Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – Sept 13th, 2012

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields 35th Anniversary Tin ($44.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (Sept 13th, 2012). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our special edition 35th Anniversary Mrs. Fields Tin – item #10025, a $44.00 value, including shipping. It contains 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. Perfection!


How many birthday cookie gifts do we have?

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224 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

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  2. holly weidenborner

    I love you!

  3. nancy fiorenza

    13 yummy ones

  4. holly weidenborner

    my bad my answer wasnt on the last post! 13!

  5. Tammy Sigond

    11 birthday specific gifts

  6. April Adkins

    I found 14. But everyone else seems to think 13.

  7. There are 12birthday gift

  8. Kimberly Crowley

    23 birthday gifts!

  9. barbara stenby

    My lucky & yummy number 13!

  10. Mrs. Fields’ s offer 23 Birthday cookie gifts!! thank you

  11. crystal hallman

    13 pick me

  12. Lorraine B.

    23 delicious birthday cookie gifts!

  13. Kelly Elswick

    There are 23 different types of birthday cookie gifts!

  14. April Adkins

    Now I see 23! I have no idea. You should be specific.

  15. Mark Angelo Gramaglia


  16. Tiffany Kinard

    I counted 23 gifts.

  17. Debbie

    I see 23 birthday cookie gifts, thanks

  18. Janice C

    23 if you count the cookie cakes too

  19. Barbara Long

    There are 23 items listed under birthday cookie gifts.

  20. Diane Wolf

    13!!!! Well at least that’s what I’ve found! :)

  21. Katy

    Actually, all of the Mrs Fields cookies can be the birthday gift.

  22. Amy L. Norman

    I initially found 12, but with the personalized tin, I guess that would make 13. :)

  23. Tiffany Greene

    I am going to say 23! (might be wrong though)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!! :)

  24. Rudy Mendoza

    You currently have 14 delicious birthday cookie gifts.
    1.) Summer Sun Pail
    2.) Deluxe Basket of Treats
    3.) Mrs. Fields® Gift Crates
    4.) Cookies & Brownies Galore
    5.) Mrs. Fields® Classic Brownie Tins
    6.) Bountiful Birthday Cake
    7.) Top Notch Birthday Trunk
    8.) Mrs. Fields® Classic Cookie Tins
    9.) Shooting Star Birthday Bundle
    10.) Birthday Balloons Bouquet
    11.) Wishful Birthday Bear
    12.) Birthday Balloons Tin
    13.) Festive Birthday Bites Box
    14.) Summer Sun Tin

  25. Jack

    23 – and any of them are bound to be delicious!!!!

  26. Donna Armeli

    There are 23 Birthday Cookie gifts of Mrs. Fields

  27. Donna Armeli

    and they all look festive and delicious

  28. Rhea Frawley

    There are 12 :)

  29. Trisha A.

    There are 23 gifts items listed on the Mrs. Fields website link to Birthday Cookie Baskets and Birthday Cookie Cakes.

    Thanks :)

  30. Cindy Apana

    23 Birthday Cookie gifts!

  31. Travis Cole

    11 Every thing Mrs. makes could be for a birthday but I counted 1. Happy birthday cakie 2. the birthday ballons tin 3. Personal piece of birthday cake 4. Festive birthday bites box 5. Shooting star birthday bundle 6. Birthday ballons bouquet 7. Wishful birthday bear 8.Bountiful birthday cake 9. Top notch birthday trunk 10.Happy Birthday Ducks Big Cookie Cake 11. Big Cookie Cake Party Box (Could be for a birthday) So I came up with 11
    unless you count the summer sun tin then 12

  32. Chris Stuhler

    23 birthday cookie gifts :)

  33. Kim

    There are 23 listed under the topic of Birthday Cookie Gifts! But in my opinion you can NEVER have enough options. :)



  35. There are 23 listed but you can give any cookies available for sale as a birthday gift with a personalized card from Mrs. Field’s!!!!

  36. 23 Please let this be right and i win, never have :)

  37. Sally Guillen

    19 without the cakie 23 with cakie gifts.

