Fun Halloween Party Favors

Mrs. Fields Secrets Halloween Party Favors
No Halloween party is complete without the perfect party favor. I scoured Pinterest for my favorite DIY ideas for your own monster mash!

1. Use a potato to create a creepy skull stamp for favor bags.
2. Just about everybody will want a glowing eyeball ring at the party.
3. Mummy candy cans can hold a bevy of  treats for party guests.
4. These broomsticks full of candy are cute and simple.
5. Halloween treat cones can serve as decorations too.
6. These candy bar covers are simple and fun.
7. Play Doh dressed up like monsters is a great idea if you’re worried about sugar overload.
8. A tray of sweet ghosts couldn’t be easier.

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Sweet New Year's Party Favors

MF New Year's Party HandoutsMy favorite party favors are ones you can eat. (That’s no surprise, I’m sure.) I’ve gathered a handful of fabulous ideas to share with you for your party guests. They’re simple and sweet, and you can put them together in advance. Take a look:

1. Make your own fortune cookies. It’s easier than you think to make these beautiful little cookies, and you can add your own predictions for a prosperous new year!

2. Giant, chocolate-dipped marshmallows with confetti-like sprinkles are so festive! Package them in cellophane bags, but don’t be surprised if your guests tear them open before they get out the door.

3. A chocolate chip cookie packaged in a paper CD sleeve is pretty ingenious, and a great way to send a sweet note with an individual treat. Wrap them in baker’s twine for ultimate presentation.

4. Candy confetti packets can be made with brown paper grocery bags, a sewing machine, and some brightly colored thread. Guests can rip them open to open a colorful spray of sweet candies. Such fun!

Have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve, and may 2012 bring you many sweet surprises!

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