Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Mrs. Fields Secrets Thanksgiving activities
While you’re busy getting the last details of Thanksgiving dinner together, here are some great ideas to keep little kids entertained and out of the kitchen:

1. Fruit Turkeys will make a perfect quiet activity at the kids’ table, not to mention a great appetizer!
2. Turkey Bowling in a hallway will keep the kids occupied and laughing it up.
3. Oreo Turkeys are almost too cute to eat. Almost. You might even find a few adults taking part in this craft.
4. Decorated Marshmallows with edible ink can be used later in hot cocoa. Kids will love writing on their food.

Do you have any favorite ways to keep the kids busy on Thanksgiving?

Introducing the Mrs. Fields Basketball Team (And what’s in it for you!)

Mrs. Fields Secrets Basketball Team
We are so honored to introduce to you the Mrs. Fields Basketball Team! Our delicious cookies are the fuel behind this incredible team, coming to you from the Pinoy Asian Basketball League in the San Fernando Valley of California! This group of serious (part-time) ballers is dressed for success in the bright signature red of Mrs. Fields and ready to do some serious dunking. (They are equally adept at basketball and cookie dunking.) The new season begins this week and we’re inviting all of our Mrs. Fields cookie fans to become fans of this amazing team and follow along during the season. We’ll keep you updated with game highlights and player bios and treat you with fun giveaways to help celebrate the team’s success.

And speaking of treating you, local fans are invited to attend games where Mrs. Fields will have FREE cookies available for fans. So show up in your bright red, bring your posters and cheer on the team and enjoy a fresh Mrs. Fields cookie for free while you get to know Papa J, Boom, Dolph, Lolo and all the other players on the team.

You can keep up with the team on our Facebook page and Twitter feed as well as right here on the blog.

The first game is tonight, November 21.  Time: 9:15PM Location: Francis Polytechnic High School. Be there if you’re a smart cookie!

Fun Halloween Party Favors

Mrs. Fields Secrets Halloween Party Favors
No Halloween party is complete without the perfect party favor. I scoured Pinterest for my favorite DIY ideas for your own monster mash!

1. Use a potato to create a creepy skull stamp for favor bags.
2. Just about everybody will want a glowing eyeball ring at the party.
3. Mummy candy cans can hold a bevy of  treats for party guests.
4. These broomsticks full of candy are cute and simple.
5. Halloween treat cones can serve as decorations too.
6. These candy bar covers are simple and fun.
7. Play Doh dressed up like monsters is a great idea if you’re worried about sugar overload.
8. A tray of sweet ghosts couldn’t be easier.

Are you following Mrs. Fields on Pinterest? Come join the fun!

Super Slumber Party Tips & Ideas

Mrs. Fields Secrets Slumber Party Ideas
Ah, the slumber party, a kid’s dream come true. But a slumber party can be a parent’s worst nightmare without some good planning. Check out these great tips and ideas for making your party one that everybody enjoys!

1. Sleep masks made of felt are a fun activity and party favor (plus, they actually encourage sleep!).
2. These Pizza Pops are tasty, portable and a fun spin on regular pizza.
3. Popcorn is a perfect treat for slumber parties. It’s not too sweet and it’s easy to vacuum! Consider setting out some fun mix-ins too, like m&m’s and pretzels.
4. For breakfast, serve french toast on a stick. Another fun twist on a classic and you don’t have to worry about having everyone seated at the table.
5. No slumber party is complete without karaoke. Gather a fake microphone and some rockstar costumes to enhance the experience.
6. Using sheets, pillows and strings of Christmas lights, you can create a magical fort, perfect for ghost stories.
7. Write out different activities and put them each inside a helium balloon with a time written on it. This will keep the party moving along and keep an element of surprise going all throughout the party.

TIP: Be prepared for late night homesickness by making sure you have all parents’ phone numbers and cell phone numbers handy.
TIP: Avoid frustration by making any house rules clear at the beginning of party.
TIP: Slumber parties rarely involve any slumber. Clear your calendar for the following day for plenty of rest!

