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About V Chocolates

Mrs. Fields searched high and low to find the "best" chocolate around. Our search ended in our backyard…literally. Ron Best of V Chocolates is based in Salt Lake City, UT. Ron has been making fine chocolates for 25 years, and friends say he has chocolate running through his veins. In late 2004, Ron teamed with some friends and formed V Chocolates, to specialize in fine toffees, caramels and truffles. Focusing on the finest and freshest ingredients, cooked in small batches and hand decorated and packed, Ron added very high-end elegant packaging and found a winning combination.

Ron Best and Brent Goodrich of V Chocolates, along with the rest of their team, always point out the company’s slogan, which is LOVE * LIFE. Says Best: “We feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to work at something that is so sweet! We love life, and love to make these delightful chocolate products for people to enjoy everywhere!"

One of the opportunities that became very important to V Chocolates during their early growth was becoming kosher certified. Now, V Chocolates is one of the Orthodox Union's newest certified chocolate companies.

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