A Night In with Night At The Museum and Mrs. Fields

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Did you know? Everybody’s favorite museum security guard is back with more after-hours adventures that you can enjoy right at home. Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb is now available on BluRay and DVD, and to celebrate the release, we’ve got some great gifts for a movie night in.

Pharaohs Golden Tablet

Pharaoh’s Golden Tablet Gift Box


Unlocking the secrets of Pharaoh’s Tablet in the movie is an adventurous endeavor, but the secrets of our Pharaoh’s Golden Tablet Gift Box is pure fun—savor each bite and try to figure out our secret recipe for gourmet cookies and brownies. HINT: It’s going to take several tries!


Dexter the Monkey


Of course, it’s always more fun to watch a movie with a friend, especially a mischievous one. That’s why Dexter the Monkey is ready to join you, along with an armful of gourmet cookies.

That’s just about everything you need for a movie night in, except maybe a 20% discount on these great gifts. Simply enter NATM3 at checkout for this discount, good through 5/31/15.

Lights, camera, snack-tion!

Fall Catalog Preview!

In New York City, Fashion Week is underway and everyone is excited about the latest designs to walk the runway. Here at Mrs. Fields headquarters, we’re equally excited about our latest fall line, making its debut in mailboxes across the country in our Fall 2010 Gift Catalog. Here are some of the designs that are turning heads.

Fall Flurry Window Box

Fall Flurry Window Box

Our Fall Flurry Window Box is simply gorgeous–filled with all your favorites and so flattering to every decor!

Plentiful Harvest Box

Plentiful Harvest Box

The decadence! The abundance! The creamy frosting! Where do I begin? The Plentiful Harvest Box is one of my favorite pairings–our original cookies with our hand-frosted butter cookies. Honestly, this gift looks fabulous on anybody!

Fall Foliage Box

Fall Foliage Box

Without question, fall’s most fabulous accessory is this Fall Foliage Box. It looks as good on him as it does on her, and trust me–everybody wants one!

Harvest Hat Box

Harvest Hat Box

Hats are huge this season, but what’s even bigger? How about our Harvest Hat Box! That’s right. Just look at how those cookies are working it. Wow.

Autumn Harvest Wreath

Autumn Harvest Wreath

And of course, what collection is complete without a show-stopper? The Autumn Harvest Wreath is impeccably tailored to the most distinguished tastes. It’s got everything, and I mean everything, that defines a true modern classic.

See the rest of our collection online, or request a free catalog!

Happy Houseful Cookie Jar Giveaway

Happy Houseful Cookie Jar

Happy Houseful Cookie Jar

Welcome, March, it’s so nice to see you! Let’s start the month off on a great note, shall we? That’s right, with a fabulous cookie jar giveaway.

I love everything about our Happy Houseful Cookie Jar, featured in our Easter catalog–the colors, the incredible form, the characters, and the overall emotion. I love that it represents a humble home filled with love.

Once again, our Creative Director Ronnie Kell has designed a one-of-a-kind keepsake for us filled with intricate detail, emotion, and character. Similar to our other collectible cookie jars, this jar underwent an extensive creation process–multiple ceramic molds and firings and color tests before it was hand-painted and glazed and ready for production.

Of course, my favorite thing about Ronnie’s cookie jar designs are all those little details. It seems that every time I look at one of these jars, I find a new little component to appreciate. As you can see, this jar is truly a work of art. My favorite detail? I’m drawn to that smile on the Mama Bunny’s face–so subtle and sweet.

How would you like this keepsake (filled with my gourmet cookies, of course) for your countertop? I’m giving one away to a lucky reader. Enter to win by leaving a comment that answers this question: What’s your favorite detail on the Happy Houseful Cookie Jar?

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Please leave a new comment for every entry!

(Entries will be accepted until midnight, Sunday, March 7th.)

