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  1. Liz Saling
    Liz Saling / 3-5-2010 / ·

    A sweet, elderly woman in the neighborhood gave me a letter – handwritten on paper, delivered by the mailman, the real deal! In it she described how she thinks I am an impressive woman, being involved in the community, running a successful business from my home, and caring so well for our children, one of which has autism. She sent such words of encouragement and love! This, from a woman whom I have long admired and revered for her musical talents and her work with a grandson with Down’s Syndrome. Little does she know that it arrived after a string of relentlessly grueling days. And it happened to be one of those rare days I had time to apply makeup. It had to be reapplied, albeit happily, after the tears streamed down my cheeks. Her letter has buoyed me up for weeks to come, if not more.

  2. Stefanie
    Stefanie / 3-6-2010 / ·

    The kindest acts I had this week was when a friend called me just because, and wanted to say hi and then another friend thanked me for helping it out. Sometimes the simplest things can mean so much, and can make you feel better just knowing someone cares.

  3. MiaKatia
    MiaKatia / 3-6-2010 / ·

    My daughter’s kindergarten teacher is always doing small kind things for my daughter. This week she called to tell me how proud she was of my daughter for moving up a level in reading. She wanted me to know, just in case my daughter had forgotten to tell me. I appreciate Mrs. C’s kindness toward her students and the parents.

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