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What Are Your Favorite Holiday Movies?

I loved reading all of your slow-down ideas from our last giveaway, and it got me to thinking. One of my favorite slow-down activities to do during the holidays is to sit next to a roaring fire and watch a holiday movie. What’s on my must-see holiday movie list each year? It just wouldn’t be the holiday season without these:

  • Miracle on 34th Street (old and new version)
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Home Alone
  • Elf
  • A Christmas Story
  • The Muppet’s Christmas Carol
  • Fred Claus
  • White Christmas
  • It’s a Wonderful Life

That’s my list, but I’d love to know what’s on yours! Leave a comment and let me know your favorite holiday movie. I’ll draw a winning comment to win a $10 gift certificate to be used at

Secret Sale Update: The next Secret Two-Hour Sale will be Thursday, December 14th, at 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time!

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16 Responses

  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie / 12-14-2009 / ·

    My absolute favorite is the Muppet Christmas Carol. I MUST watch it every year. But I will say that Elf runs a very close second 🙂

  2. Joyce
    Joyce / 12-14-2009 / ·

    White Christmas
    It’s a Wonderful Life
    Santa Clause 1 (with Tim Allen)
    Charlie Brown’s Christmas
    Shrek the Halls
    Mickey’s Christmas Carol
    Babes in Toyland
    And one that completely touches my heart to it’s core: “A Christmas Card” (2006 Hallmark channel, made for TV). It’s about a soldier overseas who receives a Christmas card from a Californian woman that he’s never met, they come back by chance and fall in love in her small town. Absolute tear-jerker.

    I must watch Muppet Christmas Carol as I haven’t seen this yet.

  3. Marcie
    Marcie / 12-14-2009 / ·

    National Lampoon Christmas

  4. Carol
    Carol / 12-14-2009 / ·

    Love A Christmas Story, such a timeless tale

  5. Noel
    Noel / 12-14-2009 / ·

    Definitely A Christmas Carol–the play and the movie are amazing and get me in the spirit!

  6. MB
    MB / 12-14-2009 / ·

    One of my all time fave Christmas movies is National Lampoon Christmas

  7. William
    William / 12-14-2009 / ·

    I love the movie Four Christmases, it just came out but will be a classic!

  8. Lorraine
    Lorraine / 12-15-2009 / ·

    I think one of my newer favorites is Olive the Other Reindeer. My kids and I love her “can do” spirit and the music is great!

  9. Christina
    Christina / 12-15-2009 / ·

    My all time favorite is White Christmas. But I recently watched The Christmas Shoes and it made me cry like a baby. Very touching.

  10. Heather
    Heather / 12-15-2009 / ·

    I have a new favorite this year! OK, so it’s not a movie… I just watched Disney’s Prep and Landing. What a great holiday special. It was so **Tinsel**!

  11. christy
    christy / 12-15-2009 / ·

    My favorite is Family Stone. What would the holidays be like without family drama. This movie makes me laugh & feel better about my own crazy family this time of year.

  12. Katie
    Katie / 12-15-2009 / ·

    I have so many favorites! But one of the absolute best is White Christmas. I love hearing Bing Crosby sing!

  13. Kevin
    Kevin / 12-16-2009 / ·

    The kids grew up watchign Home Alone, the Original, and we still play it every single year at Christmas time and it just never gets old, unlike us….ha.
    And for the humor of it, Bill Murray in Scrooged was and still is a pretty funny holiday movie.

  14. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 12-16-2009 / ·

    A little untraditional, but I enjoy While You Were Sleeping around the holidays 🙂

  15. Winner and Secret Sale Info
    Winner and Secret Sale Info / 12-16-2009 / ·

    […] you for all of the great holiday movie recommendations! Some were golden oldies, but some were new to me and I’m itching to check them out. A […]

  16. Hiedi Hunsicker
    Hiedi Hunsicker / 4-30-2013 / ·

    Fascynująca a także szczególna strona. Sądzę, że mój blog się spodoba.

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