Creative Outdoor Ideas with Glow in the Dark Paint

Mrs. Fields Secrets Glow in the Dark Paint
I love the idea of simple details like glow in the dark paint transforming outdoor spaces at night. Whether you’re planning a party or just giving your yard a special touch, let these ideas inspire you:

1. Small, stenciled images on a garden path will reveal themselves in the dark and also help light the path.
2. These flower pots glowing bright at dusk make quite a statement.
3. Spray paint stencils on the lawn in glow in the dark paint to add a festive (and temporary) touch.
4. I love the idea of an illuminated path like this, leading guests to a party.
5. Using a paper doily as a stencil, transform simple cement stepping stones into lacy, glowing art.
6. These tree stumps are colorful by day, and glowing bright at night—fun for seating or tabletop decor.

{Images via Pinterest. Sources unknown.}

Beyond S’mores: Campfire Recipe Roundup

Mrs. Fields Secrets Campfire Recipes
A warm, crackling campfire on a cool summer night is pure heaven. The only thing missing is something delicious to eat. Sure, you’ve mastered s’mores, but what next? I’ve rounded up some of the most delicious campfire recipes around. Easy, delicious, and perfect for your next campout!

1. Campfire Pig in a Blanket
2. Chile Lime Corn on the Cob
3. Three Cheese Potatoes with Bacon
4. Campfire Cones
5. Campfire Popcorn
6. Campfire Mac ‘n’ Cheese
7. Orange Chocolate Cake with Nutella
8. Campfire Orange Rolls
9. Peach Mallows

Do you have a favorite campfire recipe? Share it!

Photo Scavenger Hunt in the Park

For fun with family or friends, organize a photo scavenger hunt in the park. Divide into teams, then arm yourselves with cell phone cameras and a healthy sense of adventure! Set a time limit and once it’s up, share your photos and determine a winner. Use these suggestions for photo ops, or create your own list.

Scavenger Hunt in the Park
Capture a photo with at least one member of your team in the following scenarios:

  • Climbing a tree
  • Making a human pyramid
  • With a squirrel
  • With a police officer
  • With a set of twins
  • Giving a stranger a hug
  • Giving a stranger a high five
  • Sliding down a slide head-first
  • Swinging on monkey bars
  • Jumping from a swing
  • Giving someone a piggy-back ride
  • Playing leap frog
  • Pushing a baby stroller
  • Riding a merry-go-round
  • Wearing a stranger’s hat
  • Wearing a stranger’s sunglasses
  • With someone wearing the same shirt
  • Photo-bombing a picnic
  • Photo-bombing a romantic moment
  • Practicing Tai Chi
  • Catching a frisbee
  • Shooting a basketball
  • Kissing a stranger
  • Making grass angels
  • Waltzing with a stranger
  • With the biggest feet you can find
  • With the smallest feet you can find
  • With the craziest hair you can find
  • With the most tattoos you can find
  • Arm wrestling a stranger
  • Spelling out a word with your bodies
  • Rolling down a hill
  • Posing as a statue
  • Walking a dog
  • Riding a bike
  • Riding a skateboard
  • With clothes on backward
  • Splashing in a fountain

Try this with a group of teens, a family reunion, or a big group date. Post your favorite pictures to our Facebook page!

{Image via Google.}

Ice Cream Soda Inspiration

Mrs. Fields Secrets Ice Cream Soda Inspiration
My current summer obsession is an old-fashioned ice cream soda. They’re cool, colorful, and so refreshing on a hot afternoon. Wouldn’t they be perfect at your next dinner party, baby or bridal shower or wedding reception? Try out these mouthwatering recipes or use them as a springboard for your own creative inspiration:

1. Strawberry Ice Cream Soda
2. Coffee Ice Cream Soda
3. Blackberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Soda
4. Lemon Ice Cream Soda
5. Blueberry Maple Ice Cream Soda
6. Peach Cocktail Ice Cream Soda
7. Chocolate Ice Cream Soda
8. Classic Coke Floats
9. Pineapple Coconut Sorbet Soda
10. Vanilla Raspberry Italian Soda
11. Orange Creamsicle Soda
12. New York Egg Cream Soda

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