Gift Guides for Her, Him, and Them

Selecting the right gifts for the people on your list can be one of the greatest joys (and one of the greatest stresses too). That’s why I’m so excited to share some gift guides with you over the next few weeks. Today, let’s focus on great gifts for ladies, gents, and couples.

For Her Collage

1. Little Black Pajama Set – It’s like a LBD in pajama form.
2. Festive Flakes Box – A box of gourmet cookies all to herself? YES!
3. Matroyashka measuring cups – Fun to stack and display, plus they’re useful!
4. Asymmetry Brass Cuff – Beautiful, bold, and affordable.
5. Custom Lichenstein-Style Portrait – Turn a favorite snapshot into a custom treasure.
6. State Pendant Necklace – Let her keep home close to her heart.

For Him Collage

1. Firewood Storage Rack – Perfect for the family fire starter.
2. Battery Pack – Small enough to carry in his pocket.
3. Treat Time Tool Box – A tool box full of gourmet cookies is every man’s dream.
4. Noise-Isolating Ear Buds – A perfect non-bulky accessory for air-travelers.
5. Beer After-Shave Lotion – Smells amazing and works wonders on irritated skin.
6. All-in-One Urban Tool – Screwdriver, level, tape measurer, and LED light, just to name a few.

For Couples Collage

1. D&G La Lune Unisex Fragrance – Fragrance that smells completely different and amazing on him AND her.
2. Mrs. Fields Treat of the Month Subscription – Choose 3, 6, or 12 months of freshly baked and delivered goodies.
3. America Cutting Board – Cheese and crackers will feel right at home at a party.
4. IMAgiNiff Board Game – The latest must-have board game that everyone can enjoy.
5. Remote Control Container – Functional, beautiful and capable of preventing dozens of fights.
6. Subway Map Art – Commemorate a favorite place with some modern art.

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