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  1. Crystal Stone
    Crystal Stone / 12-4-2009 / ·

    During the holidays, I just make sure I spend quality time with my family. A lot of the times we get so caught up in shopping and running around that we forget what the holidays are for.

  2. Carol
    Carol / 12-4-2009 / ·

    Baking helps me to slow down. It relaxes me at the same time it keeps me in the holiday spirit. Eating the fruits of my labor doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

  3. Lori
    Lori / 12-4-2009 / ·

    Planning ahead and staying organized. Also hot chocolate and a roaring fire doesn’t hurt…

  4. Joyce
    Joyce / 12-4-2009 / ·

    Holiday music always lifts my spirits and reminds me to enjoy a nice sing-along to a classic, or take a moment to relax and relish in the delightful spirit of holiday music. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year because of all the family, friends and joys that are shared amongst loved ones.

  5. maureen
    maureen / 12-4-2009 / ·

    What helps me slow down any time of the year is just pulling a knitting project out of one of my project totes. Another thing I love to do is take a long hot bath and read.

  6. Heather
    Heather / 12-4-2009 / ·

    Holiday Lights! I always slow down to admire the decorations and holiday lights that grace the city and neighborhoods. It just makes me feel good! One should always take the time to appreciate the efforts of others to show their holiday spirit.

  7. Chelsea
    Chelsea / 12-5-2009 / ·

    What helps slow me down is having dinner with my family or just basically spending as much time with them as i can.

  8. MiaKatia
    MiaKatia / 12-5-2009 / ·

    Seeing family helps me slow down. I don’t see my extended family as much as I would like so when we get together I savor it.

  9. Jayne
    Jayne / 12-5-2009 / ·

    Being more focused on making my home welcoming and inviting rather than shopping for gifts. I shop early and on-line to avoid malls 100% from mid-November on.

  10. Paulette
    Paulette / 12-5-2009 / ·

    Sharing time with my family and good friends. Baking goodies for special ones, adding all the love in my heart to each one. Getting hugs from my special ones.

  11. Christina
    Christina / 12-5-2009 / ·

    Spending time with my family and driving through neighborhoods admiring Christmas lights. That makes us slow down and appreciate little things.

  12. Jennifer
    Jennifer / 12-5-2009 / ·

    Watching all of the fun Christmas specials on TV helps my family and I wind down during the holidays!

  13. emily
    emily / 12-5-2009 / ·

    procrastination. sadly it’s true.
    but, it has great consequences. i always plan way too much and generally end up putting it all off to spend fun time with my kids.

  14. Darcie
    Darcie / 12-5-2009 / ·

    I try to get my gift shopping done before December so after that I can slow down to focus on spending time with my family, making holiday memories, and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

  15. amy
    amy / 12-5-2009 / ·

    baking sugar cookies. they take forever to decorate properly. we love to sit and listen to funky music while we get creative!

  16. Kevin
    Kevin / 12-5-2009 / ·

    Helping another human being in need has been the one thing that helps me not only slow down during the holidays, yet be more thankful of just how blessed and good I do have it in my life.
    I began my “slow down” on Thanksgiving by giving just two hours of my time and efforts in helping to feed people in our area who are homeless. It is a very low key pace and you can do as much as as little as you feel you are able. Sometimes just by offering a friendly smile or a kind word, you can provide much needed compassion to others in need. It took me down several levels, made me think more about just how fortunate and blessed I really am, and then the days that follow seemed less intense or hectic. I guess it gives a better perspective over what really matters and it sure makes me feel calmer and more peaceful. And that little bit of time helped another human being who I likely may never would have come into contact with if I continued feeling so rushed or caught up in the my own dilemmas over shopping and running around that the holidays have seemed to turn into.
    I continue to keep my calmer pace by scheduling just another hour visiting elderly people at a local nursing home who really appreciate a brief yet quality visit and a warm smile. Yet you can do anything to help someone and it really does bring calmness and can reward you in many more ways to come.
    Then of course making a nightime drive all around town to take in the sights of everyone’s outdoor Christmas decorations is that one event that seals the deal for me and brings me more cheer and joy.
    Best holiday wishes to your and yours

  17. Maria
    Maria / 12-5-2009 / ·

    Christmas music and a steaming hot cup of cocoa…that always helps me slow down during the holidays.

  18. Gracie
    Gracie / 12-6-2009 / ·

    Life gets so crazy and hectic during the holidays. What slows me down is that perfect Christmas song comes on the radio and you just have to stop and listen. So then you make that cup of peppermint mocha and grab a cookie, sit next to the fire and take a deep breath and inhale the strong smell of pine from the Christmas tree. Then you smile because you only get to enjoy this bundle of happiness once a year! Happy Holidays

  19. Pam
    Pam / 12-6-2009 / ·

    I love Christmas lights..the smell of baking cookies and watching all the Christmas specials. Right now, I am enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a Christmas movies of FaLaLaLa Lifetime.

  20. Vanessa
    Vanessa / 12-6-2009 / ·

    I like to drink a combo of coffee and cocoa with pumpkin creamer. I slowly savor the treat as it cools. It smells delicious and get a little energy boost as well.