  38. sue brandes

    I see 23. Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Kathleen Hiskey

    ok i counted 23, hope it a right answer lol thanks for the chance to win free cookies ;)

  40. Lisa

    twenty three of the cookie gifts

  41. Melissa Rhodes

    23 Birthday Cookie items! Although, for my birthday anything with Mrs. Fields’ white choco macadamia nut would make me happy! I love these cookies :)

  42. 23 …thanks so much for the opportunity. Four hungry kids here…

  43. Diane Mason

    I’ve counted 23…..without looking at the previous answers from others, so I sure hope we are right. Good luck to all!

  44. Rebecca Kremis

    23! I hope I win so I can give this to my daughter for her birthday! SHE LOVES YOUR COOKIES!!

  45. Terri Ingham-Bollin

    23 :)

  46. Lydia Harpe

    23 I think!! :))

  47. Anissa J.

    There are 23.

  48. Marie Ramirez

    23! Love me some white chocolate mrs fields cookies!!!!! Oh and the pb dream bar. My fav.

  49. Barbara Mayes

    23! Thanks so much for the chance! Love Mrs. Fields!

  50. danielle copetillo

    I see 23. They all look so yummy :)

  51. Kathleen Walsh

    I see 12

  52. Kathleen Walsh

    it is 23 .

  53. Rebecca cal

    I have a daily ritual to go to mrs field cookie place at the univeristy of florida and get eaither breakfast item (muffin or cinnomon roll) or treat myself to a yummy mid day cookie thank u mrs fields!

  54. Janette Rudder

    Thanks for the giveaway!! =D

  55. Andrea McDonough

    23!! Hopefully there will be some winning cookies for me :)

  56. Mary Cowan

    Everything for birthday is 23…not sure if that is what you mean though

  57. Danny W.

    I believe it’s 23 birthday cookie gifts

  58. jody johnson

    23 yummy cookies :)

  59. Jane Garland

    23 fantastic delicious tasty yummy COOKIES!!!!!!!

  60. Andrea Williams

    I counted 23!

  61. arlene robertson

    twenty three (23)

  62. Renny

    23 birthday cookies! Now I want one…:)

  63. Erin Powers

    Looks like 23

  64. Chris Alligood

    23 wonderful Birthday gifts!

  65. Penny McPherson

    That’s 23 scrumptious cookies

  66. nicole

    23 amazing, delicious cookies! I absolutely love Mrs. Fields! Thanks for making great cookies!

  67. Allyson Croxford

    23, delicious

  68. Valerie C.

    23 was my count too

  69. Heather Souders

    mmm, 23

  70. Leslie C.

    23 yummy birthday Cookie gifts! I’d love ALL 23!!

  71. 23! (Not going to lie, I didn’t know this, I just copied other answers… because I really love cookies.)

  72. Terri W

    23 birthday gifts:)

  73. Patricia Goodman

    23 <3


    23 absolutely yummy Birthday cookies :) <3

  75. Polly Bourke Farrar

    23 and I bet they are all delicious

  76. Omar

    you have 23 of them !

  77. Diane Bassette

    23 birthday cookies

  78. Silvia Estrada

    23 baby

  79. Dalia Santana

    23 yummy birthday cookies, I loveeeee cookies!!

  80. Jill ed

    23 and they all look delicious.

  81. Terri Marshall-Alexander


  82. norma webber

    twenty three

  83. clayton wong


  84. hanley wong

    23 birthday cookie gifts

  85. 23 and tomorrow’s MY birthday :)

  86. Nancy H

    23 tantalize the taste buds birthday gifts

  87. Karen B

    I am going with 23

  88. Tracy Robertson

    I see 23

  89. Angie Adelman

    You Have 23…I would love to win this…this month is my birthday and this would be a perfect birthday gift.

  90. May

    there is 23 of them

  91. There are 5 birthday “gifts” and 5 without nuts..So a total of 10 birthday gifts….:-) I’m so inlove wit y’all cookies, hope that was it ;-)

  92. Becky J

    There are 23. Thanks for the chance!! :)

  93. There are 23! I would love to win, as I have never tried your cookies before! :)

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