Ask Mrs. Fields: Pie Alternatives

Dear Mrs. Fields,

Some of my Thanksgiving guests don’t care for pie. Any ideas for easy desserts to appease them?

Thanks for your ideas!
Doreen H.

Dear Doreen,

This is a common Thanksgiving dilemma, and I have a great idea that’s no sweat at all: an ice cream sundae bar! You’re probably already planning on having ice cream with the pie. Why not pick up a few extra flavors and create a build-your-own sundae station? I’ve got some helpful tips to make it completely worry free.

1. Pre-scoop ice cream into individual round portions and freeze them in cupcake liners  or muffin tins to keep them from melting together. When it’s time to serve, there’s no messy scooping or anybody holding up the line.

2. Shop your pantry. Crush up cookies, candies, or pretzels that you already have in your pantry and set them out. Colorful cold cereals also make a great ice cream topping.

3. Pick up an extra can of pie filling for a sweet, easy ice cream topper. Apple, cherry, and blueberry are my favorites.

4.  Make a batch of easy hot fudge ahead of time and keep it warm in a crockpot. (Have you seen the mini sizes?)

5. Don’t forget the ice cream cones, especially for little ones. (An ice cream cone means one less dish to wash!)

I hope these ideas help you have a wonderfully sweet Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Fields

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3 responses to “Ask Mrs. Fields: Pie Alternatives

  1. This is such a brilliant idea! Everyone can customize their dessert the way they like it. Really…who ever said you HAVE to have pie on Thanksgiving? An ice cream sundae bar is a great idea!

  2. sherry b

    great, better than pie.

  3. Heather!

    Ice cream is a great idea, especially after such a huge meal. It doesn’t fill a person up quite so much as cake or pie. As a non-pie lover, I approve! 😉