Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher appreciation days are coming fast, so don’t be caught off guard. We’ve collected a handful of thoughtful gifts that you can do yourself or have delivered. Get the kids involved and thank those who work so hard to make the future bright!

This personalized mug is easy to create using permanent markers and a sticker to create a reverse initial design. Even a supervised preschooler can do this to create a great gift.

This succulent garden is simple, beautiful and can adorn a teacher’s classroom or home. (Plus, succulents are low-maintenance.) A thoughtful tag and decorated planter make it a great gift for any teacher on your list.

A colorful crayon candy dish is almost too cute for words. Glue fresh crayons around a round dish, then fill with teacher’s favorite candy.

A fresh supply of colorful, hard-to-lose binder clips dressed up with colorful washi tape makes a thoughtful, useful gift.

Imagine a photo of the entire class on a tin of freshly baked Mrs. Fields cookies. A yummy keepsake!

And absolutely nothing beats a simple “Thank You,” especially when it’s written out in rich buttercream frosting on a Big Cookie Cake. 

Arranging a thank you for the entire faculty? A case of individually wrapped fresh brownies makes treating a crowd easy and sweet. Attach a thank you note, and you’ve got everyone covered!

Big Cookie for Big Thanks

Mrs. Fields Secrets Big Sugar Cookie

Here’s a fun idea for a teacher, graduate, or anybody who deserves a pat on the back after a long school year (maybe you?): a giant sugar cookie decorated like a sheet of school paper with your own personal greeting! In addition to my favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing, you’ll need some edible marking pens, dental floss, and masking tape to create this treat. Let’s get started:

School Paper Big Cookie

1. Prepare and chill cookie dough for several hours.

2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

3. Divide dough in half. On a sheet of parchment paper, roll out one half of the dough into a 1/2-inch rectangle. Use a sheet of standard paper to measure exact size, then trim excess.

4. Bake for 6-8 minutes, or until middle is puffy and edges are not-yet browned. Remove and cool completely.

5. Prepare royal icing (leaving it all white) to stiff-peaked thickness. Reserve a small portion for piping.

6. Smear a dollop of frosting in the middle of your cake plate or serving tray to keep the cookie secure. Place the cookie on top, then pipe the icing around the perimeter.

7. Slowly stir in one tablespoon of water at a time to the remaining icing until you have a more fluid icing to “flood” inside the perimeter. Fill in an even layer, using a toothpick to spread to the edges. Allow icing to set for several hours before decorating with markers.

8. To make the school paper lines, take clean threads of dental floss and secure them down and across the cookie with masking tape to create your grid. (One vertical red stripe on the left, then several evenly spaced horizontal blue stripes down the page.) Mark the red stripe first, then work from the top down to keep your markers from smudging. Remove the dental floss.

9. Finally, use the black marker to write a personal message or a custom design. Voila!

No time or energy for this project? Our Big Cookie Cakes available online and in stores can do the same trick in no time at all. You can have the message personalized with up to 20 characters and the frosting colors of your choice!

Thank You Big Cookie Cake


DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Mrs. Fields Secrets DIY Teacher AppreciationAs the school year winds down to an end, it’s time to think about how to thank the teachers who have been working hard for your kids all year long. I’ve been gathering some fun DIY ideas to show your appreciation in a sweet way. Plus, they’re all simple enough to have the kids help out.

1. Candy Pencils – A sweet look alike that is so easy to put together.
2. Cookies Stacked in a Spaghetti Canister – I recommend my Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies
3. School Supply Cake – A great way to display some much-needed supplies that teacher won’t have to buy next fall.
4. Reusable Drink Cups with Lemonade Mix – Every teacher could use some cute hydration.
5. Apple-shaped Gift Box – Made from plastic soda bottles, you could fill this box with any small treasure.
6. Poster Candy-Gram – I’m a sucker for a clever candy-gram, and this site gives you a perfect script to follow.
7. Apple-Shaped Cupcakes – Whether you give one or a dozen, these treats will bring a smile.
8. Chalkboard Paint Flower Pot – A fun plant that can brighten up the classroom now, and teacher’s home later.
9. Paper Bag Flower Box – Dress up a gift for the yard with this clever idea.

If DIY is not your thing, I’ve got some favorite gifts from Mrs. Fields that will thrill any teacher on your list.

Sunshine Satchel

Classic Mini Ribbon Box

Thank You Big Cookie Cake

A Dozen Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

The end of the school year is coming quickly, so I’ve gathered my favorite ideas for teacher appreciation gifts. Some to make, some to buy, all to delight that special teacher.

1. Couture Clipboards. Brighten her day and her desk with a colorful new clipboard.
2. Crayon Monogram. This DIY project is colorful and personalized. Follow the link for a tutorial.
3. Pencil Necklace. A piece of jewelry that’s perfect for a teacher.
4. Twinkling Smile Tote. This sunny gift is delivered fresh and full of gourmet cookies.
5. Notebook Paper Tote. The kids can draw their best rendition of their favorite teacher. Follow the link for a tutorial.
6. Teacher Subway Art. This is adorable on a clipboard or in a frame.
7. Cookies, Milk, & Report Card. Find free downloads for this fun gift. Add your own favorite cookies.
8. Word Cloud. Create a personalized, colorful, word cloud for teacher with Tagxedo. Print and frame it.
9. Big Cookie Cake. Write “Thank You” or your own custom message (up to 20 characters) and serve it up on a delicious cookie cake.
10. Custom Mug. Simple decoration turns this mug into a keepsake. Follow the link for a tutorial.
11. Many Thanks Mini Trunk. Sweet, simple, and full of your thanks.
12. Pencil Vase. Fresh Number 2 pencils paired with fresh flowers—lovely! Follow the link for a tutorial.

Share your favorite Teacher Appreciation Gift ideas in the comments section!


End-of-School Thanks

This time of year, when the school year draws to a close, it seems that there are so many people to thank.

Embossed Personal Tin

Embossed Personal Tin

There’s the science teacher who went above and beyond all year long, and the administration office who let you know when lunch money had been forgotten. All ninety-eight times.

Sleek Stripes Thank You Tin

Sleek Stripes Thank You Tin

There’s the bus driver who circled the block every time you stuck a “one more minute” finger out the door, or when a much-needed orchestra instrument was mistakenly left on the kitchen counter.

World of Thanks Box

World of Thanks Box

There’s the art teacher who discovered latent talent, a shy desire, and pushed for growth that could have been overlooked.

Big Cookie Cake

Big Cookie Cake

And, of course, there’s your soccer/baseball/dance/gymnastics/lacrosse carpool drivers, who maintained an intricate transportation schedule, matched only by air traffic controllers.

Here’s to everybody who made a successful school year and for a long, relaxing summer!

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