Giveaway: Your Smile = Cookies for One Year!


If there’s one thing we know at Mrs. Fields, it’s that cookies bring smiles. And now, in honor of National Smile Week, your smile can win you free Mrs. Fields cookies for an entire year (which will result in even MORE smiling)! Here’s how to enter:

1. Upload a photo of your best smile along with a comment on this post before midnight, August 11th, 2013.

2. We’ll randomly select a winner to receive a free one-year subscription to our Treat of the Month Club. (That’s a $350.00 value!)

Submitted photos will be featured on our Facebook page, so keep your eyes open for your pearly whites or goofy grin!

Fine print: One entry per person, please. All valid entries must include a personal photo. You must be 18 years old to enter. Comments must be received before midnight, August 11, 2013. Winner will be notified via email.



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192 responses to “Giveaway: Your Smile = Cookies for One Year!

  1. amy bishop

    I hope I win 😀

    • I think there’s nothing Sweeter than a broad smile….they also say a Strong Woman still smiles even when there is pain…Either way nothing sweeter can help save the day like Mrs. Fields cookies!!!

  2. Mya Murphy

    Winning this would be awesome!!!

  3. Laura

    I would love some cookies!

  4. Toby

    Can’t help but smile with these two around! :)

  5. Kathleen

    Texas Rangers and cookies make me smile!

  6. I absolutely love your chocolate chip/pecan cookies. Pick me, pick me!!

  7. Kathleen

    Texas Rangers and cookies make me smile! And here is the picture to prove it.

  8. Looking fancy with my dad – love it!

  9. Jessica

    ALL the Mrs. Fields cookies!

  10. Denise Eastman

    Now what starts with the letter “C”?
    “Cookie” starts with “C”!
    Let’s think of other things that starts with “C”!
    Uh. . .Uh. . . Who cares about da other things?!


    “C” is for Cookie that’s good enough for me,
    “C” is for cookie that’s good enough for me,
    “C” is for cookie that’s good enough for me,
    Oh! cookie, cookie, cookie starts with “C”!

    Hey, You know what? A round cookie with one bite out of it looks like a “C”
    A round donut with one bite out of it also looks like a “C” but it is not as good as a cookie
    Oh, and the moon sometimes looks like a “C” but you can’t eat that
    Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts with “C”
    Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts with “C”

  11. “I love cookies and I love smiling!!!” Says Jake is puppy.

  12. sandra dyhouse

    a trio of sweet grinning for Mrs. Fields !

  13. Patty

    A great smile can get you a lot of cookies :)

  14. Elle

    That’s how Mrs.Fields cookies make me feel 😉

  15. Bre

    We would love to win if selected!!!

  16. Alyce Hockers

    I think just the thought of cookies could make anyone smile :)

  17. Janie Rigsby

    I smile WIDE for Mrs. Fields cookies!!!!

  18. Janie Rigsby

    I am a firm believer that Mrs. Fields cookies are the fountain of happiness!!!!

  19. Brynn O'Haire

    Smiles for Cookies!!

  20. Jessica Coscarelli

    This is the smile I flashed for the world to see after recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. Thanks Mrs. Field’s, I couldn’t have done it without your delicious cookies :)

  21. Maxine Legros

    Mrs. Fields COOKIES!!!! FREE for one year!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMYY!!!

  22. Ana Jackson

    MMMM….Mrs. Fields Cookies WE could ALWAYS smile for those!!!

  23. Natalya Dyhouse

    A big SMILE from spending the summer in Pucallpa, Peru—picture taken in the “jungle” on a Peki Peki boat :)

  24. Stacy Ann Garcia

    A cookie a day keeps the dentist away!!

  25. Laura

    I’m spaced out for Mrs. Field’s cookies!

  26. Tori Porter

    Whoopeee!!! I’m getting Mrs. Field’s Cookies!!

  27. Tammy Devereux

    This little man always brings out my biggest smiles :)

  28. Marjorie Calvert

    All smiles after a great day at the zoo!

  29. stephanie

    This is my best smile lately! Finished the Glow Run 5k this past weekend and had a blast!

  30. Kristi Tu

    Smiling and kayaking ! Enjoying the last couple weeks of my summer before returning to college !

    • Darrah Agin

      Can wait till my teeth come in and I can bite into a Mrs. Fields the mean time, I’ll just keep smiling!

  31. vera bowman

    Mrs. Fields Cookies gives me nutritional energy to run in races. Thxs.

  32. Amy Wilkerson

    Who doesn’t love Cookies ?! =)

  33. Brooke and Brittany

    Sisters graduating the same year. Brooke from High School Brittany from College.