  21. jodi
    jodi / 12-6-2009 / ·

    I love to sit down with a cup of chia or herbal tea first thing in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping. It allows me to focus and plan what needs to be done for the day and what can wait for a later day. I am able to decide if it is something I need to do or if it is something my husband or one of the kids can handle. Also every Sunday afternoon I spend 3 1/2 hours watching the Vikings play ball I’m not sure it’s reaxing, but it does stop me from running for several hours.

  22. Deb Nason
    Deb Nason / 12-6-2009 / ·

    Kenny G’s Christmas songs, warm bubble bath and the house filled with Christmas lights with the scent of cinniman scented pinecones,,,ahhhh

  23. Huguette English
    Huguette English / 12-7-2009 / ·

    Christmas music, a nice glass of wine, and enjoy my Christmas tree help me slow down during the Holidays.

  24. Susan B
    Susan B / 12-7-2009 / ·

    We turn on the Christmas music, wrap a few gifts, sit by the fireplace. Hustle/bustle is not in our vocabulary! 🙂

  25. Angela
    Angela / 12-7-2009 / ·

    Taking one day at a time. If I think about all the many things I have to do it can make the holiday’s very stressful. So to unwind from a long day we enjoy listening to Christmas music, sitting by the fire, and drinking hot chocolate together!

  26. michele
    michele / 12-7-2009 / ·

    singing christmas songs with the kids at night with all the lights off except for the christmas tree lights.

  27. Katie
    Katie / 12-7-2009 / ·

    Sitting down with my family and watching a Christmas movie with the lights dimmed and the Christmas tree lit always makes me pause and realize how much I love the season. And it’s even more fun when I have a Christmas cookie to munch!

  28. kim
    kim / 12-7-2009 / ·

    Having a Hot cup of tea and some Chocolate chip cookies with my family.

  29. Dawn
    Dawn / 12-7-2009 / ·

    Turning off the tv and sitting on the couch watching the christmas lights blink while i sip on tea and listen to holiday music. Very relaxing and zen.

  30. Gayle O
    Gayle O / 12-7-2009 / ·

    I love curling up on the couch with a good book and reading. It just relaxes me and helps me slow down.

  31. amanda
    amanda / 12-8-2009 / ·

    My son is 2 and just watching him take in all the decorations and wonderment of the holidays reminds me to enjoy the little things of the season. It also reminds me that he is only little once and that awe of Christmas will fade. I just want to enjoy every little thiing with hom now

  32. Marcie
    Marcie / 12-8-2009 / ·

    Mug of cocoa and sugar cookies while watching the snow fall

  33. Carol
    Carol / 12-8-2009 / ·

    I like to pop in my favorite holiday movie and let myself be a kid again!

  34. Dona
    Dona / 12-8-2009 / ·

    Singing Chriatmas Carols with friends and family

  35. Melanie D
    Melanie D / 12-8-2009 / ·

    We have a couple holiday movies that we make a point to watch every year. Its a great way for everyone to just chill. The newest addition to our yearly movies to watch is Elf. The nice thing is that conversation is encouraged because we have seen all the movies.

  36. Angela
    Angela / 12-8-2009 / ·

    To slow down, I try to do one “Holiday” thing a day, whether it’s decorating, shopping, spending time with family watching a Christmas movie, reading the TRUE Christmas story, Giving to other organizations, or just starring at Christmas lights. It’s really important that I don’t forget about the real REASON for the SEASON and keep that before me at all times. That really helps me stay focused and slow down!

  37. Julie
    Julie / 12-8-2009 / ·

    One word: Yoga! It’s not only helps you calm down and slow down during the holidays, but keeps you that way all year!

    Everyone should do it — the world would be so much happier!!

  38. Cruzana
    Cruzana / 12-8-2009 / ·

    What slow me down is getting a cup of egg nog with some cookies sitting down reading or telling stories with friends and family.

  39. Stephanie Rosenhahn
    Stephanie Rosenhahn / 12-8-2009 / ·

    When I need to slow down during the holidays, I love to make myself a wonderful cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane (and cookies!). I put on some soft Christmas music and sit in front of the Christmas tree. Instant relaxation!

  40. Diane
    Diane / 12-8-2009 / ·

    When you walk in the mall and smell the christmas smells, the roasted almonds and the cinnamon, etc. The music is cheerful that always puts me in a great mood. The most important thing though is when I don’t have to work and it is snowing outside and you do not have to go anywhere. You can play in the snow with your kids, sit inside with a good book or movie and a cup of hot coco!

  41. Angie
    Angie / 12-8-2009 / ·

    Usually pure exhaustion makes me slow down during the holidays, but I do like to take some time for events that are spiritually/mentally/culturally inspiring. Something like a Christmas concert or a play, or just packing my nieces into the car, putting on some good carols, and driving through the neighborhood to see Christmas lights will lift my spirits and warm my heart.

  42. Susan T
    Susan T / 12-8-2009 / ·

    Having my son in town….I love to just sit and visit with him. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. Sue
    Sue / 12-8-2009 / ·

    To slow down, I have a nice cup of tea and listen to Christmas songs on the radio.

  44. Christie
    Christie / 12-8-2009 / ·

    I bake cookies while listening to Christmas music.

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