25 Subtle Substitutions for a Healthier You

Little changes can add up to big differences. If the idea of healthy resolutions in January is overwhelming (or overplayed) for you, consider these 25 simple ways you can have a healthier 2013. This is a have-your-cookie-and-eat-it-too approach that really works!

  1. Assign yourself a new parking spot at work, as far away as you can.
  2. Substitute half-and-half in recipes that call for heavy cream.
  3. Google a baked version of your favorite fried recipe.
  4. Swap your uncomfortable shoes for a comfortable pair. You’ll walk more if your feet feel good.
  5. Switch to drinking water at lunch or dinner.
  6. Use a spritzer to cook with olive oil, rather than pouring it from a bottle.
  7. Split a dessert at the restaurant instead of ordering your own.
  8. Trade weeknight after-dinner snacking for one great dessert on the weekend.
  9. Trade mindless TV time for a crossword puzzle or brain teaser.
  10. Order popcorn at the movie, but without the extra drizzle of butter.
  11. Switch to low-sodium versions of canned chicken broth, meats, and vegetables.
  12. Instead of rushing away from your desk at the end of the day, take two minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and stretch your arms, back, and neck.
  13. Trade crowded escalators and elevators for the stairs.
  14. Swap your dinner plates for salad plates; you’ll eat smaller portions without realizing it.
  15. Substitute equal parts applesauce for vegetable oil in baking recipes.
  16. Get the cheeseburger, but order a side salad instead of fries.
  17. Double-slice your pizza, making twice as many servings. You’ll eat less, but feel like you’re eating more.
  18. Choose sorbet, sherbet, or gelato over regular ice cream.
  19. Order salad dressing on the side instead of tossed in. Dip your fork in dressing then into your salad for flavorful bites that use significantly less.
  20. Switch to decaf and diet versions of your favorite beverages.
  21. Instead of taking a coffee break at work, take a 15 minute brisk walk. It will wake you up as much as a dose of caffeine.
  22. Substitute a night out at the movies with a physical activity, like ice skating or bowling.
  23. Change your cookie dough scoop for a smaller size. (Remember to cook them a shorter amount of time.)
  24. Try mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes.
  25. Trade commercial break channel surfing for 30 seconds of pushups or sit-ups.

Do you have any other subtle substitutions? Share your ideas in the comments section!

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