Summer Activity: Tour the Mrs. Fields Factory

Factory 5

If you are going to be in the Salt Lake City area this summer and looking for ways to keep the kids entertained and educated, schedule a FREE tour of our amazing factory and find out exactly how our world-famous cookies and brownies are baked to perfection and delivered fresh to as many as 35,000 doorsteps in a single day! (Wow! That number still impresses me!)

Factory 1

Factory 2

Factory 3

Our guided tour will take you through the entire production of our gourmet gifts—from dough to hand-tied bows, to boxed up and ready to go! The sights will amaze you. The smells will make you deliriously happy. The freshly baked cookies and outlet merchandise will have you coming back for more. Our tours are ideal for Girl or Boy Scout troops, youth groups, adult groups, moms and kids, girlfriends groups, and anybody who loves delicious cookies and brownies. (So, basically everybody, right?)

We apologize for the inconvenience but we no longer offer tours of our facility.


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