Terrific Ideas for Team Moms

Her official title is Team Mom, but she’s so much more: Head Cheerleader, Team Secretary, Information Hub, Snack Coordinator, and Transportation Executive, Chief Fundraising Officer and Sideline Stalwart. Here are simple ways to be (or support) a terrific Team Mom:

Utilize technology. Sure, email is a great way to share information, but not always timely.  If you need to share important information fast (like a field change or a rain delay), apps like GroupMe or Voxer on your cell phone can help get information to a lot of people at once.

Wear your team spirit on your sleeve. It doesn’t just have to be the players donning team gear. Personalize your own team gear for everyone in the family. This is also a great way to raise funds!

Create a team playlist. No, not that kind of playlist! Gather a list of favorite songs from the team members and create a playlist that gets players (and families) pumped up for the games. Share it with the team.

Revel in rivalry. Few things in sports are as fun as a healthy rivalry. Coordinate with an opposing team to create some fun new traditions like a silly trophy that can be held by the winner each year. Model good sportsmanship for the kids by keeping competition fun but friendly. Host a party after the game for both teams.

Keep snacks on hand. Inevitably, someone will forget their turn to bring refreshments for the team. Keep a box of non-perishable snacks and water bottles in the trunk of your car for a last-minute victory.

Think like a hostess. Greet people at games and practices and introduce them to each other. Make sure everyone feels welcome and part of the team.

Make fan-ship fun for everyone. Keep a bag of fan toys like pom poms, foam fingers, and silly hats for little brothers and sisters to stay engaged in games and keep team spirit high.

Get creative for coach gifts. No more gift cards to home improvement stores, create meaningful keepsake gifts for coaches, like a tin or cookie jar with the team photo.

Any other ideas? Share them in the comments section!

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2 responses to “Terrific Ideas for Team Moms

  1. Love the recommendation about personalizing team gear. It’s often much less expensive than you think to do this.

  2. Tammy Christian

    Sending a Text reminder to the parents that are in charge of bringing snacks the morning of or night before is very helpful in making sure that you always have snacks.