Small Business Giveaway Winner

Mrs. Fields Secrets Small Business Winner

Our Small Business Holiday Giveaway is always a highlight during the year for us here at Mrs. Fields. This year, we were honored to grant holiday gifts to the hardworking staff at Veterans Assistance Foundation. We were touched not only by the important work that they do for veterans, but also by the nomination of their director who wished to give her staff proper thanks. We contacted director Faye Rainey for a comment:

I would really like to thank Mrs. Fields for picking the Veterans Assistance Foundation for the Small Business Holiday Giveaway. I can’t believe the time and care that the staff there put into packaging up the selections with the staffs names and getting them out to us in time for our staff holiday party. I have always wanted to be able to show the staff how much their hard work means to me and you gave me that opportunity. What really makes our staff special is through the good and bad times, happy and sad that they stay strong and all of them truly have the desire to help our homeless veterans get back on their feet and that is what it takes to work with this population. For those that are interested in knowing more about the Veterans Assistance Foundation our web site isĀ There you can see not only who we are and what we do but also read in our quarterly newsletters wonderful success stories from some of the veterans that have completed our program and how anyone can help make a difference with this population. Thank you again, you really made my Christmas.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to the good folks at VAF, and may their good work continue!

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