  34. ive been told i have a really pretty smile.

  35. Gizelle Alvarez

    Smiles are contagious, cookies are addicting. <3

  36. Brandy Mimitz

    Cookies always make me smile!

  37. Sarah Chau

    A smile is the same in every language :)

  38. Caitlin Platenecky


  39. Darrah Agin

    Can wait till my teeth come in and I can bite into a Mrs. Fields the mean time, I’ll just keep smiling!

  40. Andrea McDonough

    Smiling pretty for your delicious cookies!

  41. chantal ronchetto

    Quadruple smiles! We love Mrs. Fields cookies!

  42. Gene Wu

    Who loves Mrs. Field’s Cookies? THIS LITTLE GUY!!!!

  43. Diana D.

    This photo was taken on my birthday. The smile was extra special because I had just received a surprise rose from a friend hundreds of miles away. He had arranged for his step-sister to come to my house to bring it to me. It was in the middle of winter (Jan. 3rd) and when I answered the door, I was still in my pajamas. When she explained why she was there and who the rose was from, I cried out loud and hugged her on my porch. Later that day, when my family celebrated my birthday, I was still beaming from the surprise. The pup in the photo was my beloved, Emily, a Jack Russell Terrier. She has since passed away and I miss her still.

  44. Denise

    I love cookies!!

  45. Tarik yunes

    Loving Mrs. Fields cookies

  46. Sharon R

    Say cheese, or should I say cookies!

  47. Melissa Escobedo

    Love Mrs Fields! Working there was the 1st job I ever had. In this pic, I’ve just been informed I am winning cookies for a year :) Thanks for the consideration!

  48. Cindy

    Cookies make me happy :)

  49. Victoria Miller

    Two of the sweetest cookie monsters to be found!!

  50. Ty

    Yummy cookies make me smile :)

  51. sheila urlaub

    I always buy Mrs. Fields for friends and co-workers!

  52. For every smile you bring with your treasured assortment of delicious delicacies, I want to thank you, Mrs. Fields. I’m sure I speak for many people when I say your work is highly appreciated. Your cookies really do bring out a light from within us, thank you:)

  53. Jennifer Hess

    Even without 2 front teeth Carson would LOVE these cookies.

  54. Amanda Braun

    Me in the green and friend in the white
    We love to smile and winning the greatest cookies ever would make us smile even more!!

  55. Ruth Kwiatkowski

    Love me some Mrs. Fields cookies!

  56. Michelle Graven

    A smile a day keeps the doctor away!

  57. Kathleen Walsh

    Eating Mrs. Fields cookies always makes me smile!

  58. Ruth Kwiatkowski

    Mrs. Fields Cookies are the best! Love them!

  59. For every smile you bring with your treasured assortment of delicious delicacies, I want to thank you, Mrs. Fields. I’m sure I speak for many people when I say your work is highly appreciated. Your cookies really do bring out a light from within us, thank you:)

  60. Chau Nguyen

    I know who I can share the cookies with!

  61. Jessica H

    LOVE Mrs Fields!!!!

  62. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness obviously has never had a Mrs. Fields cookie.

  63. Danee Goodell

    Mrs. Fields cookies rock!

  64. Shasity Nelson

    I hope we win :-)

  65. Kieisha

    A smile a day will keep the frowns away :-)

  66. Dawn Meller

    Now that he’s able to eat cookies, Devin loves Mrs. Fields!

  67. Darian McBee

    I love mrs fields :)

  68. Luci

    Our whole family loves Mrs.Fields
    Order their Cookie cakes for birthdays every year been a fan for decades

  69. Abigail Jefferson

    Double the smile :)

  70. Tessa Cerda

    I <3 cookies!

  71. Claire Centrella

    Just love them! I am the WINNER?

  72. Crystal Lundy

    This is the smile on my face when I SEND Mrs. Fields cookies to my friends! (And when I get to eat one, too!) Mrs. Fields cookies brighten everyone’s day – and their smile! :)

  73. tara pittman

    me love cookies and I will race for them

  74. Kimberly Becraft

    I would LOVE some cookies :)

  75. Ruth Iacoban

    A smile is the best thing anyone could wear :)

  76. Brooke

    Milwaukee loves mrs. Fields cookies :)

  77. Taby Iacoban

    A smile is a girls best friend

  78. Mary Sorrells

    We LOVE Mrs Fields cookies!

  79. Natalie Romine

    My favorite cookies!

  80. Dorsey

    Smile if you love Mrs’ Fileds Cookies!


