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Precious Plaid Trunk

G'Day (Office) Mate!

Office mates. Think about it–you spend as much time with these people as you do your own family. They know as much about you as your own best friend. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, they are your best friends! That’s…

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Gingerbread Man

A Giveaway to Help You Slow Down

Sometimes the holidays make us feel like we’re run, run, running, as fast as we can, just like the little gingerbread man. So, how about a good reason to slow down? Actually, how about a bunch of freshly-baked reasons to…

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Recipe: Iced Egg Nog Cookies blog image 1

Recipe: Iced Egg Nog Cookies

Sometimes I imagine a world in which egg nog is available year round, and that world is really, really spectacular. (Sigh.) For now, you and I will have to live in a world that is lacking in egg nog for…

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