Giveaway: Your Worst Date in Three Words

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there is much talk about hearts a-flutter and eternal flames, but what about the sometimes hilarious heartaches it takes to get there? Today’s giveaway is your chance to share your favorite stories from your worst dates, but here’s the challenge: you’ve got to do it in three words. So, whether it was “spandex, dandruff, halitosis” or “sneezer, geezer, teaser” or “mother came with,” we want to hear all about it!

And it won’t be for nothing! We’re awarding three great prizes to ease the pain of three unlucky-in-love blog readers:

Sweet Heart Box

Valentine Keepsake Box

Valentine’s Tin

Here’s how you play: Leave a comment describing your worst date ever in only three words, no more, no less! We’ll select three of our favorites and award them with the prizes, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

And now, we have three words for you: Enter to win!

Fine print: Must be 18 years old to enter and a resident of the continental United States. Entries accepted until midnight, Sunday, February 9, 2014. Winners will be chosen and notified via email.

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215 responses to “Giveaway: Your Worst Date in Three Words

  1. Kristy Medina

    Paid in CHANGE!

  2. Malissa Carter

    No Paying Date

  3. Ms Sweet Carmel

    Dog pissed candy

  4. Jennifer L.

    Hoarder, Ants, Mold

  5. Amber Bigelow

    Treated me badly

  6. Jackie Tweed

    Dirty Annoying Waste

  7. rhonda granquist

    date threw up!

  8. rhonda granquist

    date threw up LOTS!

  9. David Hankins


  10. Deanna C.

    wore HELLO sticker

  11. Kesha

    Got waitress’ number

  12. DeAnn Hansen

    mother was toothless

  13. Judy Bradley

    Smelly bad teeth!

  14. kosoking

    dull looking speechless

  15. Rachel Cartucci

    blind date,toothless

  16. Natalie Warner

    Don’t Touch Me

  17. Jorge Lopez

    Waitress Flirted, Fight!

  18. Cheap — Ugly — Unsatisfying

  19. Linda Thurston

    Lots of POLICE

  20. Lee Ann Cameron

    creeped me out!

  21. Angie Bailey

    Made me pay!

  22. Gayle Watkins

    burped, farted, scratched

  23. Maria Weiss

    kissed OPEN mouthed

  24. Mary W.

    Early, waxed car!

  25. Diondra Boyd

    Can Mother Come???????

  26. carla carr

    showed up drunk

  27. Tim Burns

    Food poisoning diahria

  28. Diane

    Ex wife, kids, vfw

  29. Alyssa Coffey


  30. Gayle

    Brought His Mother

  31. Kim Barnes

    Blind date, unhappy

  32. samantha miner

    blind date fail

  33. chasity smith

    No Mrs. Fields :(

  34. Mary

    Hair, mustache, jewelry

  35. Carol B

    Smutty Gross Octopus

  36. cruz rangel

    Left me stranded

  37. Chrissy Sexton

    Awkward unwanted advances!

  38. Donna Addley

    Bosses son, yuck.

  39. ken smith

    Dead baby pictures!

  40. nancy horton

    drunken, secretly married

  41. Brenda McCracken

    talked through movie

  42. Tammy Horn

    Stinky Rotten Breath!

  43. Jan Donahue

    Aggressive roaming hands

  44. charlene

    We didn’t click

  45. Debbie Davis

    Old as dirt

  46. Brooklyn Dutson

    so NOT right!

  47. Janice Cash

    Had a girlfriend

  48. Ronnie Godoy

    Old, creepy, plastic

  49. Ronda

    Drunk, no attention

  50. essijay

    Coerced and impregnated. :-(

  51. Kathleen Southern

    Conveniently “forgot” wallet

  52. Vanessa

    Dishonest Egotistical Creature

  53. Lea

    Horribly hopelessly unrelenting

  54. Tammy Axtell

    Cheap motel room

  55. Deb H

    Warrant, arrested, stranded (left me about 50 miles from home)


    Awkward puppy luv

  57. Rebekka S

    didn’t use deodorant :(

  58. Brian Barnholtz

    Wouldn’t Stop Farting


    The Terminator–sucked

  60. shelly morse

    left along roadside

  61. Penny Wolfe

    Mullet, Elcamino, Drive-in

  62. Cassandra D

    Cheaper Jealous Creeper

  63. Laura

    Pancake makeup, him.

  64. desiree

    didn”t get nothing

  65. Christine McNeill Hummel

    Zipper Broke Open!

  66. Erin Joy

    Broke, McDonald’s, Unhygienic.

  67. saminder gumer

    strippers buffet vomit

  68. a miller

    Wouldn’t go away

  69. Dorinna Wren

    Stood Me UP

  70. Terrie K.

    Late, loud and inebriated

  71. Becky G.

    Left me stranded

  72. Terrie K.

    Correction: Late, loud, inebriated

  73. Carol ONeil

    Being all alone

  74. amy prom

    nose picking eater

  75. June Ebinger


  76. Tricia Porter

    Dislocated knee bowling

  77. Elizabeth Beltran

    Forgot my name!

  78. Cindy

    Mistakes make life!