  82. Katrina Kilburg

    All day I dream about MRS. FIELDS! :)

  83. One of the last pics I took with my Mom two months before she passed away. Miss her so much.

  84. Kimberly Alberts

    All smiles from my daughter and I. Would love to win, we all LOVE cookies!

  85. Annmarie W.

    Mrs. Fields cookies always make me smile!

  86. Daquasia Thomas

    Smiles like these deserve some cookie <3 ^_^

  87. Megan McCarthy

    We love cookies!!!

  88. Robin O

    Happy National Smile Week!!
    Thank you!!

  89. I love cookies! Winning would definitely make me smile even more!!

  90. Jennifer Chang

    Mmmm, cookies!

  91. Leslie Joy

    There’s always a reason to smile =)
    **Happy National SMILE Week!!**

  92. gina

    Sweet giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win your tremendously delicious cookies :)

  93. Natalie Koss

    I can’t think of anything that would put a bigger smile on my face than parasailing in Mackinac City, MI … Except for FREE Mrs. Fields cookies for a year!!! :)))))

  94. Marie Cordalis


  95. Candice


  96. Ren

    My dog Beatle is a (semi-sweet chocolate) chip off the ole block!


  97. Liz King

    Happy National Smile Week :)

  98. May the force oops I mean cookie be with you!

  99. Jacqueline Jones

    I love them cookie so much!!!!!!! mmmmmm :-)))))


    My daughter and I the moment before we bite into a Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie!!! Happy girls!


    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away…

  102. Erika Ignacio

    “You make me SMILE”

  103. Stephen Abramowitz

    No clowning around…I want to introduce my twins to Mrs. Fields cookies, my absolute favorites!

  104. jacquilou acosta

    with my daughter while in our way to buy Mrs. Fields…

  105. Heather Chmielewski

    I love Cookies!!!

  106. April Greene

    Cookies and cream make the people scream! You know what I mean ,MRS.FIELDS cookies are the greatest cookies that can make a smile beam. Woot woo!

  107. Stephen Abramowitz

    Can you say, “I want Mrs. Fields cookies!”?

  108. Sylvia

    ♥♥♥ Mrs. Fields♥♥♥

  109. Kelly D.

    What a delicious contest! Good luck to all!

  110. Shelby

    Pick me !! Pick me!!

  111. jhoana herrera

    He surely loves Mrs. Fields.

  112. Natalie

    Your cookies are the best!

  113. Christine Grace Herce

    My girlfriend has the prettiest smile even in the most saddest hour! :)

  114. Adriana Rodriguez

    Cookies for a whole year!That would b amazing: )

  115. Robyn

    Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip! Yum yum yum

  116. Hanna Samantha Reyes

    Smile :)

  117. Reese Firmacion

    Cookies would definitely make me happy!!!!!!

  118. Kelley Lochow

    Mrs. Fields cookies can really add to any celebration! I received this chocolate chip cookie cake from my parents when I was away at school for my twenty-first birthday. Mrs. Fields always fills my sweet tooth!

  119. The best smiles are gummy smiles while wearing a cookie dress!

  120. Yvonne Woodstock

    I would be ALL smiles if I won Mrs. Fields Cookies, but so would my beyond loved and beyond spoiled cockatiel, Medley. I’d say he has a sweet tooth, except he doesn’t have any teeth, but he sure loves cookies! I love him enough to even share! : )

  121. Jelyn Allas

    Twin smiles are twice the love. :)

  122. Stefanie

    Mrs. Field’s cookies always make me smile!

  123. Dani

    I love Mrs Fields!

  124. Angie Gosiaco

    A cookie + A muffin = A perfect Smile :)

  125. Cindy Luyando

    My boy is what makes me smile! #lovehim

  126. This is one of my best smiles! Many children come here just to see the “smiley pony” . He is a part of the Personal Program and lives here on our farm with us. Although I can’t give the ponies any of your wonderful cookies I can surely share them with the children who visit the ponies and our volunteers.

  127. The best smiles are made when you share your cookies with your friends and family.

  128. Stacy

    Cookies are yummy!

  129. Marie

    This is me getting my hair done before my sisters wedding :)


    We are all smiles just at the thought of EATING MRS. FIELDS COOKIES!!!!!

  131. Tamra Flagg

    Forty never looked so Fab!!!!!

  132. I smile after eating cookies

  133. Erika Tanaka

    There are Mrs. Fields branches here in the Philippines so I’m hoping this contest involves us as well.. :3

  134. My sweet treat in the entire world is Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies with frosting!! They make me smile this big!!!

  135. Curt Ferguson

    Hey! National Smile Week falls on my one year wedding anniversary. Good celebration.

