10 Tips for a Great Turkey Bowl

Aside from mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, one of the staples of a great Thanksgiving is a Turkey Bowl. Whether you have a rough-and-tumble crowd who play for keeps or a motley crew of people just playing for fun, here are ten great tips to keep things fresh: 1. Establish safety rules. Tackling without helmets is dangerous, especially if you have a wide range of player ages, sizes, and weights. Make sure everybody knows the rules before you begin to avoid any confusion or injuries! 2. Come up with team names. Every great team needs a great team name. 3. Recruit cheerleaders. Every epic game needs some enthusiastic cheerleaders on the sidelines. Invite those who don't want to play to come up with cheers (and jeers!) for the game. 4. Plan a halftime show. Take a break in the middle to have a silly halftime show. Blast some music and have a dance off or perform your favorite "Stupid Human Tricks." 5. Assign a referee for tough decisions. Most games don't need an official ref, but on the off chance that there is disagreement, decide in advance to let someone make the call. The oldest or the youngest person in attendance is a great choice. 6. Try the instant replay rule. Was there a grand moment you want to relish? Invoke the "instant replay rule" where both teams do their best to recreate the play. This always gets a lot of laughs. 7. Try the slow motion replay. Nothing will have everyone in stitches like trying an instant replay in slow motion. Try it, you'll see. 8. Award extra points for great celebration dances. Forget the rules about over-the-top celebrations. In fact, encourage them! If a player comes up with something truly creative, award an extra point! 9. Don't outplay the fun. Set a time limit or point limit and stick to it. A never-ending game only sounds fun at the beginning. 10. Have a great trophy. Grab a random item from the garage or fashion something out of an old trophy in the basement, but one way or another, have a trophy to award to the winning team! Have any other great tips for a Turkey Bowl? {Image source.}
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