Mrs. Fields Trivia – Win free cookies!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – September 26th, 2013

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Fields.

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog. If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Fall Bites Box ($39.00 value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (September 26th, 2013). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Mrs. Fields Fall Bites Boxes – item #12F649, a $39.00 value, including shipping. It contains a medley of treats that includes 24 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies, 18 Brownie Bites and 2 hand-frosted leaf cookies. Perfection!



Name our NEW Fall/Halloween bear add-on…

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169 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia – Win free cookies!

  1. Jane Ritz

    pumpkin harvest. I LOVE Mrs. Fields.

  2. Linda Orellano

    Pumpkin Bear

  3. George Wilson Sr

    Mummy Bear

  4. Heidi Chambers

    Pumpkin Bear

  5. Crystal Napier

    Pumpkin Bear

  6. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    Pumpkin (adorable!)

  7. Amy Keating Casey

    Pumpkin Bear :)

  8. terri ingham bollin

    Pumpkin Bear

  9. Vampire bites bear and pumpkin bear!

  10. LInda Hirschmiller

    Pumpkin Bear

  11. Crystal Young

    Pumpkin Bear

  12. Melissa Robertson Marcum

    Pumpkin Bear !!!

  13. Laura Tesoro-Lopez

    Pumpkin Bear.

  14. Kristin Dillingham

    pumpkin bear

  15. Jack

    Pumpkin’ bear – so cool!

  16. Garfield Cadwell

    pumpkin bear

  17. Barbara Hoffmann

    Ted E. Field

  18. Birdie Skolfield

    Pumpkin Bear

  19. paul laufer

    Pumpkin Bear!!!!

  20. Cathy Bradford

    Pumpkin Bear

  21. evelyn hamlyn

    pumpkin bear

  22. Tiffany Kinard

    Pumpkin bear! Such a cutie :)

  23. lisat

    Pumpkin? Vampire? They’re both cute

  24. Charlotte LeBlanc

    Pumpkin Bear is a cutie.

  25. Samantha Martinez

    Pumpkin bear!

  26. Linda Bragg

    Vampire Bites Bear

  27. Phyllis Cadwell

    pumpkin bear

  28. Ashley Vazquez

    Pumpkin Bear

  29. Dennis R Grose

    Pumpkin bear

  30. christina w.

    Vampire Bites Bear

  31. Sherri Smith

    Pumpkin bear is your newest one. Cute as a button it is!

  32. Ariane Barragan

    Pumpkin bear

  33. Robin Summers

    Pumpkin bear

  34. Jesse Sanchez

    Pumpkin Bear and Vampire Bites Bear

  35. Kellie Kluger

    Pumpkin Bear

  36. Kelly Elswick

    Pumpkin Bear

  37. Viola Christina

    Pumpkin Bear :)

  38. brittany carpenter

    Pumpkin Bear

  39. william carpenter

    Pumpkin Bear

  40. Tricia Martin

    Pumpkin Bear

  41. Michael Heithaus

    Pumpkin Bear

  42. Pam Brown

    Yummy Mummy Bear

  43. Gracie

    Yummy Mummy Bear & he is sooo cute!

  44. Valerie

    Pumpkin Bear
    I love him <3

  45. Amber Bigelow

    Vampire Bear and Pumpkin Bear

  46. Jill Edwards

    Ahhh.. pumpkin bear!

  47. Carol

    Pumpkin bear, SO cute

  48. Susan Christy

    Pumpkin Bear

  49. James Kennedy

    Pumpkin Bear!

  50. lisa mcfarland

    Pumpkin Bear

  51. Tracy Robertson

    Pumpkin Bear

  52. Karen Glatt

    Pumpkin Bear!!

  53. Briana Christina

    Pumpkin Bear <3

  54. arlene robertson


  55. Debra Simning-Chapman

    Pumpkin Bear

  56. A-Ninja

    Pumpkin Bear <3 Gl to everyone!

  57. Svitlana Lozovskaya


  58. Melody Pearson

    pumpkin bear

  59. Deb Macdonald

    Vampire bites bear

  60. Michelle

    Pumpkin Bear – he’s cute!

  61. Calshondra Williams

    Pumpkin Bear

  62. Barbara Mayes

    Pumpkin Bear

  63. Eustacia Miliusis

    Pumpkin Bear

  64. karla amelia

    mrs fields cookies and brownies look so good!

  65. Merri matalon

    Pumpkin Bear

  66. karen mayernick

    Pumpkin Bear

  67. Reginald Johnson


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