Reveling in Simple Pleasures

It’s the little things, isn’t it? For me, it’s clean sheets, warm breezes, finding a missing sock, the smell outside after rain, green traffic lights, old friends, freshly cut lawns, laughing so hard I cry, the smell of something baking, a good hair day, hand-written letters in the mail, ice cream cones, sunsets, farm-fresh eggs, returning home after being away, a sincere compliment, street musicians, warm baths, silly jokes, the first cup of morning coffee, the sound of rain, holding hands, re-reading a favorite book, real vanilla, fresh snowfall, candlelight, toothy smiles, evening strolls, park benches, home movies, lemonade stands, crunchy leaves, small-town parades, big city lights, singing in the shower, photo albums, buttercream frosting, fireflies, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

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And of course some may call me biased, but I’ve yet to find a more perfect simple pleasure than a glass of milk and a freshly baked cookie still warm from the oven.

What about you? What are your simple pleasures?

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5 Responses

  1. Lori Aragona
    Lori Aragona at

    Your cookies are the best. Please put more recipes on your website

  2. Ann Marie Ayres
    Ann Marie Ayres at

    The morning after our daughter’s wedding when we have a house full of guests for a brunch. I know Mrs. Fields’ cookies would be a big hit.

  3. Glen
    Glen at

    A simple pleasure of mine is riding my bike on a cloudy day.

  4. Alexis Solly
    Alexis Solly at

    just sitting in a my chair under a big blanket on a cold day, eating cookies…and of course drinking coffee….or milk(it just depends on my mood.)

  5. Holly
    Holly at

    My hubby giving my our daughter a bath so I can actually relax for 20 mins!

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