Giveaway: Show the Teachers Some Love

Guess what I’m in the mood for? (You know, other than chocolate.) I’m in the mood for a giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is dedicated to our wonderful, under-appreciated teachers.  They are the unsung heroes of our society, and they deserve a whole lot more than a basket of cookies and brownies, but hey—it’s a good place to start! Wouldn’t you love to surprise one of the amazing teachers you know with a gourmet gift?

Here’s how it works: leave a comment nominating a special teacher in your life. What makes him or her deserving?

We’ll choose three winners and send a generous gift basket of our freshly baked best, along with your nomination. It’s win/win. So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing the love (and spread the word)!

Cookies & Brownies Galore

**Giveaway now closed.**

Giveaway: Share Your Funniest Sledding Stories

Ultimate Nordic Snowman

Ultimate Nordic Snowman

What is it about a fresh snowfall that makes us want to bundle up, grab a thin piece of plastic, and hurl ourselves down the largest hill we can find?

Today I’m looking for your favorite funny sledding stories in exchange for an unbelievable prize, valued at over $175. Tell me about the time Uncle Bob slid down the hill, across the street, and straight into the neighbor’s front door. Or the time you and your college roommates decided to see if you could fit four people on a sled and learned the hard way that you can’t. Or, maybe the time your kids thought it would be funny to send the family dog down the hill on a sled wearing only a bike helmet and a look of betrayal.

The prize we’re giving away is our 26-inch tall Ultimate Nordic Snowman, absolutely chock full of our amazing cookies, brownies, popcorn, nuts, candy, and hot cocoa—the perfect refreshments after a day out in the snow. It also makes a fabulous and formidable holiday decoration for years to come.

Let the stories roll in! (Or, slide in, as the case may be.)

Comments accepted until midnight, December 13, 2010. One entry per person, please. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email.

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