sandwich I cannot find any more. It was called Coola Cool (not sure of the spelling). The only ice cream sandwich that comes even close is the ones I make at home when I make a batch of cookies and put ice on top as open face or turn it into a sandwich.

  47. Debbie Welchert
    Debbie Welchert at

    I think it was called an orange creamsical.

  48. Julie Fine
    Julie Fine at

    I like 50/50 bars.

  49. Joyce
    Joyce at

    Ice cream sandwiches–with chocolate in the cookie or the ice cream!

  50. Susan B
    Susan B at

    Oh – I have such great memories of the Ice Cream Truck. Every time we were at my grandparents and the Ice Cream Man came by, my grandpa was out there buying all 4 of the kids in my family WHATEVER WE WANTED. I often got a Bomb Pop or a Drumstick.

  51. Mia
    Mia at

    My kids love the ice cream truck! The usually get a fruity Popsicle type of treat. I am more of a drumstick girl myself.

  52. Shirley
    Shirley at

    Now that summer is almost here.I just love all the cold pop and the klondike bars are truly the best.The cookie with the cream vanilla sounds very delicious,I just pretty much like all ice creams period.It surly is a good invention in time.I usually buy larger containers so I always have some on hand.

  53. Kay
    Kay at

    Ice Cream in the summer in Arizona is blissful.

  54. Becky
    Becky at

    A push-up pop. 🙂

  55. Shawn
    Shawn at

    When we used to have ice cream trucks in my town I usually ordered orange push-ups.

  56. christen
    christen at

    I love the italian ices!

  57. Luci
    Luci at

    chocolate chip cookie sandwiches

  58. Diana
    Diana at

    Mister Softee was the ice cream truck that used to come to my neighborhood and my favorite was a soft-serve vanilla dipped in butterscotch!!Haven’t had one in years…they don’t make the butterscotch dip anymore 🙁

  59. Gayle
    Gayle at

    I love icecream sandwiches! Soooooo yummy.

  60. trisha
    trisha at

    ice cream sandwiches….

  61. Renee
    Renee at

    ice cream sandwiches

  62. Sheri
    Sheri at

    My favorite to get from an ice cream truck is a butter pecan ice cream cone or any kind of frozen drink!!!!

  63. eddie
    eddie at

    Ice Cream sandwiches

  64. vanessa
    vanessa at

    Ice cream sandwish…they r the best…

  65. Mary
    Mary at

    I love those Klondike sandwiches. They are the best

  66. traci
    traci at

    chocolate chip cookie sandwiches

  67. Sherry T
    Sherry T at

    Ice cream sandwiches are wonderful especially when first made (my dad used to sell ice cream and I’d go to the factory with him).

  68. Marsha
    Marsha at

    I am craving and Ice Cream Sandwich so bad. These are one of my most favorite childhood memories.

  69. lisa williamson
    lisa williamson at

    I just bought Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich for my son the other day. I always buy the one I like just in case he doesn’t finish it. He is only 2 so at that age he doesn’t have a say in it.

  70. kailey
    kailey at

    the ice cream that comes in those different shapes of characters r the best….i wish i new wat they were called

  71. Todd Gray
    Todd Gray at

    I believe the ice cream sandwiches made with real cookies are the best thing on an ice cream truck

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