  79. Allison Burnell

    Restraining Order Pending

  80. Allison Burnell

    Brunch Nose Blow

  81. Amber Collins

    Hot Ass Mess!!!

  82. Amber Collins

    Hot Ass Mess!!!Tuesday

  83. Allison Burnell

    Full frontal exposure O_o

  84. patricia

    Very Stinky Breath

  85. Amber Collins

    Hot Ass Mess!!!!!!

  86. Amanda Kinder

    Turned into stalker.

  87. Claudia

    Unbearable cheesy breath…

  88. Deanna Adkins

    Expect a Meal?

  89. Azalia Gonzalez

    McDonalds Chicken Nuggets!!!

  90. mary hudson

    70′s leisure suit

  91. Cindy

    Mistakes Make Life

  92. lisa snyder


  93. Mindi Eden

    Only need two words: Strip Club
    (Yes- He wanted to play pool)

  94. Mary Anderson

    Snored throughout movie.

  95. Lori Williams

    Wouldn’t Shut Up!

  96. denise mulhern

    Canary yellow teeth

  97. Kevin Bell

    Did not laugh!

  98. Jillian Jordan

    Smelly. Boring. Loser.

  99. Dawn Snider

    Marvin The Martian

  100. Gianna

    Filed restraining order.

  101. sandra buck

    he womans clothes

  102. Joanna Dawn Smith

    Arrogant Narcissistic Freak

  103. Heather Hayes Panjon

    Took Public Transportation!

  104. Pa

    untruthful, feel cheated

  105. Nancy Klein

    Lost his wallet!!

  106. Derrick Johnson

    She Chewed Tobacco!

  107. Dennica Lewis

    Cheap No Car…

  108. sandra perry

    He fell asleep!!!

  109. ann welsh

    Late Night Skinnydip.

  110. Angela Noel

    Dumped, Dead Roses

  111. Susan S., TN

    Rancid Repulsive Chauvinist

  112. Melissa (Shuluv) Benoit

    Hit with diarrhea

  113. Melissa (Shuluv) Benoit

    Hit with diarrhea!

  114. Melissa (Shuluv) Benoit


  115. Michele Myers

    Sorry I forgot

  116. This guy was dirty, he claim he just got off work. He ordered food he couldn’t pay for, claims he lost his wallet, his breath was bad and his car broke down, I think he needed gas.

  117. Michelle CM

    stolen card, stalker

  118. Jennifer Peters

    Did Not Bathe

  119. Nancy B

    Shag carpeted van

  120. Marilyn Nawara

    Mother went along

  121. Jude

    Stunk, hungover drunk

  122. Claudette S

    Ate my chocolate!

  123. Noelle Bice

    Adulterer, Liar, Egomaniac!

  124. Trudy Mertz

    V-Day, goodbyes, Afgahnistan

  125. Grace Bowles

    Judgmental, Clingy, Vegetarian

  126. nichole moll

    Went To Jail!!!

  127. nichole moll

    Went to jail

  128. Karen D

    Squirrel rescue release

  129. Kelly Porterfield

    HE wore makeup!

  130. Elizabeth B

    restraining order stalker!

  131. Amanda

    Hives, Hospital, Food poisoning

  132. An Gooch

    Missing front teeth

  133. Sarah Gillespie

    Dined. and. DITCHED!!?

  134. Vikki M

    Loser, Boozer, Abuser

  135. Amanda

    Jabber-mouth, smelly, bozo

  136. Sara Giresi

    doesn’t speak English

  137. Jeremy

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  138. Noel Rome

    Blind date mistake

  139. Brandi Haro

    police, diarrhea, towed

  140. Maureen

    saw another left

  141. Beth

    Light blue polyester..:(

  142. Terrika

    cheap, halitosis, uneducated!

  143. Miranda Shearin

    Didn’t bring cookies!

  144. Shannon Sendejas

    Ditched for man

  145. Scott Fassett

    Perplexingly awkward silence.

  146. BK

    bloody, nose, dinner!!

  147. Tiffany

    Looked like Shrek

  148. Tj

    Inquired about ovulation

  149. Tiffany Hill

    Dumped for Bestie

  150. Elizabeth D

    we followed ex-wife

  151. Deb P

    drunk, insulting, vomit.

  152. Gary F.

    False teeth on table.

  153. Dominic

    Pee… Puke… Spoiled

  154. Tkeyah G

    Nunee Chudee Baby (Her Nickname) lol XD

  155. Carrie Ann

    Didn’t show up

  156. Kelly

    Spicy Indian. BATHROOM!!!!!

  157. Alexis

    Period! Stained dress…

  158. Rick

    Proposal. “No.” Break-up.

  159. Suzanne

    Bee. Allergic! Ambulance.

  160. Christy

    Team lost. Cried?!?!?! :/

  161. Audrey

    SKINNY jeans. Starved.

  162. Sierra

    Hipster. “Ironically”. Repeatedly.

  163. Kelsey

    Karaoke, Streisand, Foreshadowing

  164. Andrea

    Pig Latin. Erd-nay.

  165. Christine

    Aggressive Eskimo Kisses

  166. Meredith

    Nicknamed me ” Puddin’ “

  167. Rajee (@momsfocus)

    Be Mine Valentine

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