Giveaway: Are You Lucky?

Luck. What is it exactly? It’s hard to define because it’s an awfully abstract and illusive idea, and yet, most of us agree that it exists. It seems to be that extra something that makes or breaks a certain situation, for better or worse. Of course, the idea of luck gets a lot of playing time in March, but today I want to start a conversation. Tell me, do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky? And is that because of a string of experiences or only one in particular? And if you are lucky, why do you think that is?

St. Patricks Day Tins

St. Patrick's Day Tins

Share your thoughts in the comments section and you’ll be entered to win a free St. Patrick’s Day Tin filled with 96 of the best bite-sized cookies you’ll ever taste. The winner will be randomly chosen, so we’ll see what Fate has in store for you!

**Giveaway closed.**

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