Happy New Year!

As 2010 draws to a close tonight and 2011 makes its grand entrance, I wish you all happiness, health, wealth, success, and every good gift life has to offer. And just in case you need to share a good gift or two for the New Year, check out our great selection of New Year’s Gifts.

Happy New Year Big Cookie Cake

Happy New Year Big Cookie Cake

Share a slice of good cheer with a Big Cookie Cake.

Bite-Sized Bubbly Box

Bite-Sized Bubbly Box

Or give a sweet toast with our Bite-Sized Bubbly Box.

Silver Celebration Box

Silver Celebration Box

Or surprise them with a bounty of gourmet sweets in our Silver Celebration Box.

Whatever you do to celebrate, be safe, be happy, and be back on Monday for more fun. Happy New Year!

Pssst! Secret Sale for Blog Readers!

You’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice, and yet you still have a few hard-to-buy-for people that have got you stumped this year. I’ve got just the thing(s) you need to spread your merriment and get those last items crossed off your list. And lucky for you, you’re just in time to take advantage of a great sale especially for our blog readers! You’ll save 15% off these delectable gifts at MrsFields.com, simply by using code 1YEY at checkout. If you shop now, the gifts are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

Let’s take a look at your list, shall we?

Ah, Aunt Marge. Yes, that’s a tough one. She  is so picky and literally has everything. Well, everything but this beautiful tin full of gourmet cookies.

Winter Flurry Tin

Winter Flurry Tin

Next on your list, the gang at the office. It’s so hard to find something for everyone. Unless, of course, you treat them to cookies. Everybody loves cookies and everybody will love you. (I see a raise in your future.)

Snowman Family Tin

Snowman Family Tin

Finally, the most intimidating, dreaded giftees on your list—your in-laws. Whether they’re a household of two, six, or sixteen (if you count all the cousins), our gift baskets are second to none. They arrive ready to serve, and prepared to WOW! And the sturdy basket can be used again and again as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Holiday Delectable Bites Basket

Holiday Delectable Bites Basket

Bite-Sized Sampler Basket

Bite-Sized Sampler Basket

Snackers Satisfaction

Snacker's Satisfaction

Not to get all Cinderella on you, but you need to know that this sale is for a limited time only. After 48 hours the coupon code turns into a pumpkin, so don’t delay.

And one more thing—Happy Holidays, blog readers! You are simply the best!

Flat Rate Shipping for You

Share the joy of National Cookie Month with your friends and family with flat rate, $4.95 shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 states! Send Uncle Bob in North Dakota a Big Cookie Cake, your college roommate RaNae in Vermont a collectible cookie jar, and your mom in Seattle a basket of her favorite brownies! We’re making it easier than ever to spread the cookie love.

And while National Cookie Month lasts all through October, this shipping offer only lasts until October 6th! Shop Mrs. Fields online and use code 1TBG at checkout to receive the discount.

Don’t forget to tell Uncle Bob hello from me!

P.S. Are you participating in our facebook trivia game? Answer simple Mrs. Fields trivia and be entered to win free cookies! Hint: Today’s question is, “What is our founder’s ‘special’ cookie flavor?” Get your answer in before midnight to be eligible!

Birthday Sale for Blog Readers Continues

Sweetest Slice box

Sweetest Slice box

Guess how many birthday gifts I had to buy last week alone? Two! It’s true—there are historically more births (and therefore, birthdays) in August and September than any other months.

I sent both of my birthday friends the Sweetest Slice Box. The presentation is fabulous and it’s perfect for any age, boy, girl, man, woman alike. I like to say it’s like having your cake and cookie, too.

Our exclusive birthday sale for blog readers is still going on. Browse our entire collection of Birthday Gifts and use code BBDAY20 at checkout for 20% off any item in the collection!

Now tell me, whose birthdays are you celebrating this month?

Birthday Sale for Blog Readers

Happy Birthday Tote

Happy Birthday Tote

I’m going to make a psychic prediction for you. Ready? Here goes: you need to buy several birthday presents during August and September.

You’re shocked at my accuracy, aren’t you?

Alright, I’m not really psychic. The fact of the matter is that there are historically more births in August and September than any other months. (Hmm, now we know what’s going on during those cold November and December nights, right?) And as you know, it can get stressful to find the perfect birthday present for each person on your list, not to mention expensive. I’m here to help you in both areas!

Exclusively for our wonderful blog readers, we’re offering a sale on nearly all of our birthday items. You’ll save 20% off our wide range of birthday gift boxes, totes, tins, and Big Cookie Cakes. You simply can’t go wrong with a Mrs. Fields birthday gift–fresh, fabulous, and always the right size. Shop the entire category and use special code BBDAY20 at checkout to receive your discount.

And did you know that you can pre-shop for any gift and select the exact date you want it delivered? That means you could take care of all your shopping now and go relax at the pool, stress-free. All your gifts will be delivered right on time.

Wait. I feel another psychic prediction coming on: you’re going to make a lot of people happy in the coming days. Guaranteed.

Winner and Secret Sale Info

Thank you for all of the great holiday movie recommendations! Some were golden oldies, but some were new to me and I’m itching to check them out. A winning comment has been randomly selected in our giveaway. Congratulations to Stephanie, who said,

My absolute favorite is the Muppet Christmas Carol. I MUST watch it every year. But I will say that Elf runs a very close second :)

In other news, have you been taking advantage of our amazing Secret Two-Hour Sales for blog readers? You can purchase a select Mrs. Fields gift at a handsome discount, but you have to be on time. When it’s over, it’s over!

The next Secret Sale is Thursday, December 17th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Tie a string around your finger if you have to, but don’t miss out on this exclusive sale!

Next Secret Sale is Monday!

Our secret two-hour sales have been so much fun. For those of you keeping tabs, the next sale will be Monday, December 14th at 1:00 Eastern Time.  Don’t be late!

(And just in case I haven’t said it before, thanks for all your enthusiasm!)

Winner and Secret Sale Info

The winner of the Gingerbread Man is Carol who said,

Baking helps me to slow down. It relaxes me at the same time it keeps me in the holiday spirit. Eating the fruits of my labor doesn’t hurt either. :)

Congratulations, Carol!

In other news, the next Secret Two-Hour Sale will be tomorrow, Thursday, December 10th from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Be sure to be on time–when the clock strikes 3:00, the sale ends! Take advantage of amazing savings on a fabulous gift, exclusive to our wonderful blog readers only.

Pssst! Exclusive Sale for Blog Readers!

Don’t you just love being “in” on something? Well, count yourself lucky because during the month of December, you are “in” on exclusive, limited time savings found here on our blog. Only here, in fact!

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Check the blog every day for information regarding the next sale. (Hint: There will be one or two sales per week!)

2. Sales will feature one gourmet gift at a generous discount and will last for two hours only, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. (That’s 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. on the east coast.) When the sale is over, the blog post will be deleted or “un-published,” so be sure to show up on time!

3. The first sale is tomorrow!

See you tomorrow, my “in” friends!

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