10 Fun Family Games for Your New Gadgets

Got a new gadget for Christmas? Get to know it with the whole family. Here are some great apps that can facilitate family fun: 1. Family Feud - Based on the popular TV show, this will help you and your family duke it out (and make great memories along the way). 2. Just Say It - Similar to the popular game Taboo, this two-team game is perfect for family parties, or a lazy holiday afternoon. 3. Marble Mixer - You may have grown up playing with real marbles, but this virtual edition is fun for every generation and (bonus!) no marbles get lost! 4. Party Doodles - Similar to Pictionary of the past, this game will test artistic ability and creative thinking, with a huge helping of laughs. 5. Reverse Charades - A great new twist on an old classic, this version has a whole team act out a clue while only one person guesses. Hilarity ensues. 6. Backwords - The app plays a word or phrase backward and it's up to you and your team to decipher the correct version. 7. Ramses II - This is not your old-fashioned memory game. It's so much cooler. Fun for little ones and big ones too! 8. Puerto Rico - This board game-gone-mobile is a serious game of strategy and (uh-oh) chance. Having everything digital keeps this board game moving fast! 9. The Game of Life - This classic board game has a modern upgrade and is so much fun for the entire family. 10. Mad Libs - Your favorite fill-in-the-blank game from childhood is back and easier to use than ever! Gather the family around and give me an adjective! Do you have a favorite game app? Share your ideas in the comments!
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