3 Great Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Ready to trick-or-treat? Don’t head out the door without these three great tips to keep everybody happy and harmless on Halloween night!

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape

1. Use Inconspicuous Reflective Tape. A few small squares of reflective tape on your trick-or-treater will keep them safe and visible to cars on Halloween night. The tape is available in a wide variety of colors, so it can be incorporated into any costume without being obnoxious. Be sure to place some on the heels of their sneakers, on their elbows, and on their tote bag—the natural movement of their feet and arms will catch more light.

2. Modify masks. Remember that masks hinder your child’s ability to see, hear, and breathe properly, especially in the dark. Use an ex-acto knife to enlarge eye, nose, and mouth holes. If a mask covers their ears, make inconspicuous ear openings to allow noise to penetrate. Adjust or replace elastic bands to keep mask and corresponding eye/nose/mouth/ear holes securely in place.

3. Hitch your wagon. If you have little ones, keep their excitement and energy contained in a wagon or stroller in between houses while trick-or-treating. This will keep them from darting out into the road while you’re conversing with neighbors, and will also keep them from tiring out too soon.  (Which, in turn, will keep you from tiring out while carrying them home.)

Happy (and safe) Halloween!

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