Clever Brownie Gift Idea

Mrs. Fields Secrets Brownie Gifts
Yesterday was National Brownie Day (hooray!) and today I’ve got a great way to celebrate with this clever gift idea. Simply bake your brownies inside cookie cutters to create a darling individual gift. The recipient can enjoy the brownie right away and re-use the cookie cutter forever. I love this idea for teachers, coworkers,  neighbors, and even as a bake sale item. Simply place your cookie cutters on a parchment-lined baking sheet and pour the prepared batter in, about 2/3 full. Bake at 325 degrees until shiny and crackly on top. Allow to cool before removing from the sheet with a spatula.

HINT: Cooking time will be shortened, so keep a close eye on your brownies. Mine baked for 13-15 minutes.

Gift Guide: Office Gifts, Teacher Gifts, Neighbor Gifts

Here are three more gift guides for hard-to-shop-for folks on your list—office friends, teachers, and your neighbors. These groups can sometimes get ignored on your holiday list until the last minute, until you find yourself scrambling for something—anything—to fill in the gaps. I’ve gathered some tried-and-true favorites to inspire your giving and keep you on top of things and feeling jolly!
Mrs. Fields Secrets Office Gifts Guide

1. Takeout Menu Book – No more misplacing menus from your favorite lunch spots.
2. Snowflake Mini Ribbon Box – A fresh delivery of Mrs. Fields cookies in a personal-size box.
3. Catapencil – It’s more than a pencil, it’s also a slingshot. Just imagine the possibilities.
4. Shoe Tape Dispenser – The office fashionista will want at least one of these beauties.
5. Grass Charging Station – Brighten a cold, gray cubicle and get fully recharged.
6. Cursory Sticky Notes – Everybody’s favorite on-screen cursors brought to life.

Mrs. Fields Secrets Teacher Gifts Guide

1. Teacher Report Card Mug – It’s time to give the teacher an A+
2. Live Love Teach Tote – A teacher can never have too many tote bags.
3. Santa Bowl & Hat with Cookies – Fresh cookies, a decorative bowl, and a fun Santa hat too!
4. Insulated Fashion Lunch Tote – Let teacher retire the brown bag with this classy alternative.
5. Tea Infuser and Saucer – A hot cup of tea from this smart apple.
6. Copy Paper – Okay, a little boring, but most teachers need more paper.

Mrs. Fields Secrets Neighbor Gifts Guide

1. Holly Kissing Ball – Brighten any doorway and encourage a little romance.
2. Case of 24 Snowflake Tins – Buying in bulk is a great way to save. Get 24 generous, delicious gifts at under $12.50 each!
3. Electronic CatchPhrase Game –  The family that plays together stays together, isn’t that how it goes?
4. Movie Gift Cards –  A fun, use-it-anytime gift for a family!
5. Magazine Subscription – Lots of options to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with the Reader’s Digest.
6. Wild Bird Seed Snowman – Get a glimpse of winter’s bird population with this fun outdoor gift.

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