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Thank You Gift Ideas That Will Really Make Them Smile

Mothers remind their children every day, “Remember to say thank you!”

My favorite thing about Thank You gifts is that they are usually unexpected, and therefore, incredibly fun to give (and receive!). I love the idea of making someone’s day with an unpredicted surprise. Sometimes a lovely written note card says it all…and, well, sometimes it doesn’t. When the occasion calls for a Thank You gift, here are a few ideas that will be met with a rousing, “You’re Welcome!” I guarantee it.

For an individual gift, I love the simplicity and charm of this red-ribboned box filled with our Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. It’s perfectly perfect for saying, “Thank you so much.”1984_300x300

For a group gift, my favorite pick is this round hatbox with a fun, modern print that arrives filled with an assortment of gourmet goodies–a great sampling to suit everyone’s tastes.Round of Applause Box

Finally, as a group or individual gift, I absolutely adore this gift from my Sunny Smiles Collection.Blissfully Bright Box

Not only is it impossible to break out into a grin when you look at it and taste its gourmet contents, but this gift keeps on giving–literally. Ten percent of the proceeds from this box (as well as all the gifts in my Sunny Smiles Collection) are donated to international children’s charity, Operation Smile. Your recipient will receive a fantastic gourmet gift and a child in need will be helped with a life-changing surgery. Now that’s what I call a sincere Thank You!

You can also add this adorable tag to your gift, notifying your recipient that a donation to Operation Smile has been made in their name. Operation Smiles TagSo, go on, thank someone today. Your mother would want you to!

For more Thank You gift ideas, browse my entire collection here and learn more about Operation Smiles here.

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6 Responses

  1. Laura
    Laura / 9-11-2009 / ·

    I love the fact that you’re giving some good ideas at an individual as well as a group level. Whether it’s thanking an individual employee for a job well done or giving a big thanks to a team for meeting goals, the Mrs. Fields gift collection is perfect: appropriate gifts with variety in look and style as well as price.

  2. Joanne Impullitti
    Joanne Impullitti / 9-15-2009 / ·

    I sent the Blissfully Bright Box to my Mom and she kept the box after the cookies were eaten and it’s displayed on a bookshelf, a “Happy Smile” to see all the time.

  3. Sheri Nudelman
    Sheri Nudelman / 9-15-2009 / ·

    The current economy has hit the company I work for pretty hard, making he boss really grumpy. What a wonderful way to cheer him up and to make everyone’s life in the office better, than to give him a basket of Nibblers! Maybe Nibblers can help our economy — I have to give it more thought!

  4. Richard
    Richard / 9-15-2009 / ·

    Nibblers? WOW — we are planning a block party in my small town of 3000 folks.. for Oct 31.. so instead of a Halloween trick and treat we are having treats for all.. a BBQ.. some punch and if we had Nibblers– well we would promise to share with anyone wanting a real treat that visits the street.. so far we have 90% of the residents participating.. uh that would be about 14 folks 🙂

    Keep the recipes coming– I love the chocolate zucchini cake!!

  5. Jane
    Jane / 9-15-2009 / ·

    I usually have treats at my desk for everyone in the office. Cookies are the biggest hit. They just seems to make everyone happy – even on a bad day.

  6. Cynthia Raschke
    Cynthia Raschke / 9-16-2009 / ·

    We usually have a donut fellowship before Church services on Sunday – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the Nibblers instead!

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