10 Smart New Uses for Balloons

Mrs. Fields Secrets Balloons 1 Mrs. Fields Secrets Balloons 2 Balloons were once relegated to birthday parties and prom backdrops, but these inexpensive and colorful items can be transformed into so much more. Check out these 10 genius ideas! 1. Create delicate, tissue paper lanterns from balloon forms. 2. Make a colorful modern vase for flowers. 3. Add dirt, water, seeds and even a tiny toy or two and create a fun, disposable terrarium. 4. Make homemade drums and rice shakers for an inexpensive band. 5. Instead of a piñata, hang a collection of filled water balloons for a fun party finale. 6. Make your own squish-able stress balls. 7. Make your own bouncy balls from balloons. 8. Substitute a baseball for a water balloon to cool off on a hot summer day. 9. Turn a balloon into creative gift wrap for cash gifts. 10. Add bright colors to clear jars and glasses with balloons.
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