Private Preview Sale

Today, dear readers, it pays to read this blog. Why? Because today you get a fabulous holiday sale on our collectible ceramics! These are gifts that are not available to the public yet, each exclusively designed by Ronnie Kell and produced in limited quantity for Mrs. Fields!

Our holiday catalog will hit mailboxes next week, but today we’re offering these keepsakes to our blog readers with a delicious discount! That’s right, today these items are on sale for YOU at 15% off! Next week, they go back to their regular pricing!

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping and snatch up one of these collectibles today! By the way, did you know that you can order now, but have the gift delivered later in the season? It’s true! You choose the date. The early bird gets the worm and the early shopper gets the best deals!

Holiday Express Cookie Jar

Playful Prancer Cookie Jar

Playful Polar Friends Bowl

Playful Polar Friends Bowl

Shop away, dear readers, shop away; these are destined to be bestsellers! To receive your discount, use code 9WCP at checkout.

Show Off Your Halloween Style and Save!

I love, love, loooove to see all the wonderful ways people decorate their homes for Halloween. There seems to be no end to the creativity conjured up for this spellbinding holiday.

So, obviously I was excited then when I received an email this week from one of our customers and readers, Danielle. She sent me some photos of her Halloween decor, which happens to include several of our decorative pieces. I asked if I could feature them here, to give you an idea of how easily our gifts can be incorporated into your own decorations.

Five of the decorative pieces here are from Mrs. Fields Gifts. FIVE! I think they look amazing, don’t you? Our cookie jars, decorative tins, and ceramic bowls are part of Danielle’s annual decorations and have become keepsakes. I’ve got to be honest here, I feel like a proud parent. Like, Oh look at those precious jars and tins and bowls of mine out there in the real world looking so fabulous!

Does that make me weird? Actually, don’t answer that.

Anyway, Danielle’s email gave me a great idea. I’d love to see pictures of your Halloween decorations (especially if you’ve got pieces from Mrs. Fields)! Send your photos to mrsfields[at]mrsfieldssecrets[dot]com and I’ll feature them here on the Mrs. Fields Secrets blog! Plus, I’ll send you a 20% off discount to shop for more keepsakes at Mrs. Fields Gifts as a token of my appreciation. So, come on and show off your Halloween style!

Thank you for sharing these photos, Danielle! Your home is beautiful.

One more thing–are you howling over Danielle’s decorations? Some of them are still available.

Check them out (clockwise) here, here, here, and here!

A Jar is Born

Without a doubt, the stars of every catalog we produce are the collectible cookie jars. Each one is exclusively designed by our Creative Director, Ronnie Kell, and custom made for Mrs. Fields, taking a lengthy journey from sketch to finished product before it is ready for its photo shoot and catalog appearance.

And every cookie jar has a story behind it.  

For example, the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar in the fall catalog is the star that began in development over a year ago. Ronnie was inspired by childhood memories of the story of Hansel and Gretel who happen upon an enchanted cottage filled with delicious treats. Well, the idea of the cottage took hold and soon he was sketching dragon scale shingles, spider webs, black cats, and a crumbly chimney–a whimsical Halloween version of the cottage, with just the right amount of creepy and cute!

Below, on the left, is Ronnie’s sketch, which he turned over to the sculptor. On the right is the sculptor’s “rough clay” rendition of the image, made and photographed for approval. Pretty cool, huh?Creepy Cottage Sculpture(Seriously, this is like watching the making of Jurassic Park!) Once the sculpture has been approved, it is turned over to a mold-maker who begins a highly-technical and painstaking process of creating a mold. This particular jar actually required 15 different molds because of all of the attachments, such as the black cat and ghost on the roof. (Each little “extra” requires another mold.)

By the way, did you know that there are only a handful of factories in the world who employ mold makers skilled enough to make a jar such as this? It’s true. 

