Spring Break Ideas with the Kids: Cookie Capers

If you’re looking for a fun spring break idea for a stay-cation with the kids, we’ve got just the thing. Preheat the oven, give everyone an apron, and spend some time baking up dozens of your favorite cookies. Then, package them up and head out into the beautiful spring weather to deliver them to unsuspecting friends. Whether you stay on the doorstep and get discovered is up to you, but you’re sure to make everyone’s day…and a lot of memories too.

Not interested in doing the baking? We’re happy to do it for you. Our cookie and brownie basket has plenty to share with your household and others!

Easter Table Ideas

Mrs. Fields Easter Table Ideas

Ready, set, go! Spring has sprung and it’s time to get together with friends and family. Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner or a springtime brunch, we’re in love with these whimsical fresh ideas to brighten your table.

1. Mini birds nest placeholders. Fill mini nests found at the craft store with moss and tiny eggs (could be candy) and add a simple name card.

2. Folded napkins. Turn a bold fabric napkin into a bunny with a simple folding technique.

3. A mossy table runner. A bright strip of spring green down the center of the table adds incredible color and texture.

4. Carrots and flowers centerpiece. This arrangement couldn’t be more beautiful (or economical). Fill a vase with fresh stemmed carrots and daisies.

5. Hollow egg tea lights. Transform your simple everyday eggs into gorgeous little candles with a little DIY.

Do you have a favorite Easter table idea? Share it with us!

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Good Egg Gift Box

Easter Sunday is less than two weeks away, so get your bunny in gear with some incredible Easter offerings from Mrs. Fields. We’ve got something to treat everyone on your list, from little ones to your Easter dinner host. Check out our favorite offerings, plus a special discount for blog readers below.

Easter Basket of Bites

A traditional choice for anyone with a sweet tooth, our Easter Basket of Bites is overflowing with our decadent, buttery frosted cookies in colorful assortment.

Snuggle Bunny

For those who need more snuggle, our Snuggle Bunny will do just the trick. This super soft plush bunny arrives with armloads of fresh cookies. (And he won’t even ask for a bite!)

Which Came First Box

Have a philosopher in the family? Let them ponder which came first, the chicken or the egg, as they nibble the bite-sized treats in our Which Came First Box.

Easter Trail Tote

For those kids who feel too grown up for an Easter basket, but still want in on the goodies, our Easter Trail Tote does just the trick.

Cottontail Gift Box

Our favorite for a hostess gift, the variety in the Cottontail Gift Box is perfect for opening up and sharing with everybody before dinner as guests arrive or after with coffee.

Photo “Hop” Tin

Our personalized Photo “Hop” Tin is a must for grandparents or far away family members. What could be sweeter than your own photo accompanying a fresh delivery of Easter treats?

Bunny Trail Cookie Cake

Show up to an Easter egg hunt or Sunday brunch with this Bunny Trail Cookie Cake and you will earn major brownie points. Er, cookie points. Er, cookie cake points. Actually, all of the above!

You can shop all our Easter gifts for all your Easter gifting needs on our website. Plus, take advantage of our incredible offer or 20-cent shipping on your entire order by using code SPRING at checkout! Offer ends 3/24/15, so hop to it!

Floral Ice Cubes

Floral Ice Cubes
Here’s a simple, gorgeous, springy detail to add to your next party—edible flowers incapsulated in ice cubes. Its a beautiful burst of color and oh-so-easy to execute. Here’s a quick how to:

  • Fill ice trays a quarter full with regular distilled water that has been boiled and cooled.
  • Add flowers into each space, face-down, then cover with water until half full, then freeze.
  • Fill to the top and freeze again.

Add these ice cubes to punch bowls, carafes, ice buckets, glass tumblers and anything else that needs a spot of spring.

HINT: The distilled water is what will give you clear, beautiful ice. Regular tap water will result in air bubbles and a cloudy appearance.

For a list of edible flowers, check here.

Pep Up Your St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Frosted Basket

Are you feeling lucky? Because we’ve got some incredible St. Patrick’s Day ideas to add some fun to your holiday, whether you’re celebrating with friends or family, adults or kids. Check out these creative ways to make the day amazing.

Gold Party via Oh Happy Day

Throw a Gold Party. We’re over the moon (or rather, over the rainbow) for this incredible gold-themed party featured on Oh Happy Day. Simple, inexpensive and full of wow-factor for kids or adults alike.

Rainbow Rimmed Glasses via Oh My! Creative

Serve Rainbow-Rimmed Drinks. For cocktails or mocktails, this clever (and simple) touch from Oh My! Creative will impress every leprechaun you know.

