25 Spring Cleaning Ideas That Take 10 Minutes Or Less

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Think you’re too busy for spring cleaning? Think again. Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming and time consuming, but most of the neglected tasks are simple jobs that take only a few minutes. Print out this list, tackle it at your own speed, and be amazed at your results!

  1. Use a step ladder and a wet washrag to wipe down door jambs (especially the tops) and door knobs.
  2. Wipe down the top of the fridge.
  3. Clear out dryer vent and vacuum underneath dryer. Clear the outside vent as well.
  4. Pull everything out from beneath beds. Toss junk and put away everything else.
  5. Take everything out from the medicine cabinet. Properly discard of expired and empty medicines. Organize everything else.
  6. Replace burnt out light bulbs throughout the house.
  7. Use a wet washrag to wipe down window sills and frames.
  8. Use a hose and brush attachment to vacuum blinds or shutters (one room at a time).
  9. Use a wet washrag to wipe baseboards (one room at a time).
  10. Sweep front entrance to your home.
  11. Wash front door, including jamb and any glass.
  12. Hose down porch or deck.
  13. Hose down outdoor furniture.
  14. Change batteries in the smoke detectors.
  15. Invest in a feather duster and dust shelves.
  16. Use a hose and brush attachment to vacuum drapes and window treatments.
  17. Use a hose attachment and vacuum underneath couch and chair cushions.
  18. Rotate mattresses for even wear.
  19. Swap heavy blankets on beds for lighter ones.
  20. Reseal grout in bathrooms.
  21. Wrap a damp rag around a broom and attach it with a large rubber band, then wipe ceilings, corners, and crown molding clean.
  22. Clean and refresh garbage disposal.
  23. Use a hose and brush attachment to vacuum lint and dust from heat vents.
  24. Toss expired cosmetics and lotions.
  25. Wash the inside and outside of microwave.
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3 responses to “25 Spring Cleaning Ideas That Take 10 Minutes Or Less

  1. Darlene Jackson

    yeah – I am trying to enter the contest and I am able to get tp that place to enter even tho I followed the link – it is to win free Mrs. Fields cookies for a year and today is the last day – can you help me get there so I can ente to win, too. Thank you in advance ;p

  2. The way everything is explained makes spring cleaning easy. It certainly seems scaring at the beginning but once the process is under way things gradually come to a happy end. Fortunately, my husband Barry is around to help with the harder jobs as well.

    Best regards,
    Cheryl and Barry from Cleaning House London