Father's Day V.. Mother's Day: Who Get's The Best Gifts?

We recently participated in a debate among our coworkers. The debate surrounded the issue of whether moms or dads receive the best gifts for their respective holidays? The answer was obvious to the men in the room while the women begged to differ. Neckties are one of the most common presents dads receive on Father’s Day. However, presenting ties as gifts at a backyard barbecue usually doesn’t break the bank. Men in our office suspected that much more is spent each year on moms but they didn’t have proof. So we contacted the National Retail Federation to learn whether disparities lurk between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day spending. The numbers surprised us so much that we are sharing them with you.

See the results here:  http://www.mrsfields.com/incoming/mday_vs_fday

If you’re struggling on what gift to give your dad this year, don’t skimp on dad like our research showed, add a batch of Mrs. Fields cookies to spruce up any humdrum socks, necktie or item-turned-paperweight.

Gift Ideas for Every Dad

All right, ladies. No time to waste. Father’s day is coming right up, and we’ve got all the right gifts for the magnificent men on your list. Maybe you’ve already shopped for your husband, but what about the other fathers in your life?

Like your father-in-law, for example. He never misses a tee time, his favorite number is “FORE!” and he’s really into clubs (golf clubs and country, of course). Dad’s Golf Ball Box will really get him into the swing of things on Father’s Day.

Dads Golf Ball Box

Dad's Golf Ball Box

And what about your own dad? You know, Mr. Fix Anything? The one who comes over for dinner and can’t leave before he’s fixed at least three things. Five, if he stays for dessert. This Tasty Toolbox is a sweet reward for all of the service he gives, don’t you think?

Tasty Toolbox

Tasty Toolbox

And what about your sweet grandpa, the dapper gentleman who looks sharp everywhere he goes? We couldn’t forget about him, of course. This Terrific Tie Box will tickle his fancy and soothe his sweet tooth.

Terrific Tie Box

Terrific Tie Box

Of course, there’s a whole collection of delightful gifts for any and every man on your list. Check them out and save on shipping by ordering early!

And if you haven’t already, remember to enter our recipe contest. You can reinvent the chocolate chip cookie and win $250 cash and incredible prizes! Remember, the contest ends June 30.

Father's Day Preview and Giveaway

The kids are almost out of school and the barbecues are warming up, which can only mean one thing–it’s almost time for Father’s Day! The new Father’s Day catalog is hitting mailboxes now, so make sure you look for yours (or order one here).

Here are some of my favorite items:

The Super Snacker Cooler is perfect for the practical men in your life–his favorite cookies, brownies, muffins, nuts and popcorn are loaded in a 12-can cooler that he’ll use again and again. Practicality is a wonderful character trait. I wouldn’t know anything about it, but I definitely admire it in others.

Super Snacker Cooler

Super Snacker Cooler

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: guys love giant cookies. They do. So, how about a Big Cookie Cake for Father’s Day? Watch his eyes light up and his mouth drool over this one. You really can’t go wrong here.

Fathers Day Cookie Cake

Father's Day Cookie Cake

Sometimes with men you have to spell it out. That’s why Dad’s Trio Tray is perfect for Father’s Day. Three block boxes filled with dad’s favorite treats sit snug in a tray, spelling out your favorite three-letter word.

Dads Trio Tray

Dad's Trio Tray

And finally, I love the next two gifts because they are perfect secondary gifts. What are secondary gifts? They are smaller gifts for people you want to remember on gift-giving occasions. For Father’s Day, that might be Uncle Joe or your brother-in-law, or your dear neighbor Ed.

For the sporty type, we have the Sweet Sports Tin.

Sweet Sports Tin

Sweet Sports Tin

And for the dapper gentleman, we have Pop’s Top Box. Starting at $19.99, you can’t go wrong.

Pops Top Box

Pop's Top Box

Now that I’ve shared my favorites, you can browse the catalog and pick your own. Happy shopping!

Giveaway time! Enter to win any one of the gifts I’ve featured by leaving a comment answering this question: Which gift is your favorite and who would you give it to?

(Comments will be accepted until midnight June 11. Only one entry per person, please. Winner will be notified via email and announced June 14.)

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