10 DIY Thanksgiving Placeholder Ideas

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A little personal touch on your Thanksgiving table goes a long way. I’ve gathered some charming ideas for placeholders to welcome your guests to your feast. These ideas are so simple to execute, but will add so much to your table. Give them a try!

1. Pinecone placeholder – The natural grooves in a pinecone will easily hold a piece of cardstock.
2. Artisan loaf placeholder – Who wouldn’t want a personal loaf of bread as they sit down for dinner?
3. Wood chip placeholder (instructions here) – Simple, rustic and (bonus!) reusable.
4. River rock placeholders (instructions here) – Painted rocks wrapped in twine are beautiful. (Without paint too!)
5. Photo and pumpkin placeholders (instructions here) – I love the idea of writing what you love about each person on the back of their photo.
6. Fall leaves placeholders – Send the kids out to gather gorgeous, colorful leaves and write names in metallic pen.
7. Clove initial placeholders – Trace initials on a tangerine or orange and poke whole cloves along the trace lines. (Smells great too.)
8. Golden apple placeholders (instructions here) – Faux apples from the craft store get transformed. Simple and beautiful.
9. Gold gilded pumpkin placeholders (instructions here) – So fancy and yet so easy, a bit of painter’s tape and spray paint goes a long way.
10. Wine cork placeholder (instructions here) – All those saved corks can be put to good use.

Which is your favorite?

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