Holiday Solutions: Send Cookies In Your Place

Autumn Delights Customizable Basket

Autumn Delights Customizable Basket

Dear Mrs. Fields,

For the first time since I moved away from home eight years ago, I won’t be able to go back and join my family for Thanksgiving. I’ll be going with my fiancĂ© Danny to meet his entire family for the first time. Unfortunately, they live on the opposite coast from my family. I know my family understands and they are happy for me, but I also feel that they’re sad and disappointed I won’t be there. How do I handle this?


Dear Pam,

Your dilemma brings up a great question: How can we put ourselves in two places at once? I have a great solution for you! I recommend that you and Danny send a cookie gift to your family and have it delivered the day before Thanksgiving. Include a sincere note that you wish there was a way for you both to be there with them, but ask that they accept this gift in your place. Make sure it’s signed from both of you—you’re a couple now. As the cookies are shared with the family, you’ll be remembered to them in a truly sweet way. (“Who sent these cookies?” “They’re from Pam and Danny!”) A cookie can definitely soften the sting of your absence.

And next year, when you and Danny spend Thanksgiving with your family, you can send a similar gift to his family. It works like a charm. Trust me.

Good luck and congratulations on your engagement!

Mrs. Fields

Do you have a holiday dilemma? Send me an email (mrsfields[at]mrsfieldssecrets[dot]com). Maybe I can help!

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