St. Patrick’s Day Cream Puffs via Mrs. Fields Secrets

Serve Puffs. Filled with cream, your favorite chicken salad or even a meatball, these portable green puffs of pastry are perfect St. Patty’s Day fare.

Temporary Hair Color via SheKnows

Chalk Your Hair. Simple, temporary streaks of color are a fun way to show St. Patty’s Day spirit (and maybe prank your friends) using colored chalk and a hair dryer.

Cheese Soup with Beer Bread via Mrs. Fields Secrets

Bake with Beer. Incorporate beer into your cooking on St. Patrick’s Day for a fun twist that the whole family can enjoy. We love this recipe for Tangy Cheese Soup with Beer Bread, as well as Beer Beignets, Apple Ale Cake, Guiness Brownies and Tailgate Chili.

And, of course, don’t forget the cookies! The quickest, easiest way to create an instant party on St. Patrick’s Day is with a fresh delivery of Mrs. Fields! Browse all of our St. Patrick’s Day items for your gifting ideas you’ll love. (No luck of the Irish required.)

10 Cupcake Toppers That Wow

The only thing more fun than cupcakes are creative cupcake toppers. The right topper turns your dessert into part of the decoration. We’ve searched for our ten favorite ideas to take your toppers over the top.

10. Washi Tape Flags. This idea couldn’t be simpler or easier to execute, but packs a big wow factor. Choose a washi tape you like (there are literally zillions of colors and patterns available at your craft store) and wrap it around a toothpick, then trim it into a flag shape. Easy peasy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.17.48 PM

9. The Pineapple Flower. Believe it or not, this delicate yellow flower is actually a thin slice of fresh pineapple, dried and shaped to look like an exotic blossom.

8. Caramel Spirals. These delicate spirals look like spun gold, but are actually spun caramelized sugar (even better!) and look amazing on top of cupcakes. A few simple ingredients, a little bit of technique, and you’ve got an unforgettable topper.

7. Vintage Book Page Cutouts. The yellowed pages of text can be cut out into any shape for a pretty, interesting display. Make your own, or buy them in bulk.

6. Chocolate Filigree. It’s like a delicate little doodle that looks like lace on top of a cupcake. These are easy to make in large quantities. (Use the same technique to write out words in cursive!)

5. Tiny Edible Books. Fruit leather wrapped around white chocolate makes the happiest little books to top your cupcakes. Make a whole library.

4. Gelatin Bubbles. A great big bubble on top of a cupcake seems an impossibility until you check out this technique. Imagine all the fun colors you could produce.

3. Babyface Toppers. A little bit of scissor-and-glue work and you’ve got highly personalized, highly adorable toppers that are ready to party.

2. Pom Pom Toppers. Cupcakes are for celebration, and so are pom poms. Bright and fun, they will make you want to “rah, rah, rah!”

1. Fondant Gilded Feathers. These feathers are so beautiful, it’s hard to believe they’re edible! This topper takes a bit of time, but the result is beyond extraordinary.

Valentine’s Party Ideas for Couples

In the final installment of our Valentine series with our friends at Little Peanut Magazine and photographer Becky Kimball, we’re sharing some spectacularly fun ideas for a couples party. Invite a handful of your favorite couples and host a party that’s playfully romantic. Of course, our Big Red Heart decoration is the perfect backdrop for such a party, along with thoughtful details like these.


Table Details: Simple red and white details set a perfect scene, with napkins folded into a heart shape with a slip of hand-written paper slipped inside like an arrow. A bouquet of red and pink flowers is all you need for a stunning centerpiece.


Pair of Hearts Game: This scatter of hearts on the wall makes a great decoration, but a fun party game too! Create a memory-type matching game by writing the name of each half of a famous duo on the back of each heart, then affix the hearts to the wall with masking tape in whatever pattern you like. Party guests can take turns choosing two hearts at a time to find the right match! The winning couple wins a prize, like our classic Red Heart Tin.


Conversation Hearts Game: Supply each couple with a bag of conversation hearts and give them three minutes to arrange them into the best conversation they can form, be it zany or sexy or funny. Next, have each couple read their conversation out loud. The best conversation wins a prize like the Conversations Heart Box.


Treats as Decor: Stacks of delicious cookies on various cake and cupcake plates make a fun decoration and an easy way to serve treats. A lollipop stick with a red heart on top adds a fun wink.


Drink: Every party needs a signature cocktail and our Cran-Raspberry Spritzer is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

– 16oz cranberry-raspberry juice
– 20 ounces lemon-lime soda
– 1 lemon, quartered
– ice cubes
– fresh raspberries
– raspberry vodka
Fill four glasses with ice. Divide the cranberry-raspberry juice among the glasses. Add 1 oz. of raspberry vodka to each glass. Divide the lemon-lime soda among the glasses, topping off each cup. Squeeze a hint of fresh lemon juice over each, then garnish with a few fresh raspberries. Stir and serve immediately.

