10 Tips for Healthy Lunch Bags

If you want to have a healthier school year for the kids, check out these great tips. 1. Choose whole wheat over white bread for sandwiches. Whole grains, in general, offer far more health benefits than white breads. 2. A handful of fresh fruit or vegetables adds color and important nutrition. Let kids help pick their favorites to pack; they'll be more likely to eat them. 3. Move beyond peanut butter with creative spreads like hummus, avocado, tzatziki, fat free cream cheese, and refried beans. 4. Utilize your leftovers. Wrap leftover pasta salad in a tortilla with some tomatoes and sprouts, or chop up leftover roast beef for a sandwich. Your homemade food is less processed and more healthy than pre-packaged options. 5. A squeeze of lemon keeps sliced fruits from turning brown and therefore more appetizing at lunch time. 6. Once a week, try no-bread or no-meat days. 7. Dips are a great incentive for eating fruits and veggies. Use small plastic containers to keep dips or spreads from getting other foods soggy. 8. Substitute water bottles for juice or soda. 9. Creative presentation helps kids try things they otherwise might pass up. Nobody does this better than the Japanese with their bento boxes. 10. Make room for a splurge. The lunch bag is a great place to teach healthy moderation. I like the idea of choosing one day each week for a sweet treat like our individually wrapped cookies you'll find in the grocery store.
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