15 Genius Summer Party Ideas

Get your next summer party on the calendar with these genius ideas that will transform you into the host with the most. From decorations, to cooking tips, to thoughtful details that make your guests feel comfortable, these ideas will change the way you par-tay! Clip flowers from your yard and place them under glasses with votive candles on top. This will create a gorgeous, colorful display that takes you from daylight to night light. Terra cotta pots lined with foil and filled with hot charcoal make great centerpieces and tiny s'mores stations! Large leaves make colorful coasters for drinks. Provide outdoor necessities your guests may have forgotten, like bug spray, sunscreen, extra sun hats or scarves. Put glow sticks in balloons and scatter them across the yard for an illuminating display. Think outside the box for serving containers. Fill a kiddie pool, wheelbarrow, or bird bath with ice and turn it into a cool drink station. Fill water balloons and freeze them for colorful, functional ice blocks to keep food and drinks cool. Keep bugs at bay and out of your cocktail by popping a cupcake liner on top of your cup! Grilling burgers? Have guests write their meat preference in ketchup on their bun. Cook kebabs more evenly by using two skewers instead of one. It will keep items from spinning or falling off. A mini marshmallow in the bottom of an ice cream cone prevents drips! Use colorful pots or vases to hold utensils and other party necessities. Always inventory your own stuff before buying anything new. Tea lights inside empty jars transform into summertime lanterns. This is an incredibly simple and affordable way to add ambiance to a party. Place them on tables, along paths, and anywhere you need a little twinkle of light. Serve summer salads or appetizers in strawberry crates. Cute, recyclable, and a perfect way to control portions. Transform your hampers into trash and recycling bins at your party. So much prettier than regular garbage cans. Do you have a favorite outdoor entertaining tip? Share your ideas!
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