Photo Scavenger Hunt in the Park

For fun with family or friends, organize a photo scavenger hunt in the park. Divide into teams, then arm yourselves with cell phone cameras and a healthy sense of adventure! Set a time limit and once it’s up, share your photos and determine a winner. Use these suggestions for photo ops, or create your own list.

Scavenger Hunt in the Park
Capture a photo with at least one member of your team in the following scenarios:

  • Climbing a tree
  • Making a human pyramid
  • With a squirrel
  • With a police officer
  • With a set of twins
  • Giving a stranger a hug
  • Giving a stranger a high five
  • Sliding down a slide head-first
  • Swinging on monkey bars
  • Jumping from a swing
  • Giving someone a piggy-back ride
  • Playing leap frog
  • Pushing a baby stroller
  • Riding a merry-go-round
  • Wearing a stranger’s hat
  • Wearing a stranger’s sunglasses
  • With someone wearing the same shirt
  • Photo-bombing a picnic
  • Photo-bombing a romantic moment
  • Practicing Tai Chi
  • Catching a frisbee
  • Shooting a basketball
  • Kissing a stranger
  • Making grass angels
  • Waltzing with a stranger
  • With the biggest feet you can find
  • With the smallest feet you can find
  • With the craziest hair you can find
  • With the most tattoos you can find
  • Arm wrestling a stranger
  • Spelling out a word with your bodies
  • Rolling down a hill
  • Posing as a statue
  • Walking a dog
  • Riding a bike
  • Riding a skateboard
  • With clothes on backward
  • Splashing in a fountain

Try this with a group of teens, a family reunion, or a big group date. Post your favorite pictures to our Facebook page!

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