Great Halloween Costumes for Couples

Mrs. Fields Secrets Couples Costumes
You’ve got an invitation to a couples Halloween party, but no ideas for a costume? Have no fear. These fun, creative, DIY costumes are a sure hit for any couples party. Check them out:

1. A pitchfork, a picture frame, a dour look—you’ve got the makings of everybody’s favorite American Gothic painting.
2. If you’re part of an endearing but geeky twosome, I love this Google Maps costume.
3. Okay, maybe I’m the geek, but I’m dying over this “Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree” costume duo.
4. Wilson the volleyball and a bearded, Fed-Ex Castaway is a great pick especially for an indoor party (Brrr!).
5. Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweep Bert is adorable, but be prepared to sing a musical number!
6. Is there anybody who doesn’t love Juno and Pauly Bleeker? Can’t think of one.
7. I couldn’t resist a classic Milk and Cookies costume. Sweet enough to eat!

{Images found via Pinterest. Sources credited where available.}

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