Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – Jan 24th, 2013

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Fields.

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Classic Cookie Tin ($29.99 value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (Jan 24th, 2013). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our special edition Mrs. Fields Classic Cookie Tins   – item #10022, a $29.99 value, including shipping. It contains one dozen cookies. Perfection!



What special shape are our frosted cookies right now?

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210 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

  1. kenny atchison

    heart shaped

  2. Fidza Hamdan

    Heart shaped! <3

  3. cindy kistner

    Heart Shape! I would love to win this!

  4. victoria w

    heart shape <3

  5. rhonda hagy miller

    <3 Hearts of course!

  6. William Walsh

    Heart sahped

  7. Kathleen Walsh

    Heart shaped

  8. Felicia Block

    Heart shape for Valentines Day! Thanks so much for the chance to win

  9. Barbara Hoffmann

    Heart shaped

  10. Penny McPherson

    Heart Shaped hope I win these

  11. Heart shaped for Valentine’s day !

  12. Diane Horowitz

    hearts for Valentine’s Day

  13. Ashley Harland

    Heart Shaped!!

  14. Anne Flickinger

    Heart shaped

  15. Nancy Barlow

    They are shaped like “Hearts”. <3

  16. Kaitlyn Grose

    Heart Shaped

  17. Teena Valentich

    Heart Shaped <3

  18. Loralye Hicks

    Hearts for Valentines day

  19. dale bartlett

    Heart shaped

  20. Angela Grogan

    Heart Shaped

  21. Morgan Lail

    These delicious Cookies are Heart shaped! They are perfect for the Love holiday fast approaching! I told my boyfriend I better come home to some of these babies on V day! mmmm, Mrs. fields cookies are the best.

  22. Debbie P

    heart-shaped, thank you :)

  23. Angelique Drummond

    Heart Shaped

  24. raishel hall

    they are shape like hearts :)

  25. Diana Devlin


  26. diana wong

    heart shaped in time for Valentine’s Day!!

  27. Tawnya Peltonen

    Heart shaped

  28. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    Heart-shaped (perfect for Valentine’s Day!)

  29. alex young

    they are heart shaped

  30. nancy fiorenza

    heart shaped

  31. jennifer flowers

    The same shape as how I feel about the 49ers hearts they have my heart:) and we would love cookies for super bowl my husband. Loves your cookies

  32. Jennifer Gauntt

    Heart Shaped. <3

  33. Aarthi

    Heart shaped cookies

  34. Kellie Kluger

    heart shaped

  35. michelle bryan

    heart shaped

  36. Cindy Cowan

    Hearts!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

  37. Theresa Wilson

    The sugar cookies are heart shaped right now. Happy Valentines day to all! Thank you for the opportunity

  38. jennifer flowers

    Hearts like 49ers heart gold we love your cookies u guys are great !!!!! U guys put smile on anyone face

  39. Randy Williams

    Heart shaped

  40. Karen Glatt

    Heart Shaped!

  41. Katherine Briggs

    Heart shaped! :)

  42. Svitlana Lozovskaya

    Heart shape!!!

  43. Barbara Mayes

    Heart shaped! <3

  44. Andrea McDonough

    Cute little hearts!

  45. Travis Cole

    Heart shaped.

  46. Leslie

    Heart shaped <3!!!

  47. Elizabeth Jorgensen


  48. Melissa Paddock

    Heart shaped <3

  49. Tiffany Johnson

    Heart shaped.

  50. Charles Reeder

    Heart shaped and I’d give to wife

  51. Gina O

    Very pretty Heart shaped cookies

  52. Christa Wagner

    Heart Shaped!

  53. Nicole Scott

    heart Shaped:)

  54. Tiffany Kinard

    They are heart shaped at the moment. :) And so cute too!

  55. CES-Wynn Girl

    I <3 frosted cookies. (HEART)

  56. Jay T

    Heart shaped. Presumably for Valentine’s Day.

  57. joseph affrunti

    Heart shaped

  58. L Hadfield

    Heart Shaped!!!!

  59. heather kline

    Heart shaped

  60. Anissa J.

    Heart shaped. <3

  61. Alicia Gray

    Heart shaped!

  62. Carrie Conley

    Heart Shape….

  63. kaiimi robbins

    love shaped (heart)

  64. Brenda Parker

    They are Heart Shaped for the Love of Valentine’s Day <3 ~Brenda

  65. Mario

    Shape Of The Heart!

  66. Bruce Hamilton

    Shaped like a heart of course


  67. Sheila

    hearts, of course! :)

  68. Barbara S.


  69. merri matalon

    heart shaped

  70. I have seen both heart and snowflake frosted cookies for sale right now. Both the Valentines Day and Winter Collection!!!!

  71. Melinda Franco

    Heart Shaped!

  72. Leigh Nichols

    Cute little hearts!

  73. ronda garnett

    Heart shape

  74. Karen Su

    Heart shape frosted cookies :)

  75. Nicole G

    They are hearts.

  76. paul laufer

    Actually when you look close : Round, Snowflake and Heart Frosted cookies are available right now!!!! Heart will be the most popular!!!!

  77. Barbara Long

    They are heart shaped for Valentine’s Day

  78. Stephanie V.

    heart (for all the love Mrs. Fields will spread)

  79. Calshondra Williams

    Heart shaped

  80. Maribel Hernandez

    Heart shape cookies

  81. marie walker


  82. arlene robertson


  83. Tracy Robertson

    Heart Shaped

  84. April Martin

    Heart shaped! <3

  85. Melody Pearson

    heart shaped

  86. Ashley Hughes

    They are Heart Shaped (which is my favorite!!)

  87. phillip smith

    heart shaped

  88. Janice Lawrence


  89. Amber Bigelow

    They are in shape of a heart!

  90. Tamara B.

    They are heart shaped

  91. Crystal Young

    Heart Shaped

  92. Glenn Croman

    Heart Shaped

  93. Joyce Beech

    Heart shaped

  94. Jill Waldren

    Heart shaped

  95. Gary Ferguson

    Heart Shaped

  96. Janet Gould

    heart shaped

  97. Susan Smith

    They are heart shaped

  98. Maureen

    The frosted cookies are in a heart shape.

  99. Susan C

    Heart, of course!

  100. Grace P.

    <3 Heart-shaped frosted cookies <3

  101. Brad Goodrich


  102. sandra davis

    heart shaped

  103. Janice C

    Heart Shaped <3

  104. Wen

    The cookies are heart shaped

  105. Andrea Williams

    Right now they are heart-shaped.

  106. Eletha Owens


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