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When Debbi Fields opened the first Mrs. Fields store in Palo Alto, California in 1977, she was often found walking outside her storefront with a tray of warm cookies, giving them away to passers by. While that must have seemed like a poor business decision to some, she soon proved any skeptic wrong. Giving the cookies away always led to a line of customers out the door–customers who returned again and again for the best cookies they’d ever tasted. When asked about it, Debbi said, “To me what mattered most was never to register more sales in the cash register. The only thing that mattered to me was to register a smile on a customer’s face.”

This blog, Mrs. Fields Secrets, was started in 2009 as an extension of that same philosophy. We at Mrs. Fields are proud of our 35-year heritage of sharing our best with you, our friends, fans, and fellow cookie lovers, whether it’s at our stores, in our gifts, or on our blog. It’s just how we do things.

Each week on this blog you’ll find a fabulous new recipe, prepared and baked in a real home kitchen, photographed and shared with you. You’ll also find great tips, new products, inspirations from around the Internet, and oodles of incredible giveaways. Because all these years later, we still want to register that smile.

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39 Responses

  1. jessica baughman
    jessica baughman at Reply

    trying to win free cookies my answer is the easter bites box

  2. Charlotte
    Charlotte at Reply

    I have enjoyed Mrs. Fields since your start up & your were featured on Oprah 😉

  3. stacey a list
    stacey a list at Reply

    loving all her good stuff

  4. Mahjabeen Ahmed
    Mahjabeen Ahmed at Reply

    Happy Easter tin

  5. Sara Rosebery
    Sara Rosebery at Reply

    I’m pretty sure it’s the Easter Tin of goodies making somebunny Hoppy!!!!!

  6. connie danielson
    connie danielson at Reply

    I would definitely love to winn these yummy cookies! connie d

  7. Kathy Doughty
    Kathy Doughty at Reply

    I would love to win these yummy cookies.

  8. harriet pabon
    harriet pabon at Reply

    the best in the whole wide world yummy.

  9. geralyn brown
    geralyn brown at Reply

    True, and I love ur cookies

  10. CYM
    CYM at Reply

    We Love you mom basket

  11. Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis at Reply

    I use to live in Palo Alto about 20years ago!!!

  12. lynda stack
    lynda stack at Reply

    I love Mrs Fields cookies .Like Homemade.5 tins in a cooler?

  13. sherry warlick
    sherry warlick at Reply

    There are 12 types of cookie cakes.

  14. Jeanne
    Jeanne at Reply

    There’s nothing better than a Mrs Fields milk chocolate chip cookie and glass of Mayfield milk. Mrs Fields is the best….made me a cookie snob! 😀

  15. Olaide Fadimu
    Olaide Fadimu at Reply

    The cookies look delicious. I wish i can make something like this.

  16. Kris Garcia
    Kris Garcia at Reply

    I hope I’ll win the luscious springtime tin nibbles! 🙂

  17. Dawn Parker
    Dawn Parker at Reply

    In responce to 8/2/12 trivia……August has a lot of birthdays. Hope to win, been a long time not having a Mrs. Fields close enough to enjoy!

  18. Toni Ragens
    Toni Ragens at Reply

    I would love to win these … I grew up on them and now with 3 grad babies living with me it would be awesome for them to grow up with them as well

  19. pamela jean stinnett
    pamela jean stinnett at Reply

    0o0o0o0 I want them all

  20. Kelly Bouma
    Kelly Bouma at Reply

    love Mrs. Fields cookies – hope I win a tin

  21. jenny
    jenny at Reply

    east tin

  22. Charmaine Seymour
    Charmaine Seymour at Reply

    I love Mrs. Fields cookies and would love to win.

  23. Peggy Lester
    Peggy Lester at Reply

    Feb 7 contest question answer is Birthday Bouquet Box. I love cookies!

  24. shirley J Kelso
    shirley J Kelso at Reply

    I am so excited about Mrs Fields cookies and the possibilities of winning some. Yummy; A wonderful way to start my day, a hot steamy cup of coffee and a Mrs Fields cookie. Even mondays will be great

  25. Marion Conley
    Marion Conley at Reply

    I had to come back to Mrs. Field’s website to find her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I lost. It’s the best recipe ever and the only one I use. I like to bake cookies and found alot online I will be making in the future.

    Thank you.

  26. Chrisangel
    Chrisangel at Reply

    I am so sad because its no longer near from where i live..!! But i still love IT and # 1 fan..!

  27. Deborah Quintal
    Deborah Quintal at Reply

    Easter Bites Box love the floppy ear bunny and chick stuffed easter toys too

  28. Deborah Quintal
    Deborah Quintal at Reply

    easter box bites floppy ear bunny and chick stuffed easter toys
    Mrs. Fields always something yummy

  29. Jennifer Benson
    Jennifer Benson at Reply


  30. Jennifer Benson
    Jennifer Benson at Reply


  31. Louisa Ritchotte
    Louisa Ritchotte at Reply

    love all your tins and boxes of cookies, the one that is my best is the Mother’s day one, but really there’re all wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day.

  32. Janie Rigsby
    Janie Rigsby at Reply

    I smile WIDE for Mrs. Fields cookies!!!

  33. Amber
    Amber at Reply

    Hi, I am trying to subscribe to your blog and it keeps saying email address not registered. Please help.

    Thank, Amber

  34. Jacqueline Perez
    Jacqueline Perez at Reply

    Love macadamia cookies with chocolate:)

  35. Mary Ann Roberts
    Mary Ann Roberts at Reply

    to enter contest: butter and freshly scraped vanilla bean seeds.

  36. Leslie Walker
    Leslie Walker at Reply

    White Chocolate

  37. K.L. Cartwright
    K.L. Cartwright at Reply

    BUTTER is the absolute BEST secret ingredient for any HOMEMADE, delicious tasting cookie!

  38. lisa ward
    lisa ward at Reply

    Love your cookies !÷

  39. Robert steller
    Robert steller at Reply

    I ordered chocolate chip from a fundraiser and absolutely loved them, hope I win more were delicious, Robert steller

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