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Gifting Tip: It's Never Too Late!

I was talking with a friend recently who is a small business owner. She was lamenting that the holidays have passed and she didn’t have the time or means to acknowledge her most valued clients at the time, so she…

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Recipe: Faux Cinnamon Rolls blog image 1

Recipe: Faux Cinnamon Rolls

Raise your hand if you ever wake up craving freshly baked cinnamon rolls, but haven’t got six hours to make them (or the strength to wait that long). Wow, that’s a lot of hands! Trust me, I know your pain….

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Happy New Year!

Wow! The new year is here. In fact, a whole new decade is here. It seems like only yesterday when we were waiting for all the computers to crash and the lights to go out when we began this new…

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