End of Summer Checklist

The last days of summer are winding down and I’m almost ready to make the transition to fall, but not before I take care of a few things. My end-of-summer checklist is simple, but makes a big difference when June rolls around again.

  • Before storing beach towels, wash them with 1 cup white vinegar in hot water, followed by another hot cycle with 1/2 cup baking soda. Dry using high heat. This removes any musty/beachy/chlorine odor. Store them with a dryer sheet to make them extra fresh next year.
  • Soak sand-infused swimsuits in a tub of cold water mixed with 1/4 cup of shampoo for about 30 minutes. Rinse individually under cold water and lay flat to dry. Sand should work its way out with a simple “flick” of your fingers once completely dry.
  • Before storing your beach chairs and umbrellas, wipe down any metal parts and allow them to dry thoroughly in the sun before putting away for the season. Even leftover sand can have enough moisture to rust metal over a long winter and spring.
  • Go through your sunscreen supply and discard anything that is expired. Wipe down gummy bottle tops.
  • Wash outdoor trash containers. The hot summer sun seems to create cruel and unusual smells in my trash can. Rinse it out with the hose, dump in a cup of bleach mixed with a gallon of water and do your best to swish it around thoroughly before rinsing it out again. Allow it to dry with the lid open in the sun.
  • Organize pictures you took over the summer, jotting down dates and places. Posterity will thank you.
  • Gather any newly-discovered recipes you enjoyed over the summer. Print them out, cut them out, or bookmark them. Don’t expect yourself to remember them next year. (I certainly can’t!) One recipe I’m holding on to is this Toasted Almond Pasta Salad I made over and over again—so summer-y and delish!
  • Make a wish list for next summer and begin planning. Whether it’s a summer vacation you need to start saving for, or new patio cushions you can find on clearance in October. Make your list and begin preparing now. After all, summer will be here again in only nine months!
What’s on your end-of-summer checklist?

{Image via llbean.}

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