  136. anne

    I love Mrs Fields Worked there for many many years in the 80s!

  137. Kelly

    We smile for Mrs. fields cookies!!!

  138. hope

    I love Mrs. Fields. always the perfect gift for all occasions!!

  139. Emily Barklage

    Mmmm … cookies make me smile! :)

  140. Maria B

    Yum! Me love cookies!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Leigh Nichols

    I admit it- I am a giant child…lol

  142. Stephanie V.

    Mrs. Fields always makes my kids (and their parents) smile!

  143. Maria Lebron

    Seeing someone in Love is like seeing cookies; when you see them, you just smile =)

  144. Andrea Darst

    I love Mrs. Fields cookies!!!

  145. Sheryl Edwards

    Sheryl is smiling thinking about how amazing winning Mrs. Fields cookies for a year would be!

  146. Kaitlyn Grose

    My daughter and her cookie award winning smile

  147. Holly West

    Cookies? Did someone say Cookies? Yes please!

  148. JD HARMON

    Me and my wife who always makes me smile…but winning a years worth of cookies would make me smile too!!!!

  149. Dennis Grose Jr

    Life is GOOD…especially with cookies!!!

  150. Angela Grogan

    Just the thought of winning a years worth of Mrs Fields Cookies makes me SMILE!!!

  151. Brianne Smitko

    Love my baby’s smile

  152. Myles

    There’s nothing fake about my smile for Mrs. Fields cookies!

  153. Tiffany

    There is nothing better than a good cookie to put a smile on any girls face, how about two 😉 Double the look for Mrs. Fields cookies xoxo <3

  154. Shannon

    Winning cookies would make me smile!

  155. Jasmyn

    I love cookies and let’s be real, who doesn’t?

  156. Shannon S.

    How can I not smile….

  157. Debra Simning-Chapman

    This is me at 3 and I have always loved cookies. I must have been thinking of them at that time.

  158. Rhea Chladek

    I heart Mrs. Fields cookies!

  159. France Marie Seculles

    “I’ve never felt like I was in the cookie business. I’ve always been in a feel good feeling business. My job is to sell joy. My job is to sell happiness. My job is to sell an experience.” – Debbi Fields

  160. Abby

    my best smile yet

  161. Tristian Castro

    One smile can make my day but smiling everyday with cookies will make my year! ( =

  162. Rahvonne Lancaster

    I love Mrs. Fields cookies and brownies. When I go back to New York City I make sure I stock up on cookies and brownies because I end up having to share with my nieces and nephews, and the locations that use to exist in MD and VA no longer exist. There should be a Mrs. Fields on every corner!!!

  163. Gary Ferguson

    Yum! Yum! Now thats what I’am talking about!

  164. Omar

    Cookies!!!! Yum!!!! Yum!!!!

  165. Kathleen e

    We love cookies-especially this little monster of mine! :)

  166. Penny McPherson

    We love cookies

  167. Cathy Bradford

    My smile will get even bigger if I win some Mrs Fields Cookies! Thank you for the opportunity!

  168. Diane Wolf

    We both love your cookies! Thanks for the chance to keep us smiling for a year!

  169. My little cookie monsters

  170. christina w.

    Being with my kids makes me smile!

  171. irene w

    The thought of free Mrs. Fields cookies keeps me smiling and salivating!

  172. I always wear my best suit, my smile, as if it is my crown. :)
    Help a stranger go through the day, give them one of your smile, and everything will be grand.
    And what makes my smile extra special is having Mrs. Fields cookies. Beyond happiness :) :) :)

  173. Eustacia Miliusis

    I love Mrs. Fields cookies!

  174. ckuhn

    I love Mrs. Fields cookies!

    -Eustacia M.

  175. James Kennedy

    I’d Love to win Mrs. Fields cookies for a year!!

  176. Linda F

    My sons and I! We love Mrs Fields Cookies

  177. Teresa Sanchez

    My eldest daughter and youngest son on their birthday (they share their birth date with each other, which explains their cheesy smiles)!

  178. Melanie

    Mrs. Fields cookies makes our days sweet!

  179. Ellen Lew

    Yes, cookies bring smiles.

  180. Angela Swirles

    Cookies make me smile; but, free cookies would make me the happiest girl in the world!

  181. Cindy

    Finding my dad after 45 years made us both smile. We both love Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies.

  182. Mrs.Fields’ Cookies are enthusiastic!

  183. Ryann Gusman

    Semi Sweet Chocolate Chip Are My Favorite Treat! ‘Show me the cookies!’ 😀

  184. Melanie Wong

    Mrs. Fields Nibblers always make our days sweet!