How To: Create a Perfect Mother’s Day Tray

Mrs. Fields Secrets Mother's Day Tray

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is a tradition for a lot of families, but putting it together in a beautiful presentation can be a challenge. Here are some pointers for a perfect breakfast tray, a gift in itself. (Feel free to print this out and leave it conspicuously for your family.)

1. A personalized mug with her favorite morning beverage.
2. A colorful new tea towel lines the tray and also keeps items from slipping around.
3. A tiny gift box fits perfectly on the tray.
4. A small dish with a few pieces of chocolate is a must.
5. A petite vase or shallow jar with a handful of fresh flowers brightens everything.
6. A cloth napkin wraps around the silverware and makes everything feel formal.
7. Two plates with contrasting colors looks posh (and comes in handy if she decides to share her meal).
8. Mom’s favorite magazine fits under the plate for a delightful morning read.

Not sure what to make for your Mother’s Day breakfast? My Breakfast in Bed Menu is easy for Dad and kids to make. Plus, it’s delicious!

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Recipes

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