Winners of the "Give Thanks with the Gift of Cookies" Giveaway!

Many thanks to all who shared nominations for the 3rd Annual “Give Thanks with the Gift of Cookies” Giveaway. We had another year of wonderful, heart-warming submissions that reinforced our belief at Mrs. Fields that our readers and fans are the sweetest, most generous people on Planet Earth! The winners have already been notified by email, but I wanted to share the winning submissions with you.

First place and winner of our classic Bonus Tray came from Christine:

I would like to thank my 19 year old son for reminding me, showing me, that dreams do come true! That with hard work, dedication, overcoming whatever the obstacles may be… they ARE possible!! He didn’t just talk about it he made it happen, Win/Lose or draw he gave it his all! He has reminded my jaded heart to believe once again.

His dream you might wonder? Was to become a member of the United States Marine Corps. His dream became a reality this August 2011. It was, next to the birth of each of my children, one of the most remarkable moments of my life… my pride and my grateful heart are not because of what he decided to become, but because he did it at all – he tried – he simply gave his all to reach the goal.

How many of us can say the same – when we ask ourselves in quieter moments “have I done, dared, or tried to accomplish ________ (fill in the blank with your own dream) finding our answer to be too often No. He dared, he believed, and in that moment, as the Commander and Officers announcing to a grateful crowd of parents and families, that their sons/daughters were now US Marines – In that one singular moment I saw him stand taller, jaw squared and a look of accomplishment in his eyes like I’ve never seen before, it was in that exact moment my heart took flight and now dares to dream again….

He is currently in Pensacola for classes and this will be our first Thanksgiving apart. Food, as you well know, cookies especially (Choc. Chip being his favorite of all) would be a pretty great way to say Thank You to he and his fellow Marines (as I’m sure he’d share)….

Second place and winner of our Fabulous Fall Leaves Box from Karen:

My daughter Rebecca. She served 4 years in the Air Force and now is home getting ready to go to school full time. It was so hard while she was gone, and even through the difficult times she had, she always kept in close contact with me. I still remember that she was always calling me and I finally asked her why doesn’t she call her other friends. She said “mom, you are my best friend, you are the first person I think of when I need to talk.” What a blessing she has been to me. It is more than a mother can ask for.

Third place and winner of Elegant Fall Box from Milcah:

Someone who attends the same church that I attend. When I was younger, I used to direct the children’s choir. This lady was faithful at showing up at the rehearsals and helping me keep those children in line. One day when I got up and made acknowledgments, I forgot to mention her, my most faithful help. I’d been warned before in my life not to call names, because you’ll forget someone. I didn’t heed that warning and learned the hard way. I never quite knew how to say I’m sorry and still feel a little clutzy when I talk to her. I’ve never made it up to her. Her 80th birthday is coming up and I’d love to be able to do something nice for her.

Thanks again to all who shared nominations. I hope you all have a fabulous, family- and friend-filled Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to check our Facebook page this blog for secret sales available to our wonderful readers. Here’s a sneak peek at Friday’s offer!

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