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  1. Laura
    Laura / 9-11-2009 / ·

    I love the fact that you’re giving some good ideas at an individual as well as a group level. Whether it’s thanking an individual employee for a job well done or giving a big thanks to a team for meeting goals, the Mrs. Fields gift collection is perfect: appropriate gifts with variety in look and style as well as price.

  2. Joanne Impullitti
    Joanne Impullitti / 9-15-2009 / ·

    I sent the Blissfully Bright Box to my Mom and she kept the box after the cookies were eaten and it’s displayed on a bookshelf, a “Happy Smile” to see all the time.

  3. Sheri Nudelman
    Sheri Nudelman / 9-15-2009 / ·

    The current economy has hit the company I work for pretty hard, making he boss really grumpy. What a wonderful way to cheer him up and to make everyone’s life in the office better, than to give him a basket of Nibblers! Maybe Nibblers can help our economy — I have to give it more thought!

  4. Richard
    Richard / 9-15-2009 / ·

    Nibblers? WOW — we are planning a block party in my small town of 3000 folks.. for Oct 31.. so instead of a Halloween trick and treat we are having treats for all.. a BBQ.. some punch and if we had Nibblers– well we would promise to share with anyone wanting a real treat that visits the street.. so far we have 90% of the residents participating.. uh that would be about 14 folks 🙂

    Keep the recipes coming– I love the chocolate zucchini cake!!

  5. Jane
    Jane / 9-15-2009 / ·

    I usually have treats at my desk for everyone in the office. Cookies are the biggest hit. They just seems to make everyone happy – even on a bad day.

  6. Cynthia Raschke
    Cynthia Raschke / 9-16-2009 / ·

    We usually have a donut fellowship before Church services on Sunday – wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the Nibblers instead!

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