Bosses Day Giveaway: Sneak a Pic, Post a Cap!

Mrs. Fields Secrets Bosses Day
Bosses Day is coming up October 16 and we’ve got a fun giveaway that could earn you Employee of the Year and a great gift for your boss! We’re looking for snapshots of bosses at work with your own funny caption to accompany them. So, your first assignment of the day is to get cracking on this contest! We’ll post our favorites on our Facebook page, and one lucky winner will win cookies and brownies for the entire office! Here’s how to play:

1. Sneak a snapshot of your boss at work.
2. Upload it in the comments section of this post with your own funny caption.
3. Check our Facebook page for favorite entries.

Cookies & Brownies Galore Gift Basket

Get your coworkers involved and submit your best work! Entries will be accepted until midnight, Sunday, October 13. Winner will be selected and notified via email. One entry per person, please.

Let the snapshots begin!

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9 responses to “Bosses Day Giveaway: Sneak a Pic, Post a Cap!

  1. Tracy Vogel

    Boss: “No really… this is the best part of the song.”
    -Turns up Eiffel 65/ Blue
    Boss: ” Blue are the words I say and what I think….”- head nodding-
    Employee whispers: ” If I hear this song.. one more time… I’m going too blew up.”

  2. Emily Dunlay

    I am the boss

  3. susan smoaks

    hard to sneak this pic

  4. Latrice Long

    staring off in space thing about Ms. Fields cookies

  5. LyzaJo

    That’s what hard work looks like!

  6. Working hard during tax season. The life of a CPA.

  7. Conrad Kovash

    My Boss and our former boss who is also a Former Chicago Bears player from 1985…

  8. lorraine

    My Boss

  9. Ellen L.

    Golf Pro Shop
    My boss taking a lunch break at the office, which is well deserved. He supervises three people at the golf pro shop and shoots the breeze with the customers about golf ( of course ).