Back to the story: liquid clay is poured into the molds and left to set. Once dry, each mold is carefully cleaned by hand to remove any lines. This partially dried clay is now called “greenware” and all the attachments are now put together by hand (using water to create an adhesive). Next, it takes a six-hour bake in a 980 degree centigrade kiln. When it comes out, it is now referred to as “whiteware” because the green clay has turned white! The whiteware jar is now ready for color and more approvals from Ronnie. Skilled painters hand-paint each jar and send it to the kiln again for another six-hour bake before it gets a clear coat glaze (for that beautiful shine!) and one more trip to the kiln–this time at 1000 degrees centigrade! (Holy hotness, Batman!)

A sample jar is finally created! By the time it reaches Ronnie’s hands, he’s ready to wrap it in a baby blanket and feed it a warm bottle! It’s a real labor of love, from start to finish! But, eventually, all the hard work pays off and another beautiful, decorative piece is added to the Mrs. Fields collection.  And by that time, Ronnie has already started on his next design.  It’s the circle of life. Well, maybe not life, but the circle of cookie jar design! Isn’t it bee-yoo-tee-ful?Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar

Now that you know its story, how would you like this must-have cookie jar on your countertop for Halloween? Leave a comment answering this question:  What’s your favorite detail on the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar? You’ll be entered to win one of your own, filled with delectable goodies, fresh from the Mrs. Fields kitchen!

(One comment per person, please. Comments must be received by midnight on Wednesday, October 21st. Winner will be randomly selected.)

Halloween Totes: Three Times the Fun!

I’ve asked Ronnie Kell, our Creative and Merchandising Director, to share some of his custom-designed gifts from the new catalog. Today we’re featuring one of his (and my!) favorites. Plus, we’re giving some away!  From Ronnie:

Hey, y’all! Halloween is right around the corner for you, but (believe it or not) I’ve been working on it for an entire year! Here’s a peek at one of my favorite items I designed for the fall catalog that hit mailboxes last week.

After traveling the world last year, I realized that “monsters” would be a big theme for the upcoming season.  I wanted to bring my own flavor to this theme, so I worked to design something with real energy and life for our fall catalog. I came up with these adorable monster totes featuring Whacky Jack, Bonkers Bat, and Freaky Frankie

Designing them was so much fun; they really took on a personality all their own! For me, it was all about getting the eyes just right. The end result is a keepsake that will thrill girls or boys (or anybody who is young-at-heart) for years to come! 

In fact, I’ve already arranged to send one to each of my nieces and nephews: Costa, Remy, Ryder, Chapman, Blake, Alexander, Isabel, and Elijah. It will be a fun surprise from Uncle RoRo. (I hope they’re not reading this!) Plus, the little ones can use them for trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

The totes are sold individually, or in a set of three for additional savings. Check out the rest of our Halloween collection here.   And if you don’t already receive our catalog, request one here

Giveaway! Help us solve a dispute—we can’t decide which of these three monsters is our favorite.  Leave a comment and answer this question: Which tote is your favorite and why?  Three lucky winners will be selected to receive their choice!

(Comments must be received before midnight, September 28.  Winner will be chosen by random selection.  One entry per person.)

Everything I Need to Know I Learned at the Beach

1. Pack light–it’s amazing how little you need to truly enjoy yourself.
2. When the going gets rough, go with the flow.
3. A little sand in the suit never killed anybody.
4. Find a space and make it your own.
5. Ice Cream and French Fries are two important food groups.
6. Strive to be as happy as a dog with a Frisbee.
7. You’ll never regret using sunscreen.
8. Don’t curse nature–eventually we all look bad in a swimsuit.
9. Today’s castles are tomorrow’s tide pools.
10. There’s enough room here for everybody.

Beach Shack Bites Cookie Jar
Beach Shack Bites Cookie Jar

Ahh, a beach vacation; it’s the perfect way to refresh! And the perfect way to commemorate a beach vacation is with this adorable ceramic cookie jar. It’s my favorite item in my Summer Collection and makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones, young and old alike.

Now I have a question for you: did I miss anything in my list? What Life Lessons have you learned at the beach? I’d love to hear!

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