Do you have great ideas for couples’ Valentine parties? Share them with us!

{All images by Becky Kimball}

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids


As promised, today we’re teaming up with our friends at Little Peanut Magazine and photographer Becky Kimball to share some fun (and simple) party ideas for kids for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re volunteering in a classroom, or hosting at your home, these ideas are worth falling in love with.


Big Heart Balloons: Invite guests with a big heart helium balloon either written with the information, or tied to the string. (For guests who live too far away, mail them a deflated balloon that shows the info when inflated.) Most party stores carry heart-shaped balloons, or you can order them online.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.16.22 PM

Pair of Hearts Game: This scatter of hearts on the wall makes a great decoration, but a fun party game too! Create a memory-type matching game by writing the name of each half of a famous duo on the back of each heart, then affix the hearts to the wall with masking tape in whatever pattern you like. Party guests can take turns choosing two hearts at a time to find the right match!


Lucky in Love Game: A spin on “Hot Potato,” for this game you’ll need two identical containers (we recommend our Dynamite Sticks). One container is filled with candy, while the other is filled with dry beans. (Make sure they are of equal weight to keep the mystery.) Have guests stand in a circle and pass the containers as quickly as they can while music is being played. They can either pass them in a circle or toss them randomly. Once the music stops, the two people holding the containers open them up to find out who is lucky in love and gets a piece of candy, or unlucky in love and gets a bean.


Menu: When serving refreshments for children, create a fun multi-level buffet of Nibblers® bite-sized cookies, Brownie Bites, and chocolate candies on tiered cake and cupcake stands. (We recommend the assortment in our All Heart Box.) The smaller portion is perfect for kids and allows them to sample a variety without a lot of waste. Pre-poured glasses of milk are the ideal party drink for this spread. Scatter cut-out hearts for extra decoration.


Decoration: You don’t need too many decorations to set the stage for a great party. Check out the instructions for our Big Red Heart. It’s stunning to look at, but so simple to create!

Do you have great ideas for kids’ Valentine parties? Share them with us!

{All images by Becky Kimball}

How To: Make a Big Red Heart

Mrs. Fields Catalog

If you receive our catalog, you may have already noticed the big red heart featured in our photo shoot. For such a show-stopping piece, we were surprised to learn how easy it is to make! In a collaboration with Megan Bailey of Little Peanut Magazine and photographer Becky Kimball, we’re bringing you several great ideas and how to’s over the coming weeks to create unforgettable Valentine’s Day details and fun parties.

So let’s start with that big red heart, the perfect statement piece for a Valentine party. Behind a table, it sets the stage with eye-catching charm, and it’s made from only a few simple items. Here’s what you’ll need:

The Big Red Heart
designed by Megan Bailey

2×2 wood poles
chicken wire
red paper napkins

Start with the wood poles, which you can find at any home improvement store, and cut them to size. (Don’t be afraid to go big!) Nail them together to create a frame. Wrap the chicken wire across the frame and secure it in place with a staple gun.


Finally, open up each napkin and shape it into a V-shaped flare (think badminton shuttlecock), and tuck the point into the chicken wire to secure it. Add as many napkins as necessary to create a full heart shape.


Start with an outline, then work to fill it all in.



And voila! Easy as that, and now you have the perfect frame base for any holiday- just change the shape and color. Think white for weddings, big block letters for a birthday—the sky is the limit!

{All images by Becky Kimball}

Our Top Ten Favorite Recipes of 2014

Mrs. Fields Secrets Top Ten 2014 Mrs. Fields Secrets Top Ten 2014 2


One of our favorite parts of social media is sharing a fresh new recipe with you each week, prepared in a real home kitchen just like yours. As 2014 draws to a close, we took a look back at our favorite recipes from the year, some of which have turned out to be your favorite recipes too. Thanks for re-pinning, sharing, and joining our community. You’re the best part of our job at Mrs. Fields, and we look forward to a sweet new 2015 with you!

So, without further ado, our favorites from 2014:

1. Banana Bread Bread Pudding
2. Breadstick Cones
3. Butterscotch Budino Pudding
4. Cinnamon Stuffed Scones
5. Drop Sugar Cookies
6. Giant Cinnamon Roll Cake
7. Rice Pudding
8. Almond Pizzelle Cookies
9. Chewy Maple Oatmeal Cookies
10. Watermelon Pie

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know!

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