Mrs. Fields Trivia is here – Win free cookies!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – August 1st, 2013

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Fields.

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog. If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Daisy Tin ($39.00 value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (August 1st, 2013). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Mrs. Fields Daisy Tin – item #13EV824, a $39.00 value, including shipping. It contains assortment of 12 original cookies. Perfection!

Daisy Tin

Fill in the blank:

Our Gifting Facility features a ______ square foot print shop for customizing ribbons, boxes, tins, and anything you can dream up.

A) 2,000

B) 2,200

C) 2,400

D) 2,600

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143 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is here – Win free cookies!

  1. Melissa Robertson Marcum

    C. 2,400 square foot :-)

  2. stephanie mcglothlin

    C!! :) 2400

  3. Tiffany Kinard


  4. Kathleen Walsh

    c) 2,400

  5. Barbara Hoffmann

    c) 2,400

  6. Cathy Bradford

    C). 2400

  7. rebeccabasset

    2,400 is my guess, couldn’t find the information on your Site. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  8. Ariane Barragan

    It’s C! 2,400! :)

  9. Ashley Diaz

    C)2400 sq ft

  10. Ashley Diaz

    C) 2400sq ft

  11. Katlin

    C. 2,400 Thank you!

  12. lisa mazola

    C. 2,400 Thank you!

  13. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I had trouble finding the answer online, so I guess I’ll go with popular opinion here and say C) 2400 sq ft is the answer

  14. Anand Shivpuje

    its c) 2,400

  15. Tracy Robertson

    c. 2,400

  16. Krista

    C- 2,400 sq ft <3 yum yum, cookies :D

  17. Crystal Napier

    C) 2,400

  18. Calshondra Williams

    C) 2,400

  19. Candy D.

    2,400 ~ I just LOVE this tin, and it is my Birthday Aug 3 ~ Love it!

  20. Antoinette Soto

    c. 2,400

  21. Karen

    2,400 thanks for the chance!!! Would love some cookies!!

  22. Jennifer Dysart

    C.) 2400

  23. Crystal Young

    2400 sq.ft

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